Black Oak / Beaus Collaboration Lug Nut (retired) 9/21/2011Rate 2.795
Black Oak / Cheshire Valley / Sawdust City Daily Bread (retired) 4.56/18/2012Rate 3.13582119
Black Oak 10 Bitter Years 811/14/2009Rate 3.829996165
Black Oak 10 Bitter Years (Tangerine) (retired) 812/16/2014Rate 2.881
Black Oak 50 Shades of Grain (retired) 53/5/2013Rate 2.974
Black Oak Alan Never Left (retired) 52/13/2013Rate 2.841
Black Oak Apollo Smash IPA (retired) 74/23/2012Rate 3.16
Black Oak Artificial Crunchy Frog (retired) 10/7/2013Rate 2.842
Black Oak Aztec Mochachino (retired) 8/24/2012Rate 2.914
Black Oak Ball Dropper (retired) 1/19/2012Rate 3.126
Black Oak Barrel Aged Gooseberry Saison 4.810/27/2013Rate 3.21643510
Black Oak Beat The Heat 4.55/18/2016Rate 3.367649163
Black Oak Belgian Winter Spiced Ale 11/10/2012Rate 3.1457599
Black Oak Black Abbey Black IPA (retired) 6/25/2012Rate 3.15
Black Oak Black Betty IPA (retired) 9/23/2011Rate 3.1663129
Black Oak Black Out (retired) 510/23/2014Rate 0
Black Oak BlackOakBerry (retired) 10/7/2013Rate 3.054
Black Oak Break of Dawn APA 4.57/19/2014Rate 3.3274709
Black Oak Break of Dusk 4.41/18/2015Rate 3.167
Black Oak Cafe Au Lait (retired) 89/23/2011Rate 3.084
Black Oak Call of Brewty (retired) 7.910/28/2012Rate 2.855
Black Oak Chai One On (retired) 9/30/2012Rate 3.056
Black Oak Chocolate Banana Bread (retired) 510/14/2010Rate 34
Black Oak Chocolate IPA 6.511/8/2015Rate 3.061
Black Oak Decaf Coffee Porter (retired) 11/13/2011Rate 3.33826810
Black Oak Deerhead Papaya (retired) 56/24/2011Rate 2.763
Black Oak Double Chocolate Cherry Stout 4/16/2005Rate 3.418772107
Black Oak Double Chocolate Cherry Stout (Whiskey Barrel Aged) (retired) 4/18/2009Rate 3.077
Black Oak Double Chocolate Stout (retired) 51/31/2009Rate 3.115
Black Oak Dubbel Entendre 6.45/3/2013Rate 3.39808620
Black Oak Duck Saison (Duckweed) 47/24/2015Rate 2.981
Black Oak Duck Saison (Hallertau) 47/24/2015Rate 2.972
Black Oak Epiphany No. 1 9.510/12/2014Rate 3.58937127
Black Oak Epiphany No. 2 Imperial Pilsener 7.74/25/2015Rate 3.47889535
Black Oak Figgin Eh (retired) 59/1/2012Rate 2.881
Black Oak Gender Bender Pale Ale (retired) 9/21/2011Rate 2.933
Black Oak Go-Ji Forth (retired) 12/20/2012Rate 2.932
Black Oak H&H Overkill (retired) 10/21/2006Rate 2.968
Black Oak Hop Bomb 58/21/2005Rate 3.35825844
Black Oak Lavender Pale (retired) 510/11/2012Rate 2.954
Black Oak Lemon Pepper Ale (alias) (retired) 55/25/2007
Black Oak Lemon Thyme 57/15/2013Rate 2.995
Black Oak Lime Light Pale (retired) 511/1/2009Rate 2.984
Black Oak Love Fuzz 6.210/23/2014Rate 3.183
Black Oak Mike’s American Wheat (retired) 6.59/30/2012Rate 3.096
Black Oak Minotaur 610/23/2014Rate 2.861
Black Oak Mojito (retired) 8/13/2013Rate 2.831
Black Oak Mostacher in the Rye (retired) 11/27/2011Rate 2.892
Black Oak Mucho Mango (retired) 5.15/30/2010Rate 38
Black Oak My Old Flame 4/30/2015Rate 3.426
Black Oak Neck of the Woods Vintage Ale 8.512/2/2015Rate 3.41819117
Black Oak Nox Aeterna 12/14/2014Rate 3.36766315
Black Oak Nut Brown Ale 55/20/2001Rate 3.357787180
Black Oak Nut Brown Ale (Beef Jerky) (retired) 59/19/2012Rate 2.974
Black Oak Nut Brown Ale (Cinarum) 5.57/31/2015Rate 3.041
Black Oak Nut Brown Ale (Fenugreek) (retired) 5.19/15/2013Rate 2.894
Black Oak Nut Brown Ale (Honey) (retired) 9/30/2012Rate 3.168
Black Oak Nut Brown Ale (Jalapeño) (retired) 5.52/10/2013Rate 2.892
Black Oak Nut Brown Ale (Maple) (retired) 59/29/2007Rate 3.28687510
Black Oak Nut Brown Ale (Oak Whiskey Barrel Aged) (retired) 5.58/6/2005Rate 3.38808818
Black Oak Nut Brown Ale (Pomegranete) 512/28/2014Rate 2.872
Black Oak Nut Brown Ale (Sweet Potato) (retired) 510/18/2008Rate 3.33839015
Black Oak Nut Brown Ale (Wasabi) (retired) 510/3/2008Rate 2.717
Black Oak Nutcracker 5.510/20/2001Rate 3.569294166
Black Oak Nutcracker (Bourbon Barreled) (retired) 10/21/2007Rate 3.15613813
