Commenced brewing in 1993 on Station Approach, Oakham. Moved to 80 Westgate, Peterborough in 1999 creating a lager Brewpub. Further expansion saw them move to their current address, but retaining the Brewpub. A 3rd smaller brewkit was installed at the Brewery tap in Westgate during 2008.
Hektors Scarecrow
Brewed by/for Hektors
58/29/2010Rate 2.972
Marks & Spencer Cambridgeshire Golden Ale
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
4.26/15/2013Rate 3.23579067
Marks & Spencer Cambridgeshire Summer Ale (alias)
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
Marks & Spencer Double Hopped Citra IPA
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
5.96/16/2015Rate 3.48877686
Marks & Spencer Single Variety Hop Citra IPA
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
4.94/21/2013Rate 3.498891104
Marks & Spencer Single Variety Hop Styrian Goldings Amber Ale
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
5.26/17/2015Rate 3.17497332
Green Oak Lager & Lime (retired) 5.48/26/2004Rate 3.33
Oakham 100 Guineas (retired) 6.37/31/2007Rate 3.221
Oakham 12 Monkeys 4.85/6/2005Rate 3.165
Oakham 3 Witches 4.512/1/2005Rate 3.15649311
Oakham 42 4.211/17/2014Rate 3.3689512
Oakham Affair At Styles 3.81/28/2016Rate 3.266
Oakham Akhenaten 4.98/31/2009Rate 3.47869821
Oakham Alban Ale 2014 49/24/2014Rate 2.912
Oakham Alban Ale 2015 4.810/1/2015Rate 3.285
Oakham Amarillo (retired) 4.29/7/2010Rate 3.165
Oakham American Sunset 4.18/9/2015Rate 3.398
Oakham Another Fine Ale 4.59/27/2013Rate 2.82
Oakham Astaroth 5.57/4/2015Rate 3.38799822
Oakham Aston Villain 5.25/2/2015Rate 0
Oakham Asylum 4.53/14/2007Rate 3.729710063
Oakham Athena 4.45/30/2013Rate 2.972
Oakham Attila 7.59/4/2003Rate 3.39819084
Oakham Azacca 4.25/1/2015Rate 3.2579011
Oakham Baby Belma (retired) 4.112/30/2011Rate 3.053
Oakham Baja 1000 4.310/19/2009Rate 3.134
Oakham Barton Blitz 65/10/2013Rate 2.881
Oakham Barton Mild (retired) 3.54/29/2003Rate 3.193
Oakham Bartonís Gold (retired) 4.110/2/2003Rate 31
Oakham Beermonster 4.88/22/2008Rate 3.34739424
Oakham Bird Brain 4.11/8/2016Rate 3.47
Oakham Bishop Allott (retired) 4.67/27/2004Rate 3.233
Oakham Bishops Farewell (Bottle) 51/26/2009Rate 3.357497125
Oakham Bishops Farewell (Cask) 4.68/21/2002Rate 3.58899169
Oakham Black Baron 8.88/29/2010Rate 3.58954820
Oakham Black Hole Porter 5.53/20/2002Rate 3.52909061
Oakham Black Pig Stout 4.33/10/2014Rate 2.762
Oakham Blonde 4.53/15/2016Rate 3.243
Oakham Bona Nox 89/8/2015Rate 3.43834115
Oakham Born to Sleigh 4.412/26/2015Rate 31
Oakham Bully Dozer (retired) 4.64/21/2008Rate 3.383
Oakham Carioca (retired) 5.29/9/2012Rate 3.38
Oakham Centennial (retired) 4.27/11/2011Rate 3.156
Oakham Chaos Engine 4.13/11/2010Rate 3.158
Oakham Chemical Syndicate 3.93/26/2016Rate 3.3979959
Oakham Chinook (retired) 4.27/7/2010Rate 33
Oakham Citra 4.21/7/2010Rate 3.69497551
Oakham Citra Export 4.72/23/2016Rate 3.335
Oakham Citra Special (retired) 4.97/2/2013Rate 3.569510014
Oakham Cluster 4.28/23/2011Rate 3.154
Oakham Cold Turkey (retired) 6.311/28/2004Rate 3.048
Oakham Coronet (retired) 47/31/2007Rate 2.862
Oakham Crackers (retired) 4.212/31/2008Rate 31
Oakham Craftworks Pale 55/14/2016Rate 3.295
