Ommegang 11 by Volume (retired) 117/31/2011Rate 3.14
Ommegang 2011 Belgian Independence Day Saison (retired) 7.26/9/2011Rate 3.56928749
Ommegang 2012 Belgian Independence Day Tripel (retired) 8.37/17/2012Rate 3.55939455
Ommegang 2013 Belgian Independence Day Double White (retired) 6.67/4/2013Rate 3.43899826
Ommegang 2014 Belgian Independence Day IPA (retired) 7.57/19/2014Rate 3.5908228
Ommegang 2015 Belgian Independence Day Dry-Hopped Tripel 9.27/10/2015Rate 3.72979972
Ommegang Abbey Ale 8.27/10/2000Rate 3.83991002216
Ommegang Abbey Wheat 8.08/15/2011Rate 3.254
Ommegang Adoration 105/19/2009Rate 3.669695522
Ommegang Adoration on Bourbon 103/17/2011Rate 3.44898012
Ommegang Aphrodite 8.97/4/2011Rate 3.69498292
Ommegang Art of Darkness (alias) (retired) 8.91/9/2016
Ommegang Barrier Relief (retired) 5.91/12/2013Rate 3.34835613
Ommegang Belgian Porter (retired) -8/5/2009Rate 3.165
Ommegang Belgian-style Pale Ale (BPA) 6.28/5/2009Rate 3.669699612
Ommegang BID IPA (alias) 7.57/21/2014
Ommegang Biere D’Hougoumont 7.37/8/2012Rate 3.589398228
Ommegang Biere de Avant Garde (retired) 7.011/9/2010Rate 3.144
Ommegang Biere de Mars (retired) 6.55/9/2006Rate 3.79799434
Ommegang Calypso Hennepin 7.73/28/2015Rate 3.55928629
Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence 7.07/22/2007Rate 3.629496921
Ommegang Coffee Ale 7.58/11/2014Rate 2.912
Ommegang Cooperstown Ale 5.56/4/2014Rate 3.599398101
Ommegang Crescendo 7.38/8/2012Rate 3.39876210
Ommegang Cup o Kyndnes 6.68/5/2009Rate 3.69492241
Ommegang Cuvee BXL 6.55/14/2007Rate 3.51909628
Ommegang Dark Saison 6.08/11/2014Rate 2.982
Ommegang Double IPA 8.78/18/2015Rate 3.283
Ommegang Double Wit (retired) 7.52/15/2006Rate 3.1355749
Ommegang Duvel Rustica 8.510/2/2012Rate 3.539187142
Ommegang Fleur De Houblon 6.84/21/2013Rate 3.659599394
Ommegang Fruit Funk (retired) 6.510/22/2008Rate 3.257
Ommegang Funky Saison 6.08/18/2015Rate 3.332
Ommegang Game of Thrones #1 - Iron Throne Ale 6.53/10/2013Rate 3.619498351
Ommegang Game of Thrones #2 - Take the Black Stout 7.07/2/2013Rate 3.589394509
Ommegang Game of Thrones #3 - Fire and Blood 6.84/2/2014Rate 3.518996388
Ommegang Game of Thrones #4 - Valar Morghulis 8.05/14/2014Rate 3.669698352
Ommegang Game of Thrones #5 - Three-Eyed Raven 7.23/21/2015Rate 3.649592329
Ommegang Game of Thrones #6 - Seven Kingdoms 6.93/25/2016Rate 3.7397100160
Ommegang Game of Thrones #7 - Valar Dohaeris 9.07/20/2016Rate 0
Ommegang Glimmerglass Saison 5.41/10/2014Rate 3.69390225
Ommegang Gnomegang 9.51/5/2011Rate 3.719796541
Ommegang Gose 4.58/10/2014Rate 2.862
Ommegang Goudenhop 7.010/27/2012Rate 3.42889427
Ommegang Grains of Truth (alias) 5.88/18/2015
Ommegang Great Beyond 8.85/30/2016Rate 3.49884736
Ommegang Hennepin 7.77/10/2000Rate 3.797952316
