Box Steam


Associated place: Cross Guns (Box Steam)

Founded in 2004. Changed ownership in 2006. In 2012 moved from Oaks Farm, Rode Hill, Colerne, Chippenham to The Midlands, Holt, Trowbridge.
Box Clever Brewer’s Blizzard (2014) (retired) 4.711/17/2014Rate 2.862
Box Clever Brewer’s Blizzard (2015) 4.512/20/2015Rate 33
Box Clever Easy Tiger 4.25/17/2014Rate 2.853
Box Clever Ground Pup 5.511/5/2014Rate 2.831
Box Clever Just the Ticket 6.011/22/2014Rate 2.973
Box Clever Old Number 8 4.12/18/2014Rate 2.825
Box Clever Soul Train 4.77/24/2014Rate 2.885
Box Steam 1914 Ale 4.23/27/2016Rate 2.824
Box Steam Big Big Train 4.511/13/2013Rate 0
Box Steam Blind House (retired) 4.66/14/2007Rate 3.047
Box Steam Broad Gauge 4.84/27/2012Rate 2.85301512
Box Steam Christmas Box Dark 5.012/19/2014Rate 2.791
Box Steam Chuffin’ Ale 4.07/31/2010Rate 3.15539238
Box Steam Cog 4.09/14/2008Rate 3.02487518
Box Steam Criminales Fraudster 4.410/13/2014Rate 2.93334315
Box Steam Criminales Gangster Mighty IPA 5.410/8/2014Rate 2.5814115
Box Steam Criminales Robber 4.910/13/2014Rate 2.98373614
Box Steam Dark & Handsome 5.02/23/2008Rate 3.458570141
Box Steam Derail Ale 5.212/8/2009Rate 3.16497276
Box Steam Evening Star 7.58/23/2013Rate 3.246
Box Steam Figgy Pudding 5.012/12/2006Rate 2.84362610
Box Steam Flower Power 4.47/11/2015Rate 2.961
Box Steam Funnel Blower 4.54/27/2009Rate 3.518989172
Box Steam Ghost Train 4.810/29/2011Rate 3.07475233
Box Steam Golden Bolt 3.910/10/2004Rate 3.01437029
Box Steam Half Sovereign 3.43/7/2015Rate 38
Box Steam Hell of a Ride 4.29/10/2011Rate 2.8334319
Box Steam Light Box 5.212/10/2009Rate 2.81
Box Steam Piston Broke 5.010/31/2008Rate 2.93324233
Box Steam Porter 4.45/4/2011Rate 3.37776416
Box Steam Royal Box 3.84/29/2011Rate 2.791
Box Steam Sand Caskale 4.28/20/2015Rate 2.643
Box Steam Sin Bin 4.59/26/2015Rate 2.993
Box Steam Temple Mead 4.04/6/2014Rate 2.823
Box Steam Tender Mild 3.65/20/2012Rate 2.831
Box Steam Three Shires (retired) 4.210/2/2004Rate 3.15
Box Steam Tunnel Vision 4.210/29/2004Rate 2.96344661
Box Steam Vanilla Porter (alias) 4.51/27/2012
Box Steam Wet Your Whistle 4.56/5/2016Rate 3.023
Box Steam Whistle Blower 4.79/5/2013Rate 2.972
Box Steam Xmas Box Blonde 5.24/26/2010Rate 2.99425820
Box Steam Xmas Box Dark 5.08/14/2010Rate 2.927

.Associated place: Cross Guns (Box Steam).
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