Black Oak Nutcracker (Coconut) 5.81/2/2015Rate 0
Black Oak Nutcracker (Vanilla Bean) (retired) 5.511/13/2011Rate 3.175
Black Oak Nutcracker Chocosol Porter 5.511/14/2011Rate 3.33725414
Black Oak Nutcracker Cinnabomb (retired) 5.511/24/2007Rate 3.269458
Black Oak Oaktoberfest 4.710/4/2009Rate 3.4829940
Black Oak Oktoberfest (retired) 55/20/2001Rate 2.926
Black Oak Orange Clove Ale (retired) 3/1/2012Rate 2.982
Black Oak Origin-ing (retired) 6.75/5/2013Rate 2.973
Black Oak Pale Ale 55/28/2001Rate 3.25345168
Black Oak Pale Ale (Hibiscus & Black Currant) (retired) 54/26/2013Rate 2.871
Black Oak Pale Ale (Papaya) (retired) 5.59/26/2010Rate 2.895
Black Oak Pale Ale (Pineapple Coconut) (retired) 512/20/2012Rate 2.952
Black Oak Peg Leg Robust Porter 6.210/26/2015Rate 3.235
Black Oak Peppercorn Rye Saison (retired) 8/6/2013Rate 2.973
Black Oak Pom Bomb (retired) 8/19/2012Rate 2.93
Black Oak Premium Lager (retired) 4.610/20/2001Rate 2.59204321
Black Oak Red Eye Coffee IPA 7.59/17/2015Rate 3.35765010
Black Oak Redeem Me (retired) 52/12/2013Rate 2.861
Black Oak Reethi’s Mole Ole (retired) 11/13/2011Rate 2.995
Black Oak Rhibbit Saison 6/27/2015Rate 2.884
Black Oak RIPA (retired) 65/15/2011Rate 2.964
Black Oak Salt n Peppa (retired) 5.83/6/2013Rate 3.057
Black Oak Scarlett Monk (retired) 4.53/11/2013Rate 2.874
Black Oak Selfish Lover (retired) 9/18/2013Rate 2.922
Black Oak Sink or Swim 4.58/17/2015Rate 3.134
Black Oak Son Of A Peach (retired) 6/28/2013Rate 3.093
Black Oak Sonja’s Smoked Schwarz (retired) 9/30/2012Rate 3.024
Black Oak Sparge-Ti-Cus (retired) 5/25/2007Rate 3.07495812
Black Oak Stitchback (retired) 96/25/2012Rate 3.125
Black Oak Summer Saison (alias) 4.58/12/2001
Black Oak Summer Saison - Goji Berry Edition 4.510/15/2009Rate 3.094
Black Oak Summer Saison - Marmalade Edition (retired) 4.57/13/2007Rate 3.57959019
Black Oak The Milky Way Milk Stout (retired) 44/10/2013Rate 3.15
Black Oak Transvestites Tipple (retired) 58/19/2007Rate 3.23759311
Black Oak Triple Chocolate Cherry Stout 5.82/2/2014Rate 3.358
Black Oak Wet-Hopped Pale Ale (retired) 510/1/2006Rate 3.28
Black Oak Winter Ale (retired) 5.72/15/2004Rate 3.4736527
Black Oak X Brew Crew Smokin’ Hot Brunette (retired) 410/30/2012Rate 2.915
Saint Roach Hopnotoad IPA (retired) 54/25/2012Rate 34
Black Oak X House Ales Antipodean American Wheat (retired)
Brewed at House Ales
9/30/2012Rate 2.936
Cheshire Valley Bertwell Pale Ale (retired) 58/23/2010Rate 2.944
Cheshire Valley Bitter Black Beauty (retired) 4.53/26/2012Rate 3.196
Cheshire Valley Citra IPA 7/4/2012Rate 3.23724117
Cheshire Valley Dry Stout 4.54/4/2009Rate 3.278
Cheshire Valley English Mild 3.67/7/2009Rate 3.36839622
Cheshire Valley ESB 4.68/31/2009Rate 3.21709619
Cheshire Valley Ginger Lime 11/1/2009Rate 3.057
Cheshire Valley Imperial Stout with Anise (retired) 10/6/2011Rate 2.841
Cheshire Valley IPA 6.26/2/2009Rate 3.22714020
Cheshire Valley Irish Red 3/3/2012Rate 3.12578511
Cheshire Valley Manitou Sumac Saison (retired) 9/23/2011Rate 3.094
Cheshire Valley Out of this World Galaxy Pale Ale 5.99/23/2011Rate 2.99463311
Cheshire Valley Paul’s Pale Ale (retired) 5.210/25/2010Rate 2.92
Cheshire Valley Resurrection Ale (retired) 5/1/2011Rate 2.844
Cheshire Valley Robust Porter 52/14/2010Rate 3.56939524
Cheshire Valley Roger Mittags West Coast Pale Ale (retired) 7/29/2011Rate 2.933
Cheshire Valley Summer Ale 55/1/2011Rate 3456711
Augusta Ale Extra Hoppy (AAXH) (alias) 5.36/17/2011
Radical Road Canny Man Barrel Aged Scotch Ale (retired) 9.11/19/2013Rate 3.39856649
Radical Road The Wayward Son (retired) 7.57/16/2013Rate 3.46867747
Sawdust City / Charlevoix / Black Oak How Do You Say Monkey In Latin? Dubbel IPA (retired) 6.86/10/2012Rate 3.49928322
Snowman Pale Ale 9/5/2012Rate 2.855

.Associated place: Black Oak Brewery.
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