Breakwater Alpha Bravo Pale Ale 5.88/22/2011Rate 3.01392416
Breakwater Amalgamation 8.18/22/2011Rate 2.933
Breakwater B.W. Braggot 8.512/11/2009Rate 3.25787311
Breakwater Bandidos Yanquis 5.511/3/2015Rate 3.053
Breakwater Barrel 5 4.77/5/2014Rate 3.224
Breakwater Beach Break Brown 5.29/5/2009Rate 2.967
Breakwater Beach Honey 5.03/23/2010Rate 2.95375318
Breakwater Beavers Milk Stout -4/18/2014Rate 3.072
Breakwater Belgian Strong 8.73/23/2010Rate 3.178
Breakwater Belle Of The Ball 4.611/3/2015Rate 3.153
Breakwater Berry Kriek 6.99/5/2009Rate 3.39869620
Breakwater Biere du Jour 6.911/8/2011Rate 3.43833917
Breakwater Bitchin’ Brown -3/20/2010Rate 3.066
Breakwater Breaktoberfest Lager 5.811/4/2010Rate 2.993
Breakwater Brush Fire Porter 6.64/18/2014Rate 2.943
Breakwater Brussels Belgium 8.26/17/2009Rate 3.0652219
Breakwater Cascade Pale Ale -10/17/2009Rate 3.093
Breakwater Citra Pale Ale -12/14/2009Rate 3.15
Breakwater Collaborator Doppelbock 7.28/8/2013Rate 2.924
Breakwater Del Mar Jetty IPA (alias) 7.05/12/2010
Breakwater Devastator Dopplebock 1112/11/2009Rate 3.38887310
Breakwater DMJ IPA 6.25/12/2010Rate 3.6949133
Breakwater Eric’s Quad -10/14/2011Rate 3.072
Breakwater Foreigner Stout 7.21/7/2010Rate 3.368
Breakwater Full Nelson 5.83/19/2011Rate 3.246
Breakwater Head High Hef 5.85/12/2010Rate 2.984
Breakwater Heatwave Rabiscus Mead 9.611/3/2015Rate 3.091
Breakwater Hibiscus Ale 6.05/12/2010Rate 2.945
Breakwater Hibiscus Hefeweisen 5.02/22/2009Rate 3.15506619
Breakwater Hill Street Honey 5.02/22/2009Rate 3.05508213
Breakwater Hill Street Honey - Hibiscus 5.43/19/2011Rate 2.968
Breakwater Homegrown Strong Ale -10/9/2009Rate 3.044
Breakwater IMP Short 9.43/24/2016Rate 3.061
Breakwater Imperial Pale Lager -4/18/2014Rate 2.831
Breakwater Kali Kush Pale 7.23/27/2010Rate 3.31758826
Breakwater Keenan’s Kolsch 4.98/1/2010Rate 2.754
Breakwater La Especial Pale 5.54/19/2009Rate 3.1564509
Breakwater Mango Hefe 4.64/19/2009Rate 2.917
Breakwater Maverick’s Double IPA 8.712/11/2009Rate 3.88999846
Breakwater North Jetty I.P.A. 7.22/22/2009Rate 3.62969532
Breakwater O’Pirate Stout 6.011/4/2010Rate 2.94
Breakwater Old Blue Eyes 9.18/12/2010Rate 3.27733416
Breakwater Pacific Pale Ale 5.76/4/2010Rate 3.015
Breakwater Pastiche Pale 5.57/5/2014Rate 3.043
Breakwater Perfect Day 9.112/30/2013Rate 2.794
Breakwater Pink Something Something 7.75/8/2016Rate 2.842
Breakwater Pipeline Pale Ale 6.02/22/2010Rate 3.084
Breakwater Point Break Porter 5.82/22/2009Rate 3.058
Breakwater Poppin Cherry Bruine 7.012/16/2012Rate 2.915
Breakwater Poppin Pils 5.35/25/2010Rate 3.016
Breakwater Procratination 6.13/19/2011Rate 3.154
Breakwater Railslide Red 5.74/19/2010Rate 3.13497416
Breakwater Rasbiscus Mead 101/10/2011Rate 3.26484516
Breakwater Rasbiscus Mead - Heatwave (Spicy) Edition 1011/5/2011Rate 3.087
Breakwater Redtide Honey 5.510/30/2009Rate 3.056
Breakwater Reincarnation 6.67/6/2011Rate 3.25
Breakwater Rye Dawn 6.87/24/2015Rate 3.041
Breakwater Seagaze Golden -12/11/2009Rate 2.967
Breakwater Shorebreak Imperial Pale Ale 9.44/2/2009Rate 3.21731210
Breakwater Signature Pale Ale 6.52/22/2009Rate 2.952
Breakwater Simcoe Pale 6.07/23/2009Rate 3.064
Breakwater Small Kine Mild 3.210/23/2013Rate 2.872
Breakwater Strand Stout 4.47/6/2011Rate 2.966
Breakwater Summah Session 5.74/18/2014Rate 2.761
Breakwater Surfrider Strong Ale -4/26/2009Rate 3.114
Breakwater Switch Stance Strong Ale 8.22/22/2009Rate 31
Breakwater Teahupo’o Triple IPA 10.19/30/2015Rate 3.274
Breakwater The Mick -9/5/2009Rate 3.044
Breakwater Tis Wit It Is 4.67/5/2014Rate 2.711
Breakwater Todos Santos Double IPA 8.411/3/2015Rate 2.814
Breakwater Triple A Downgrade 8.57/18/2012Rate 2.914
Breakwater Trippel Threat 9.312/10/2010Rate 2.894
Breakwater Vladimir 105/18/2009Rate 3.35862310
Breakwater Walkabout Stout 7.65/12/2010Rate 3.47877416
Breakwater Walkabout Stout - Chocolate and Coffee 7.67/13/2014Rate 2.872
Breakwater Walkabout Stout - Toasted Coconut 7.67/5/2014Rate 2.761
Breakwater Wellenbrecher Lager 5.23/22/2013Rate 2.942
Breakwater Witch Kriek 7.112/10/2010Rate 3.065
Breakwater YPA 6.611/5/2011Rate 2.92

.Associated place: Breakwater Brewing Company.
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