Big Horn ’71 Pale 5.86/19/2007Rate 3.074331121
Big Horn 19th Hole 4.43/23/2013Rate 2.852
Big Horn 3 Grain Harvest Ale 1/9/2007Rate 2.731
Big Horn 6X Helles 6/27/2011Rate 2.792
Big Horn 80 Shilling Ale 3/12/2006Rate 2.744
Big Horn 9 Grain Red 7/26/2008Rate 2.731
Big Horn 90 Shilling Scotch Ale 8.26/24/2009Rate 2.831
Big Horn Afternoon Delight IPA 2/27/2012Rate 2.92
Big Horn Ahhnold Schwarz-enegger 5/20/2014Rate 2.752
Big Horn Alice P. Brownie Brown Ale 10/8/2005Rate 2.581
Big Horn Amber Light 6/30/2004Rate 2.351
Big Horn American Liberty 10/8/2005Rate 2.812
Big Horn American Pale Ale 2/27/2007Rate 3.023
Big Horn Anaheim IPA 10/12/2013Rate 0
Big Horn Apricot Ale 1/28/2006Rate 2.8936669
Big Horn Aries American Wheat 5.58/14/2010Rate 2.742
Big Horn Atomic Waffle 911/11/2014Rate 2.551
Big Horn Auntie Ester’s Best Bitter 12/31/2010Rate 2.741
Big Horn Baby Fitz ESB 12/7/2003Rate 2.684
Big Horn Baltic Porter 2/6/2008Rate 3.150239
Big Horn Barefoot Wit 4.87/5/2008Rate 3.15507033
Big Horn Barley Wine 7/28/2002Rate 2.942
Big Horn Barrel-Aged Frostbite Lager 10/12/2013Rate 0
Big Horn Barrel-Aged Maibock 12/21/2012Rate 2.911
Big Horn Batch 1100 (Monk Juice) 9.62/28/2012Rate 2.892
Big Horn Bavarian Sun Amberweizen 2/11/2008Rate 3.043
Big Horn Bearcat Brown 6/28/2005Rate 3.272
Big Horn Belgian Double Brown 8.13/16/2009Rate 3.071
Big Horn Belgian Dubbel 10/2/2006Rate 2.742
Big Horn Belgian Dubbel - Bourbon Barrel 6/4/2008Rate 0
Big Horn Belgian Pale Ale 65/23/2006Rate 2.986
Big Horn Belgian Strong Gold 7.33/27/2003Rate 2.573
Big Horn Belgian Wit 4.83/26/2005Rate 2.77302723
Big Horn Berry White 58/22/2008Rate 2.966
Big Horn Biclops Doppelbock 912/31/2009Rate 2.881
Big Horn Biere de Mars 4/15/2008Rate 3.013
Big Horn Big Daddys Bourbon Brown Ale 76/12/2003Rate 3.17
Big Horn Big Red I.P.A. 63/21/2002Rate 3.114521235
Big Horn Black Betty Stout 3/21/2008Rate 3.111
Big Horn Black Cat Stout 6.911/27/2002Rate 2.892
Big Horn Black H’OPs IPA 5.911/21/2011Rate 2.884
Big Horn Black IPA 8/11/2010Rate 3.143
Big Horn Black Sheep IPA 10/10/2011Rate 3.17591314
Big Horn Blackberry Porter 11/19/2005Rate 3.074
Big Horn Blackoat Stout 6.612/11/2014Rate 2.831
Big Horn Blindwater Brew 58/6/2015Rate 3.163
Big Horn Blizzard Brew ESB 12/29/2007Rate 2.672
Big Horn Blonde 4.45/27/2000Rate 2.38104150
Big Horn Blueberry 4/6/2013Rate 2.531
Big Horn Bob Gnarly Wine 9.710/22/2013Rate 0
Big Horn Bogtrotter 10/22/2013Rate 2.822
Big Horn Boise Brown 10/22/2013Rate 3.112
Big Horn Bourbon Buttface Amber 5.811/14/2006Rate 2.984
Big Horn Bourbon Irish Red 6/12/2010Rate 2.91
Big Horn Bourbon Porter 2/22/2009Rate 3.261
Big Horn BrackenBerry Wit Ale 610/22/2013Rate 0
Big Horn Brewers Select Amber 8/6/2010Rate 2.711
Big Horn Brickhouse Stout 2/16/2013Rate 2.831
Big Horn Brown Dwarf 6/13/2014Rate 2.911
Big Horn Bruggelicious 54/22/2008Rate 2.642
Big Horn Brunette Bombshell 4/24/2005Rate 3.035
