Associated place: Brasserie de Saint-Louis

Between 2008 and October 2010 the beers were brewed at Saint-Pierre, since October 2010, the beers are brewed in Saint-Louis.
68 L’Alsacienne du Sud 5.012/21/2013Rate 2.6619139
Bière de Muespach La Mousse d’Elise 5.011/17/2015Rate 2.942
L’Arlequin de Rosheim 5.88/3/2015Rate 31
Minuit Pile’s - Bière à la citrouille 6.43/28/2015Rate 33
Saint-Louis 1816 Blonde 5.58/15/2009Rate 2.79291616
Saint-Louis Ambrée 5.88/13/2009Rate 2.91333214
Saint-Louis Blanche 5.210/12/2009Rate 2.5615812
Saint-Louis de Noël 5.811/24/2010Rate 2.81252915
Saint-Louis IPA (Amarillo) 5.810/5/2013Rate 3.26613931
Saint-Louis La Blonde 5.012/6/2015Rate 2.61
Saint-Louis La Brune 6.07/24/2013Rate 3.156
Saint-Louis La Mousse des Moines (retired) 4.52/25/2012Rate 2.828
Saint-Louis La Mulhousienne 5.012/24/2012Rate 2.846
Saint-Louis La Printanière (Bière de Printemps) 4.74/8/2011Rate 2.776
Saint-Louis La Rousse 5.08/26/2013Rate 2.845
Saint-Louis La Sundgauvienne 5.87/5/2013Rate 2.964
Saint-Louis Pine Bark Ale 6.79/21/2014Rate 3.28645715
Saint-Louis Sencha Tea Ale 6.03/20/2015Rate 3.22567310
Saint-Louis St Valentin / Bière des Amoureux 5.01/27/2012Rate 3.022
Kitchen Brew American Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Sygama
5.54/4/2015Rate 3.218
Kitchen Brew Cascade Amber Ale
Brewed by/for Sygama
5.58/10/2013Rate 3.3688919
Kitchen Brew India Dark Ale
Brewed by/for Sygama
5.52/21/2014Rate 3.41814514
Kitchen Brew IPADIPA
Brewed by/for Sygama
7.55/24/2016Rate 3.243
Kitchen Brew Session IPA
Brewed by/for Sygama
4.512/10/2014Rate 3.28654415
Kitchen Brew Summer Ale
Brewed by/for Sygama
4.58/10/2014Rate 2.771

.Associated place: Brasserie de Saint-Louis.
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