Bath (St. Austell)

Brewer rating: 83/100 1519 ratings
Bath Ales, Hare House, Southway Drive, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England BS30 5LW
See entry for brewery shop in Places section - different address

Places associated: Salamander (Bath Ales), Beerd (Bath Ales), Hop Pole (Bath Ales), Graze Bar, Brewery & Chophouse (Bath Ales), Bath Ales Brewery Shop
Founded in 1995. Moved to current location 2004. The address listed here is the correspondence address, not that of the productrion facility and brewery shop. Mid 2016 brewery bought out by St. Austell brewery.
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Bath American Pale Ale 6.03/30/2013Rate 2.791
Bath Anthem 4.53/27/2013Rate 2.741
Bath Barnsey 4.54/5/2002Rate 3.2395178
Bath Barnstormer (alias) 4.52/13/2012
Bath Beerd Sirocco 4.67/19/2014Rate 2.81
Bath Big John 3.91/28/2015Rate 2.771
Bath Bounders Still Cider 4.58/15/2012Rate 3.034919
Bath Bounders Traditional 6.011/26/2015Rate 2.851
Bath Bradshaw’s 4.711/16/2013Rate 2.631
Bath Cobblestone 3.82/13/2015Rate 2.975019
Bath Conversion 3.69/12/2015Rate 2.844
Bath Cubic (alias) 4.52/27/2016
Bath Dark Hare (alias) 4.010/6/2007
Bath Dark Hearth 5.26/12/2013Rate 2.831
Bath Dark Side 4.012/3/2007Rate 3.0723165
Bath Festivity 5.04/3/2002Rate 3.2442116
Bath Forest Hare 3.98/30/2012Rate 3.29428
Bath Gem (Bottle) 4.84/20/2002Rate 3.0748250
Bath Gem (Cask) 4.18/9/2004Rate 3.046794
Bath Ghost Hare 4.28/11/2014Rate 3.367
Bath Ginger Hare (Bottle) 3.84/20/2012Rate 2.994239
Bath Ginger Hare (Cask) 3.95/30/2010Rate 3.014527
Bath Golden Hare 4.411/21/2008Rate 2.8431104
Bath Hare & Hop 3.99/28/2011Rate 2.852
Bath Hefeweizen Hare 4.710/29/2009Rate 3.046533
Bath Platform 3 5.72/5/2014Rate 3.153
Bath Prophecy 3.89/14/2013Rate 3.016321
Bath Rare Hare 5.23/31/2010Rate 2.953315
Bath Solo 2.84/29/2013Rate 2.691
Bath SPA 3.78/9/2004Rate 3.17371
Bath SPA Extra 5.08/9/2004Rate 2.85
Bath Sulis Collection - Traditional English Barleywine 9.11/25/2014Rate 3.67426
Bath Sulis Collection - Whisky Cask Aged Imperial Stout (Highland) 11.45/9/2014Rate 3.372513
Bath Sulis Collection - Whisky Cask Aged Imperial Stout (Islay No.1) 111/25/2014Rate 3.372115
Bath Sulis Collection - Whisky Cask Aged Imperial Stout (Islay No.2) 11.11/25/2014Rate 3.513817
Bath Sulis Collection - Whisky Cask Aged Imperial Stout (Speyside) 10.81/25/2014Rate 3.533816
Bath Summer’s Hare 3.95/30/2010Rate 2.974630
Bath Superweizen 5.53/24/2013Rate 2.862
Bath Wild Hare 5.08/7/2005Rate 3.2290189
Muddy Wellies Golden Ale 4.312/7/2011Rate 2.893
Muddy Wellies Original Ale (alias) 4.812/7/2011
The Chelsea Pensioner (alias) 4.87/30/2011
Bath Natural Blonde (alias) 5.09/5/2005
Marks & Spencer Somerset Ginger Beer (alias) 3.84/20/2012
Wiper & True / Beerd Cream Stout
Brewed by/for Wiper and True
4.09/17/2013Rate 2.972

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