Big Horn Brush the Dust Off 7.210/26/2015Rate 3.061
Big Horn Brutus 7.68/10/2002Rate 2.841
Big Horn BTBBACBA 2/28/2012Rate 3.022
Big Horn Bubba’s Pilsner 9/4/2009Rate 2.841
Big Horn Buffalo Bobs Wheatwine 125/4/2008Rate 3.031
Big Horn Busted Nut ESB 5/16/2007Rate 2.811
Big Horn Buttface Amber Ale 5.85/17/2000Rate 2.862731196
Big Horn California Common 9/20/2009Rate 2.784
Big Horn Captain Kirven’s Cosmic Concoction 9.110/6/2008Rate 3.071
Big Horn Cat Tread Red 8/26/2009Rate 2.91
Big Horn Cease and Desist Black IPA 4/22/2014Rate 32
Big Horn Cerveza Blanca 3.99/19/2004Rate 2.921
Big Horn Chaos 11.55/30/2016Rate 31
Big Horn Charlottes Wheat 9/12/2008Rate 2.671
Big Horn Chile Beer 3/30/2008Rate 2.282
Big Horn Chocolate Cream Stout 1/25/2007Rate 2.423
Big Horn Clearwater Kölsch 4.87/27/2004Rate 3436913
Big Horn Clockwork Pale 8/6/2007Rate 3.031
Big Horn Coachella Valley Pale Ale 6/30/2004Rate 2.912
Big Horn Coconut Porter 5.26/23/2009Rate 3.015
Big Horn Coffee Porter 8/7/2009Rate 2.841
Big Horn Colorado Cream Ale 7/13/2003Rate 2.452
Big Horn Commencement Bay Commons 10/26/2008Rate 3.111
Big Horn Crystal Rye ESB 1/28/2008Rate 2.961
Big Horn Dark Side Lager 5.35/28/2013Rate 2.81
Big Horn Das Barleywine 9.19/25/2007Rate 3.024
Big Horn Dawg Sled Winter Warmer 81/30/2010Rate 3.234
Big Horn Deep Mystic IPA 6.41/7/2012Rate 2.962
Big Horn Don’t Worry Be Hoppy Imperial IPA (alias) 6.56/20/2009
Big Horn Dopplebock 3/9/2004Rate 3.08503410
Big Horn Double Down 2X IPA 11/17/2013Rate 2.81
Big Horn Double Exposure IPA 68/5/2007Rate 37
Big Horn Double Trouble IPA 7/31/2005Rate 3.047
Big Horn Drommel Rode Strong Belgian Pale Ale 1/28/2008Rate 3.111
Big Horn Dunkelstilsken 8/15/2006Rate 2.685
Big Horn Dunkelweiss 2/27/2007Rate 2.813
Big Horn Dusseldorfer 6.18/4/2012Rate 2.761
Big Horn Easy Out Chocolate Stout 12/10/2010Rate 0
Big Horn El Gordo IPA 10/22/2013Rate 2.861
Big Horn Estrella del Sur 5/14/2007Rate 2.541
Big Horn Face Down Brown 9.28/23/2007Rate 2.93
Big Horn Fifth Dimension 8/9/2006Rate 3.233
Big Horn Fireside Ale 1/18/2009Rate 2.822
Big Horn Fireside Spiced Red Ale 1/30/2010Rate 2.831
Big Horn Flatirons Frambozen 12/9/2006Rate 2.942
Big Horn Fools Gold 102/20/2008Rate 34
Big Horn Four Star Stout 12/14/2004Rate 2.621
Big Horn Free Ride Winter Ale 71/9/2006Rate 2.961
Big Horn Fresh Hop Ale 4.910/27/2002Rate 2.723
Big Horn Frieda Schoeders Vienna Lager 3/26/2005Rate 2.692
Big Horn Frostbite Belgian Triple 7.53/2/2009Rate 2.843
Big Horn Frostbite Winter Lager 64/22/2010Rate 2.863
Big Horn Frostys Demise 9.84/3/2006Rate 2.592
Big Horn Fruit Pale (Blueberry) 1/13/2002Rate 2.892
Big Horn G-Olde Spice 9.89/25/2007Rate 2.942
Big Horn Gen X Pale Ale 10/16/2006Rate 2.731
Big Horn Golden Glacier Pale 8/5/2005Rate 2.921
Big Horn Golden Ram Marzen 6/26/2007Rate 2.913
Big Horn Gordo Big Pumpkin Ale 612/11/2014Rate 2.915
Big Horn Great Scottish Ale 5.64/10/2016Rate 3.061
