Europa Pils (retired) -7/10/2001Rate 2.912
Jupiter 18 Barrel IPA (retired) -1/12/2009Rate 2.961
Jupiter 1868 Gold (retired) 5.18/19/2009Rate 2.952
Jupiter 600 Year Storm 112/8/2016Rate 2.851
Jupiter Amber Ale 5.97/12/2009Rate 2.98424810
Jupiter Attack From Outergrape 6.61/24/2016Rate 3.095
Jupiter Backyard Coffee Stout (retired) -11/30/2011Rate 2.841
Jupiter Backyard Razz Wheat (retired) -8/9/2009Rate 2.82
Jupiter Belgian Session (retired) -12/29/2009Rate 2.912
Jupiter Bok Globule Weizenbock 7.31/25/2016Rate 3.142
Jupiter Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine (retired) 10.15/1/2013Rate 3.042
Jupiter Callisto Saison 6.33/3/2016Rate 0
Jupiter Coffee Porter 9.01/25/2016Rate 3.256
Jupiter Continuum Series Brown Ale 4.511/16/2011Rate 3.095
Jupiter Continuum Series Mild (retired) 4.55/4/2012Rate 2.922
Jupiter Double Dark IPA (retired) -8/2/2001Rate 3.031
Jupiter Dry Rye (retired) -8/20/2009Rate 2.871
Jupiter Dry Stout 6.29/18/2003Rate 3.35848816
Jupiter Endless Summer (retired) -8/1/2012Rate 2.912
Jupiter ESB (retired) -11/11/2007Rate 2.811
Jupiter Eva Pod 5.51/25/2016Rate 3.084
Jupiter HAL 9000 (retired) -7/8/2012Rate 2.911
Jupiter Hefeweizen 4.69/18/2003Rate 3.1467323
Jupiter Helles Lager 5.110/4/2001Rate 2.88347111
Jupiter Honey Wheat 4.812/4/2005Rate 3.01395412
Jupiter Hoppetizer 3.81/27/2016Rate 3.041
Jupiter IPA 7.010/28/2001Rate 3.22563435
Jupiter Kinnick Double IPA (retired) -12/12/2004Rate 2.881
Jupiter Kölsch 5.11/12/2009Rate 2.917
Jupiter Lager (alias) 5.18/6/2009
Jupiter Maerzen (retired) -10/4/2001Rate 2.621
Jupiter Nebula Barleywine (retired) 10.112/21/2012Rate 3.116
Jupiter On The Fly Dunkel Rye Lager 5.51/25/2016Rate 3.041
Jupiter Orbiting Gourd 5.012/2/2013Rate 2.881
Jupiter OTC Pils 6.012/7/2014Rate 2.771
Jupiter Pale Ale (retired) 6.07/10/2001Rate 2.95
Jupiter Pedro’s Porter (retired) 7.16/24/2002Rate 3.32847021
Jupiter Pilsener 5.08/2/2001Rate 2.8129549
Jupiter Porter 4.25/5/2011Rate 2.985
Jupiter Pulsar II 8.86/9/2016Rate 2.981
Jupiter Quasar Double IPA 8.812/16/2004Rate 3.42823941
Jupiter Red Spot 6.68/2/2001Rate 3.35769324
Jupiter Session IPA 4.06/9/2016Rate 3.091
Jupiter Silent Nitro (retired) -1/4/2002Rate 3.181
Jupiter Something Mild (alias) 4.52/4/2013
Jupiter Sour Sinner 1 (retired) -8/1/2012Rate 3.042
Jupiter Sour Sinner 2 (retired) 8.7511/15/2012Rate 3.062
Jupiter Space Cowboy (retired) 1011/15/2012Rate 3.042
Jupiter Spring Bock (retired) -3/23/2003Rate 2.961
Jupiter Summer Session (retired) -8/20/2009Rate 2.892
Jupiter Take Back the Axe (retired) 6.88/21/2009Rate 2.841
Jupiter West Coast IPA (retired) -7/20/2001Rate 3.3654021
Jupiter Winter Oasis (retired) 6.03/4/2015Rate 0
Jupiter Winter Warmer (retired) -12/26/2011Rate 3.044
Jupiter XHP (xtra-hopped pale) 5.61/12/2009Rate 3.35757223
Old Globe Best Bitter (retired) -7/20/2001Rate 0
Old Globe Stout (retired) -7/10/2001Rate 2.581
West Coast Golden (retired) -7/10/2001Rate 2.841
West Coast Red (retired) -7/10/2001Rate 2.881
West Coast Solstice (retired) -7/10/2001Rate 2.553

.Associated place: Jupiter.
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