Oakham Curmudgeon 4.54/21/2014Rate 3.43899016
Oakham Davy Jones 54/4/2014Rate 3.33809418
Oakham Dead Manís Trousers 5.79/19/2015Rate 3.265
Oakham Deadly Catch 4.29/19/2013Rate 2.964
Oakham Deep Thought 4.79/12/2014Rate 3.44854821
Oakham Delirium (retired) 5.21/24/2008Rate 3.44919725
Oakham Dolphin Dance 3.71/28/2014Rate 3.44879912
Oakham Donít Panic 4.13/22/2014Rate 3.012
Oakham Dream Catcher 6.98/24/2011Rate 3.56928735
Oakham Druid Rocks 410/17/2015Rate 0
Oakham Duke Nukem 95/11/2013Rate 33
Oakham Edgarís Bazaar 3.912/7/2013Rate 3.378
Oakham Endless Summer 3.47/27/2008Rate 3.34729661
Oakham Enough Rope 4.36/11/2016Rate 3.165
Oakham Eugeneís Lair (retired) 4.36/22/2013Rate 3.3783819
Oakham Export Stout 6.53/18/2016Rate 3.162
Oakham Festival Ale (retired) 512/8/2007Rate 3.064
Oakham Festival Special 5.210/8/2014Rate 2.881
Oakham Five Leaves Left (retired) 4.58/11/2003Rate 3.28819110
Oakham Fountain Citra 4.311/25/2010Rate 2.861
Oakham Four Horsemen (retired) 5.25/17/2009Rate 2.952
Oakham Frozen Stiff 4.812/3/2012Rate 3.343
Oakham Fruity Fountain 4.212/2/2010Rate 2.911
Oakham G.B.H 56/2/2014Rate 2.861
Oakham Gangster 4.95/7/2014Rate 3.35779719
Oakham Gilbertís Fridge (retired) 4.19/9/2013Rate 3.156
Oakham Gravity (retired) 5.110/17/2004Rate 3.54959923
Oakham Great Gustav 4.510/7/2014Rate 3.26619326
Oakham Green Devil IPA 67/21/2011Rate 3.719797345
Oakham Green Hop Harvest 3.610/16/2013Rate 3.13548613
Oakham Green Jack Pale Ale 3.65/5/2012Rate 2.861
Oakham Green Jack Peach Wheat 3.98/19/2013Rate 2.91
Oakham Haka (retired) 5.78/29/2007Rate 3.529410022
Oakham Hareflick (retired) 4.24/23/2009Rate 3.38879912
Oakham Harlequin Ale (retired) 4.53/31/2002Rate 3.26789714
Oakham Harvest Spirit 4.39/14/2012Rate 2.842
Oakham Hawse Buckler 5.510/1/2006Rate 3.649588106
Oakham Helter Skelter 58/5/2002Rate 3.41879739
Oakham Ho Ho Ho 4.212/13/2011Rate 2.831
Oakham Improbability 3.97/8/2014Rate 3.125
Oakham Incubus 5.28/13/2015Rate 3.18507532
Oakham Inferno (Bottle) 4.42/19/2011Rate 3.418198155
Oakham Inferno (Cask) 47/21/2004Rate 3.398198177
Oakham Jeffrey Hudson Bitter (alias) 3.81/9/2014
Oakham Jesterís Ferret 3.63/17/2013Rate 3.25729512
Oakham JHB 3.82/17/2002Rate 3.387897344
Oakham JHB Extra (retired) 4.22/6/2004Rate 3.35839828
Oakham Kaleidascope 4.75/22/2003Rate 3.26728016
Oakham Kentucky Rain 4.24/16/2011Rate 2.91
Oakham Khyber Pass (retired) 5.58/29/2005Rate 3.068
Oakham Lady Gwydir (retired) 46/24/2010Rate 2.933
Oakham Last of the Few 78/28/2010Rate 3.063
Oakham Mako (retired) 612/22/2011Rate 2.971
Oakham Mark VII (alias) 3.94/30/2016
Oakham Midnight Mild 45/17/2010Rate 3.21688211
Oakham Mk.VII 3.94/11/2016Rate 3.3689816
Oakham Mompessons Gold 55/10/2003Rate 3.42839858
Oakham Multihead 4.812/24/2012Rate 3.075
Oakham Musashi 4.48/28/2010Rate 3.18699413
Oakham Nekomata 53/31/2015Rate 3.23594929
Oakham Nelson Sauvin (retired) 4.24/5/2010Rate 3.112
Oakham Oblivion 5.712/18/2005Rate 3.72979929
Oakham Old Gruesome 6.812/3/2013Rate 2.911
Oakham Old Tosspot (retired) 5.27/11/2004Rate 2.813
Oakham Owl & The Pussycat 4.59/10/2015Rate 3.31729623
Oakham Pale Ont-Ology (retired) 4.84/8/2012Rate 32
Oakham Paranoid 5.25/10/2014Rate 3.16584610