Big Horn Gruit Wit 1/16/2010Rate 2.881
Big Horn Grundy 10/19/2011Rate 2.6121010
Big Horn Harvest Moon 5.52/15/2006Rate 2.921
Big Horn Hawk Eye Ale 12/9/2006Rate 2.841
Big Horn Hazel and Gretel Nut Brown 6/3/2004Rate 0
Big Horn Heaven Sent 8.511/10/2012Rate 3.217
Big Horn Hefeweizen 5.25/27/2000Rate 3.114674188
Big Horn Helles Keller 9/30/2008Rate 2.612
Big Horn Herberts Ale 74/15/2008Rate 3.26
Big Horn Higgins ESB 1/17/2010Rate 2.841
Big Horn Honey Brown 5/4/2008Rate 2.811
Big Horn Honey Bunches of Oats 3/14/2007Rate 2.642
Big Horn Honey Citra IPA 4/10/2015Rate 2.982
Big Horn Honey Wheat 7/15/2004Rate 2.833
Big Horn Hop King IPA 7.26/18/2006Rate 3.181
Big Horn Hopburst Pilsener 8/22/2011Rate 2.841
Big Horn Hopburst Spring Ale 7/13/2011Rate 3.085
Big Horn Hopsicle IPA 6.81/29/2012Rate 2.871
Big Horn Hunky Dory 4.210/21/2013Rate 0
Big Horn Ice Breaker Imperial Stout 11/14/2005Rate 3.6291319
Big Horn Ice Breaker Oatmeal Stout 5.41/11/2006Rate 2.722
Big Horn Imperial Bock Beer (alias) 10.14/26/2009
Big Horn Imperial Red 8.712/13/2014Rate 2.841
Big Horn Imperial Stout - Brett & Cherries 1/26/2009Rate 3.042
Big Horn India Brown Ale 3/31/2008Rate 2.592
Big Horn Indian Elephant IPA 5/28/2006Rate 3.043
Big Horn Indian Trail IPL 5.610/26/2015Rate 3.091
Big Horn Indianapolis IPA 6/28/2004Rate 3.133
Big Horn IPA 4 ALS 7.58/27/2015Rate 31
Big Horn Java Stout 10/17/2007Rate 3.12543611
Big Horn Java the Hut 5/18/2008Rate 3.167
Big Horn Jimmy Hoppas IPA 6.52/11/2006Rate 3.111
Big Horn Joe Mild 2/23/2005Rate 2.881
Big Horn John McMurray’s Irish Stout 4/21/2011Rate 2.662
Big Horn Juan Moore Low Carb (alias) 9/28/2004
Big Horn Jubilee Wild Pale 4.95/24/2015Rate 3.021
Big Horn Kaptain Kirvens Belgian Strong Dark Ale 11/18/2008Rate 2.935
Big Horn Kells Irish Red 3/24/2003Rate 2.686
Big Horn Kirschbock 11/21/2011Rate 2.861
Big Horn Kossack Stout 5/16/2006Rate 3.31
Big Horn La Fleur De La Saison 7.26/18/2013Rate 2.841
Big Horn Light 5/25/2002Rate 1.9133160
Big Horn Lion Slayer 10/5/2004Rate 2.72
Big Horn Little Big Horn Lager 6/1/2008Rate 2.51
Big Horn LocaVore Fresh Hop Al 6.310/25/2010Rate 2.982
Big Horn Loch Michigan Scottish Ale 4.43/7/2006Rate 33
Big Horn Lodge of the Grand Poobah Wheat 1/8/2011Rate 2.771
Big Horn Lone Tree Kolsch 5.16/13/2015Rate 2.921
Big Horn Lost In The Dark 12/9/2006Rate 2.921
Big Horn Lotsahops Imperial IPA 6.56/20/2009Rate 2.964
Big Horn Lowlander Scottish Ale 5/27/2000Rate 2.972
Big Horn Maibock 6.35/25/2002Rate 2.96353939
Big Horn Mall Walker 9.62/16/2009Rate 3.089
Big Horn Mango Pilsner 1/25/2007Rate 33
Big Horn Mantis Belgian Ale 5.26/11/2002Rate 2.881
Big Horn Maple Honey Brown 7/17/2003Rate 2.261
Big Horn Marion Monk IPA 510/23/2012Rate 2.941
Big Horn Mitternacht 8/25/2008Rate 3.031
Big Horn Mocha Stout 6.71/16/2010Rate 2.791
Big Horn Monks Unrest 6.81/21/2015Rate 2.791
Big Horn Munich Dunkel 6/6/2013Rate 2.771
Big Horn Mystic Marzen 10/16/2006Rate 3.071
