Blue Corn (Albuquerque) Atomic Blonde Ale (retired) 5.59/5/2003Rate 2.645
Blue Corn (Albuquerque) End of the Trail Brown Ale (retired) 5.42/20/2003Rate 3.077
Blue Corn (Albuquerque) High Altitude Pale Ale (retired) 5.79/5/2003Rate 3.173
Blue Corn (Albuquerque) Plaza Porter (retired) 5.56/15/2002Rate 34
Blue Corn Barley Wine (retired) 1012/29/2003Rate 2.842
Blue Corn Belgian Wit (retired) 5.06/28/2004Rate 3.323
Blue Corn Doppelbock (retired) 7.812/2/2003Rate 3.272
Blue Corn Euro Pale (retired) 5.05/4/2004Rate 3.272
Blue Corn Golden Maysa (retired) 4.87/18/2004Rate 3.063
Blue Corn Hefeweizen (retired) 5.58/29/2004Rate 3.221
Blue Corn M1 IPA (retired) 6.81/3/2004Rate 3.111
Blue Corn M2 IPA (retired) 7.34/10/2004Rate 3.513
Blue Corn Proving Ground IPA (alias) (retired) 6.35/13/2004
Blue Corn Red Dragon Lager (retired) 5.110/21/2003Rate 31
Blue Corn Saison (retired) 6.47/29/2004Rate 3.181
Blue Corn Scotch Ale (retired) 7.52/13/2004Rate 3.221
Blue Corn Sleepy Hollow Pumpkin Ale (retired) 5.412/2/2003Rate 3.022
Blue Corn Stout 104 (retired) 5.82/13/2004Rate 3.151
Blue Corn Trouble (retired) 9.45/5/2004Rate 3.352
Blue Corn Weise Guys (retired) 5.511/22/2004Rate 2.972
Blue Corn Weizenbock (retired) 7.99/5/2003Rate 3.124

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