Oakham Perle Bear (retired) 4.22/7/2009Rate 3.492
Oakham Perun 5.59/3/2013Rate 3.14534429
Oakham Pint Please 4.28/30/2014Rate 3.254
Oakham Preacher 4.31/15/2012Rate 3.458710033
Oakham Quercus Perna 4.19/28/2013Rate 2.861
Oakham Quint (retired) 4.24/4/2008Rate 3.192
Oakham Randall Rootz Beer 4.48/28/2010Rate 2.932
Oakham Random Rabbit 4.93/30/2013Rate 2.952
Oakham Raucous Reindeer 412/19/2003Rate 3.38809935
Oakham Red Ale (alias) 3.78/2/2012
Oakham Red Neck 5.29/9/2004Rate 3.13618315
Oakham Rollercoaster 4.84/8/2010Rate 3.27799018
Oakham Scarlet Macaw 4.46/3/2011Rate 3.468699245
Oakham Scarlet Macaw Export 4.86/28/2013Rate 3.22544722
Oakham Shenanigans 4.23/31/2011Rate 2.871
Oakham Simcoe (retired) 4.211/19/2011Rate 3.155
Oakham Snake Charmer 4.34/6/2004Rate 3.127
Oakham Sock Monkey 55/12/2013Rate 3.257
Oakham Soos Lug (retired) 5.212/13/2006Rate 3.15
Oakham Spring Heeled Jack 612/15/2015Rate 3.36763815
Oakham St Bibiana (5.5%) (retired) 5.51/14/2004Rate 2.973
Oakham St. Bibiana 4.53/2/2016Rate 3.32719821
Oakham Straw Bear 4.41/28/2012Rate 3.022
Oakham Styrian Goldings 4.23/19/2011Rate 3.053
Oakham Summit 4.212/8/2010Rate 3.174
Oakham Taipan (retired) 4.93/21/2011Rate 3.569510023
Oakham Tattoo (retired) 4.93/13/2005Rate 3.331
Oakham Tera 4.22/9/2009Rate 3.34859915
Oakham The Burglar 4.99/14/2015Rate 3.257
Oakham The Car Thief 3.611/6/2015Rate 3.33743410
Oakham The Forger 3.55/2/2015Rate 3.267
Oakham The Gentleman 4.87/20/2012Rate 3.096
Oakham The Great Gustav 4.810/5/2014Rate 2.963
Oakham The Hare and The Hedgehog 3.93/23/2012Rate 3.5909325
Oakham The Heckler (retired) 4.83/17/2009Rate 2.892
Oakham The Krakenís Ink 6.88/25/2014Rate 3.57937862
Oakham The Mercenary 4.92/10/2013Rate 2.972
Oakham The Navi 5.51/23/2016Rate 3.32719113
Oakham The Opportunist 4.11/10/2015Rate 3.2624412
Oakham The Racketeer 53/14/2015Rate 3.175
Oakham The Robber 4.87/10/2015Rate 3.35779713
Oakham Thresher (retired) 5.97/22/2011Rate 3.023
Oakham Tinsel Time 4.212/27/2012Rate 2.91
Oakham Tranquility (retired) 6.56/21/2010Rate 3.62959336
Oakham Tsunami (retired) 412/2/2007Rate 2.881
Oakham Twenty Years (retired) 5.88/24/2013Rate 3.68979713
Oakham Untouchable IPA 98/9/2011Rate 3.49934916
Oakham Vagabond 510/18/2012Rate 3.3181949
Oakham Warped 4.38/25/2009Rate 2.912
Oakham Warspite SDA 6.26/23/2009Rate 3.3818113
Oakham Water of Forgetfulness 4.16/9/2012Rate 3.044
Oakham Whakaari 4.31/21/2012Rate 2.982
Oakham White Dwarf 4.37/27/2003Rate 3.26789573
Oakham Willamette 4.24/17/2011Rate 3.033
Oakham Winter Wraith 4.512/6/2012Rate 3.178
Oakham Worthog (alias) (retired) 13.58/29/2007
Oakham X-Terminator (retired) 7.95/26/2009Rate 3.23691811
Oakham XX (alias) 5.88/24/2013
Oakham Yule Britannia 4.212/24/2009Rate 2.842
Oakham Oaple (Draught)
Brewed at Hoganís Cider
5.86/2/2013Rate 3.08445812
Oakham Oaple Orchardís Reserve
Brewed at Hoganís Cider
5.86/29/2016Rate 2.871
Oakham Oaple Reserve
Brewed at Hoganís Cider
6.87/18/2015Rate 2.812
Oakham Oaple Twisted Tree
Brewed at Hoganís Cider
4.84/22/2016Rate 2.973
.Places associated: Bartons Arms (Oakham), Oaka at the Mansion House (Oakham), Brewery Tap (Oakham), Charters Bar (Oakham).
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