The Cowboy Amber Ale (retired) 4.812/1/2002Rate 2.72
The Cowboy Belgian Strong Ale (retired) 7.112/1/2002Rate 2.853
The Cowboy Belgian Tripel (retired) 8.22/24/2003Rate 2.953
The Cowboy Belgian Witbier (retired) 4.08/10/2003Rate 3.491
The Cowboy Blonde Bock (retired) 7.69/26/2004Rate 2.961
The Cowboy California Common (retired) 5.05/16/2004Rate 3.022
The Cowboy Double Barrel Barley Wine (retired) 9.01/5/2004Rate 3.242
The Cowboy Dunkelweizen (retired) -4/19/2004Rate 2.862
The Cowboy Hefe-Weizen (retired) 5.212/1/2002Rate 3.26728512
The Cowboy Helles (retired) 4.83/19/2005Rate 3.285
The Cowboy Kolsch (retired) 4.212/1/2002Rate 3.218
The Cowboy Oatmeal Stout (retired) 5.012/1/2002Rate 2.942
The Cowboy Octoberfest (retired) -12/1/2002Rate 3.31
The Cowboy Pale Ale (retired) 5.212/1/2002Rate 3.082
The Cowboy Pilsner (retired) 5.012/1/2002Rate 3.213
Zona Brewing India Pale Ale (retired) -6/17/2005Rate 3.122
Zona Brewing Irish Stout (retired) -6/17/2005Rate 3.375
Zona Brewing Nut Brown Ale (retired) -2/2/2006Rate 2.771

.Associated place: The Cowboy Restaurant and Brewery.
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