(Out Of Business)

Associated place: Blackfriars

Commenced Summer 2005 at Queens Rd, Great Yarmouth. Moved to current address mid 2008. Closed in 2012.
Blackfriars Abbey (retired) 3.55/18/2012Rate 2.85
Blackfriars Audit Ale (retired) 8.010/3/2008Rate 3.14591612
Blackfriars Christmas Old Habit / Christmas Ale (retired) 5.62/9/2011Rate 2.792
Blackfriars Glory Daze (retired) 5.08/15/2010Rate 2.791
Blackfriars Maritime (retired) 5.02/10/2007Rate 2.863
Blackfriars Mild (retired) 3.45/17/2008Rate 2.844
Blackfriars Mitre Gold (retired) 4.09/4/2008Rate 2.792
Blackfriars Old Habit (retired) 5.62/21/2009Rate 2.87
Blackfriars Spring Tide (retired) 4.210/21/2007Rate 2.843
Blackfriars Sygnus Bittergold (retired) 4.010/21/2005Rate 2.668
Blackfriars Time and Tide (retired) 4.03/23/2009Rate 3.071
Blackfriars Whyte Angel (retired) 4.52/10/2007Rate 2.8334559
Blackfriars Yarmouth Bitter (retired) 3.87/31/2007Rate 2.747

.Associated place: Blackfriars.
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