Big Horn Ned Flanders Red 8/24/2002Rate 2.762
Big Horn Nefarious Nelson Stout 75/7/2007Rate 3.116
Big Horn Nikolai Russian Imperial Stout 10/21/2007Rate 3.327
Big Horn Northgate Dubbel Belgian 12/24/2008Rate 2.961
Big Horn Nutcracker 11/30/2008Rate 3.164
Big Horn O Holy Hops 512/14/2004Rate 2.921
Big Horn Oaked Stout 2/26/2012Rate 2.881
Big Horn Octahop 5/15/2011Rate 2.771
Big Horn OHarrows Stout 12/15/2002Rate 2.833
Big Horn Oktoberfest 11/9/2002Rate 2.89303946
Big Horn Ol’ Dan’s 3/20/2010Rate 2.871
Big Horn Old Bacchus Barleywine 10.84/8/2006Rate 2.894
Big Horn Old Grumpy Mallwalker 1/24/2011Rate 2.881
Big Horn Old Jack Blizzard Ale 8/17/2003Rate 3.222
Big Horn Old Jack’s Stout 1/17/2010Rate 2.912
Big Horn Old Mallwalker (alias) 3/9/2012
Big Horn Old Man Ale 1011/30/2008Rate 3.071
Big Horn Old Wooden Tooth IBA 3/12/2006Rate 3.112
Big Horn Ole St. Micks 3/21/2002Rate 3.017
Big Horn Or De Levasseur 6.511/23/2009Rate 33
Big Horn Orange Grove Wheat 5/28/2006Rate 3.071
Big Horn Orchid Ale 3/12/2007Rate 2.471
Big Horn Organic Pale Ale 5/7/2005Rate 2.881
Big Horn Out of Our Gourd 610/31/2012Rate 2.91
Big Horn Palm Island Porter 7/11/2006Rate 2.921
Big Horn Pavlovs Pilsener 11/26/2010Rate 2.962
Big Horn Pawtucket Pale Ale 5/30/2009Rate 2.692
Big Horn Peach Ale 4/22/2008Rate 2.431
Big Horn Peach Berliner Weiss 5.68/27/2015Rate 2.681
Big Horn Peachy Keen Pale Ale 7/7/2012Rate 2.861
Big Horn Pie Hole Pumpkin Ale 6.510/10/2009Rate 3.093
Big Horn Pie’d Piper Pumpkin Ale 11/17/2013Rate 2.831
Big Horn Pilsner Noelle 7/17/2003Rate 2.913
Big Horn Pointon’s Proper 8/11/2012Rate 2.711
Big Horn Poor Richards Ale (retired) 2/11/2006Rate 2.961
Big Horn Pottsburgh Light 1/8/2011Rate 2.741
Big Horn Pro-Am Begian Dark Strong Ale 9/3/2008Rate 3.031
Big Horn Puget Pilsner 3/20/2010Rate 2.911
Big Horn Pumpkin Ale 5.810/31/2005Rate 3.0610
Big Horn Rabbit Punch Irish Red 5.82/29/2012Rate 2.85273011
Big Horn Radiance 7.26/13/2015Rate 2.891
Big Horn Ram Premium Pilsner 1/14/2002Rate 2.71184127
Big Horn Ram Red Rye 12/22/2006Rate 2.581
Big Horn Randys Pale Ale 6/5/2003Rate 2.581
Big Horn Raspberry Blonde 4.54/15/2003Rate 2.27113021
Big Horn Raspberry Chocolate Porter 2/16/2009Rate 2.961
Big Horn Roggen Down the River Roggenbock 1/28/2008Rate 2.961
Big Horn Rye Ask Rye 5.59/23/2013Rate 0
Big Horn Rye Pilsner 6/23/2008Rate 2.812
Big Horn S’No Angel 11/20/2010Rate 3.16604113
Big Horn S’no Angel lWeizen Bock 6.85/29/2008Rate 3.261
Big Horn Saison 5.53/18/2010Rate 2.881
Big Horn Saison 7.512/15/2002Rate 2.978
Big Horn Saison Desist 78/30/2014Rate 2.811
Big Horn San Francisco Lager 7/14/2004Rate 3.082
Big Horn Santas Beer Sled 12/29/2003Rate 3.181
Big Horn Santas Helper 10/15/2002Rate 3.283
Big Horn Schaumburg Oktoberfest 610/21/2013Rate 0
Big Horn Scottish Ale 7.212/29/2007Rate 2.834
Big Horn Shagbark Farmhouse Ale 8/31/2006Rate 2.841
Big Horn Shepherd Stout 3/29/2003Rate 2.912
