High Noon Abrikoos Ale 9/6/2006Rate 2.661
High Noon Annies Amber Ale 5.58/12/2002Rate 2.61171033
High Noon Black Lager 3/24/2013Rate 0
High Noon Classic India Pale Ale 8/30/2008Rate 3.022
High Noon Conestoga Stout (retired) 10/26/2002Rate 2.692
High Noon English Brown Ale 59/8/2013Rate 2.81
High Noon Flemish Framboise 7/3/2006Rate 3.031
High Noon Hofbrau Export Lager (retired) 12/28/2004Rate 2.691
High Noon Holy Helles 6/29/2012Rate 2.912
High Noon Hopalong IPA 4/3/2002Rate 2.715
High Noon Intolerance Pale Ale 11/13/2014Rate 2.762
High Noon Jerry Reillys Irish Ale 4/26/2006Rate 2.391
High Noon Kristi’s ESB 9/29/2008Rate 2.581
High Noon Lewis & Clark Lager 5.258/11/2002Rate 2.62219515
High Noon London Blitzkrieg ESB (retired) 12/28/2004Rate 2.841
High Noon McCracken Vanilla Porter 5/26/2007Rate 2.961
High Noon Munich Style Helles 7/3/2006Rate 2.581
High Noon Oktoberfest 11/5/2007Rate 2.731
High Noon Oregon Trail Raspberry Wheat 4.512/28/2004Rate 2.82275220
High Noon Pursuit of Hoppiness IPA 6/29/2012Rate 2.852
High Noon Rodeo Alt 4/26/2006Rate 2.945
High Noon Rough Rider Pale Ale 12/28/2004Rate 3.1554413
High Noon Roundup Rye (retired) 10/26/2002Rate 2.581
High Noon Rudolphs Christmas Fest Bier 12/28/2004Rate 3.062
High Noon Rudolphs Trappist Ale 4/26/2006Rate 2.431
High Noon Samuel Colt Kolsch (retired) 10/26/2002Rate 2.661
High Noon Sex Bomb Chocolate Raspberry Stout 3/24/2013Rate 2.842
High Noon Stampede Stout 5.510/9/2002Rate 3.09482717
High Noon Stuttgarter Pilsner 7/3/2006Rate 34
High Noon Tonganoxie Honey Wheat 4.4610/9/2002Rate 2.7202916
High Noon Wee Willies Kilt Lifter (retired) 10/26/2002Rate 2.621
High Noon Whiskey River Stout (retired) 12/28/2004Rate 2.321
High Noon Winter Lager 3/24/2013Rate 0

.Associated place: High Noon Saloon and Brewery.
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