Brauerei MB (United Serbian Breweries)

Commercial Brewery

ex Pivara MB. The United Serbian Breweries are 72% owned by Heineken and 28% by Efes.
365 Blonde Beer 4.510/26/2012Rate 2.1765910
Aro Svetlo Pasterizovano Pivo 4.37/9/2015Rate 2.661
Master Svetlo Pivo 4.58/29/2006Rate 2.1154920
MB Dunkel (retired) 5.01/28/2005Rate 2.982
MB Export Bier (alias) 5.05/26/2006
MB Guča Pivo (retired) 5.09/12/2007Rate 2.722
MB Light (retired) 4.59/10/2006Rate 2.731
MB Pils 4.53/24/2004Rate 2.3991970
MB Premium (retired) 5.09/26/2004Rate 2.48141213
MB Schwarz (retired) 5.62/17/2005Rate 2.943
SPAR Svetlo Pivo Pils (Slovenia) (alias) (retired) 5.012/14/2005
SPAR Temno Pivo (Slovenia) (alias) (retired) 5.612/14/2005
Weifert Svetlo Pivo (2015-) 5.05/7/2015Rate 2.46141615

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