SHS Drinks


Formerly Beverage Brands, established in 1975 and based in Torquay. Its main product was WKD, a Vodka-based "RTD". Now part of SHS Group, which is headquartered in Belfast. However SHS Drinks Division is based in Gloucester and has production sites at Cumnock and Woodchester. SHS Drinks comprises Beverage Brands (UK) Ltd, Merrydown Plc, Bottlegreen Drinks Ltd and Caledonian Bottlers Plc
Bachata Rum Beer
Brewed by/for Flagship Brands
5.36/28/2013Rate 1.9223287
Cracked Apple Cider 5.510/8/2008Rate 2.58151820
Dead Crow Bourbon Flavoured Beer 5.53/14/2013Rate 1.520486
Dead Crow Rum Flavoured Beer 5.53/14/2013Rate 1.7711642
SHS Drinks Equator -3/2/2014 U  2.232
WKD Core Apple Cider 4.57/10/2009Rate 2.117612
Merrydown and Black 4.04/17/2012 U  2.951
Merrydown Classic (retired) 4.71/5/2006Rate 2.38141412
Merrydown Gold Cider (retired) 5.04/28/2007Rate 2.64212912
Merrydown Medium Cider 6.07/31/2013Rate 2.69182413
Merrydown Premium Medium Dry Cider (retired) 5.98/14/2006Rate 2.666
Merrydown Pulse! (retired) 7.59/1/2005Rate 2.024
Merrydown Vintage Dry Cider 7.58/15/2004Rate 2.43101136
Merrydown Vintage Medium Cider 7.56/29/2003Rate 2.61141938
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