Big Horn Ski Lifter 8/13/2010Rate 2.881
Big Horn Slapshot Stout 3/12/2007Rate 3.132
Big Horn Sleigher 3/24/2007Rate 2.873
Big Horn Sleigher Makers Mark Aged 3/21/2008Rate 3.352
Big Horn Smashing Pumpkin 10/7/2011Rate 2.951
Big Horn Smoked Brown Ale 2/27/2007Rate 2.893
Big Horn Smokin Brown Ale 5/18/2007Rate 2.581
Big Horn Smokin Mesquite 10/15/2006Rate 2.771
Big Horn Sno Angel Weizenbock 81/21/2015Rate 2.791
Big Horn Sonny Six Pilsner 6/16/2012Rate 2.92
Big Horn Sorcerer’s Apprentice 5.76/13/2015Rate 2.961
Big Horn South Hill Saison 9/12/2014Rate 2.81
Big Horn South Hill Steam 8/6/2007Rate 2.852
Big Horn Special "D" Stout 2/20/2009Rate 2.811
Big Horn St. Mick’s Oatmeal Stout 3/1/2011Rate 2.972
Big Horn Steel Cut Stout 5.89/6/2015Rate 3.372
Big Horn Stodgy Codger ESB 7/23/2005Rate 2.051
Big Horn Stout 5/5/2001Rate 3.04462415
Big Horn Summer Ale 46/25/2008Rate 2.843
Big Horn Summerfest 4.88/22/2009Rate 2.792
Big Horn Sun Dog 10/22/2013Rate 0
Big Horn Sun Hopper 5/15/2006Rate 2.921
Big Horn Sweet Lydia Brown Ale 3/29/2003Rate 3.111
Big Horn Tar Pit Barley Wine 10/29/2008Rate 2.892
Big Horn Tawny Ale 5/15/2007Rate 2.573
Big Horn Texas Moon 4.33/2/2009Rate 2.543
Big Horn Texas Pecan Smoked Porter 10/13/2002Rate 3.363
Big Horn Thrilla Vanilla Porter 3/29/2003Rate 3.117
Big Horn Total Disorder Porter 5.15/27/2000Rate 3.174935220
Big Horn Tripel Threat 11.52/11/2005Rate 32
Big Horn Uber Dunkel 5/24/2009Rate 2.731
Big Horn Uncle Johns Strong Ale 73/22/2008Rate 2.673
Big Horn Uncle Norm’s Pilsner 4/22/2010Rate 2.852
Big Horn Vandamage 10/22/2013Rate 2.951
Big Horn Wake ’n Break IPA 3/13/2013Rate 2.932
Big Horn Washington Blonde 4.41/30/2010Rate 2.855
Big Horn Wheeling Wit 8/22/2006Rate 2.966
Big Horn Whiskey Barrel Doppelbock 11/8/2006Rate 2.892
Big Horn White Eagle Smoked Wheat 411/2/2014Rate 2.863
Big Horn White Hops 11/9/2012Rate 2.661
Big Horn Wild Sleigher 12/3/2009Rate 2.932
Big Horn Winter Ale 71/1/2005Rate 3.071
Big Horn Winter Bock 4/5/2008Rate 2.73
Big Horn Winter Brew Wheat 8.510/15/2002Rate 35
Big Horn Winter Solstice Ale 12/7/2003Rate 2.881
Big Horn Wobbly Boot 5.612/11/2014Rate 2.811
Big Horn Woldwrath’s Omnipotent Ale 2/10/2013Rate 0
Big Horn Zommerfest 7/17/2007Rate 3.071
Big Horn ZZ Hop 10/22/2008Rate 3.054

.Places associated: Ram Restaurant and Brewery - Marysville, Ram Restaurant and Brewery - Boise, Ram Restaurant and Brewery - Lakewood, Ram Restaurant and Brewery - Rosemont, Ram Restaurant and Brewery - Schaumburg, Ram Restaurant and Brewery - Wheeling, Ram Restaurant and Brewery - Indianapolis, Ram Restaurant and Brewery - Federal Way, Ram Restaurant and Brewery - Salem, Ram Restaurant and Brewery - Meridian, Ram Restaurant and Brewery - Fishers, C.B. and Potts - Westminster, Ram Restaurant and Brewery - Lacey, Humperdink’s (Big Horn Brewing), Ram Restaurant and Brewery - Kent.
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