Ommegang Hop House 6.012/17/2013Rate 3.639599307
Ommegang Hoppy Wheat (Innovation Series) 7.09/28/2015Rate 3.091
Ommegang Hopstate NY 5.65/29/2015Rate 3.36757420
Ommegang Inauguration Ale (Obamagang) (retired) 6.21/19/2009Rate 3.65969689
Ommegang IPA Triple (retired) -8/5/2009Rate 3.1861409
Ommegang Joemmegang 7.54/28/2015Rate 3.5898377
Ommegang Lovely, Dark and Deep 5.310/23/2015Rate 3.54919189
Ommegang Maple Chocolate Indulgence (retired) 7.02/28/2010Rate 3.024
Ommegang Mosaic Hennepin 7.76/22/2016Rate 3.386
Ommegang Motueka Hennepin 7.78/18/2015Rate 3.5897912
Ommegang Nine Spice Harvest Ale (retired) -10/24/2009Rate 3.222
Ommegang Nirvana IPA 6.54/17/2015Rate 3.57928970
Ommegang Oak Aged Gnomegang 10.28/18/2015Rate 3.465
Ommegang Ommegeddon (retired) 8.01/31/2005Rate 3.669694706
Ommegang Pale Snail (alias) (retired) 5.17/29/2003
Ommegang Polythene Pale (alias) (retired) -8/5/2009
Ommegang Porter Sorta 6.48/2/2010Rate 33
Ommegang Post-Ommegeddon (retired) 8.011/13/2010Rate 3.084
Ommegang Rare Vos 6.511/3/2000Rate 3.5993981592
Ommegang Raspberry Cherry Dark Ale 6.21/14/2016Rate 3.091
Ommegang Raspberry Saison (retired) 8.08/4/2008Rate 2.634
Ommegang Saison de Gewürz (retired) 7.92/21/2008Rate 3.12612510
Ommegang Scythe and Sickle Harvest Ale 5.88/8/2012Rate 3.69498473
Ommegang Seduction 6.812/16/2011Rate 3.629496296
Ommegang Session IPA 4.58/11/2014Rate 2.881
Ommegang Shadow Brewer 9.72/16/2016Rate 3.65954942
Ommegang Sinister (retired) 8.02/19/2012Rate 2.883
Ommegang Soothsayer 8.93/16/2012Rate 3.769898340
Ommegang Sour Brownhole (retired) 5.07/18/2006Rate 3.074
Ommegang Sour Flanders Ale (retired) 6.52/17/2007Rate 3.484
Ommegang Spiced Saison 7.32/7/2015Rate 3.59939046
Ommegang Stout (retired) 4.53/5/2008Rate 3.26735429
Ommegang Super Hop Rare Vos (retired) 6.59/17/2005Rate 3.071
Ommegang Table Beer 3.98/18/2015Rate 3.446
Ommegang The Dudes Oat Soda (retired) 5.08/4/2008Rate 3.12624112
Ommegang Three Philosophers 9.75/8/2002Rate 3.8299952561
Ommegang Three Philosophers (Bourbon) 1011/13/2010Rate 3.71978919
Ommegang Tripel Perfection 8.97/22/2007Rate 3.729799278
Ommegang Triskel Hennepin 7.78/18/2015Rate 3.51898119
Ommegang Unfiltered Sour Hop Ale (retired) -8/4/2008Rate 3.336
Ommegang Upside Brown 7.09/21/2014Rate 3.64959862
Ommegang Wild At Heart 8.06/24/2013Rate 3.31692570
Ommegang Witte 5.22/4/2002Rate 3.4282961124
Ommegang Wood Aged Abbey Ale 8.511/13/2010Rate 3.258
Ommegang XV - 15th Anniversary Ale 9.68/8/2012Rate 3.749797102
Ommegang Rouge Grand Cru (retired) 5.57/28/2008Rate 4.0410099319
Ommegang Rosetta 5.69/24/2015Rate 3.719799197
Ommegang Zuur 6.04/3/2010Rate 3.589362322

.Associated place: Brewery Ommegang.
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