Browar Zamkowy Cieszyn

Commercial Brewery

Built in 1846, the brewery changed owners and names several times, though always remaining a local brewery. It was taken over by the Zywiec Group in 1989.
Żywiec APA 5.49/29/2014Rate 3.013824204
Żywiec Porter 9.51/2/2001Rate 3.7297921176
Bracki Grand Champion Birofilia 2009 Koźlak Dubeltowy (retired) 8.912/9/2009Rate 3.083
Bracki Grand Champion Birofilia 2011 Kolsch (retired) 5.312/8/2011Rate 2.93
Bracki Grand Champion Birofilia 2012 Rauch Bock (retired) 6.512/6/2012Rate 3.29755530
Brackie Grand Champion Birofilia 2010 Pale Ale belgijskie (retired) 512/6/2010Rate 3.367
Brackie Grand Champion Birofilia 2013 Imperial IPA (retired) 8.512/2/2013Rate 3.59048101
Brackie Mastne 5.810/6/2010Rate 2.8232777
Browar Zamkowy Cieszyn West Coast IPA 5.812/26/2015Rate 3.24593755
Grand Champion Birofilia 2014 Dubbel Cieszyński (retired) 8.512/6/2014Rate 3.478693124
Grand Champion Birofilia 2015 Red Roeselare Ale 7.512/6/2015Rate 3.488746110
Lezajsk Pszeniczne 5.311/21/2011Rate 2.572
Zamkowy Brackie 5.55/14/2003Rate 2.51112664
Zamkowy Double IPA Cieszyńskie 84/16/2015Rate 3.0843595
Zamkowy Lager Cieszyński 54/17/2015Rate 2.86279828
Zamkowy Mastne Cieszyńskie (alias) 5.84/4/2015
Zamkowy Porter Cieszyński 9.84/17/2015Rate 3.46855461
Zamkowy Pszeniczne Cieszyńskie 5.44/20/2015Rate 3.24589126
Zamkowy Sezonowe Cieszyńskie 5.98/3/2015Rate 3.13471929
Zamkowy Stout Cieszyński 6.27/23/2015Rate 3.35746044
Zamkowy Witbier Cieszyński 4.95/29/2016Rate 3.2527812

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