Discworld Ales Black Hogswatch (5.3%) (retired) 5.31/23/2006Rate 2.564
Grainstore Bartons Mild (retired) 4.15/19/2004Rate 2.881
Grainstore Calcutta 3.92/5/2016Rate 3.022
Grainstore Comet 3.93/14/2016Rate 2.891
Grainstore Cooking 3.61/13/2003Rate 2.93344326
Grainstore Daniel Lambert 4.31/19/2015Rate 3.092
Grainstore Diamond Jubilee 5.06/2/2012Rate 2.852
Grainstore Founders Ale (retired) 4.31/30/2006Rate 2.574
Grainstore GB Best 4.312/31/2007Rate 3.04416830
Grainstore Gold 4.511/26/2003Rate 2.98364829
Grainstore Hornet 4.69/30/2015Rate 3.123
Grainstore IPA -2/20/2014Rate 2.791
Grainstore Lady in Pink 4.59/28/2015Rate 2.853
Grainstore Metatarsal (retired) 4.09/9/2006Rate 2.742
Grainstore Nip (Winter Nip) 7.31/13/2003Rate 3.39854421
Grainstore Number Two (retired) 3.92/11/2007Rate 2.961
Grainstore Pride of Scotgate (alias) 4.312/31/2007
Grainstore Red Kite 3.85/25/2014Rate 3.056
Grainstore Rutland Beast 5.312/30/2002Rate 3.44858133
Grainstore Rutland Bitter 3.43/28/2011Rate 2.91313919
Grainstore Rutland Osprey 4.04/5/2008Rate 2.91314027
Grainstore Rutland Panther 3.41/13/2003Rate 3.327090143
Grainstore Rutland Rouser (retired) 4.210/21/2009Rate 2.861
Grainstore Silly Billy (alias) 4.33/13/2013
Grainstore Spank the Monkey (retired) 4.09/22/2008Rate 2.661
Grainstore Spring Time 4.54/1/2004Rate 3.02406616
Grainstore Steelback IPA 4.24/5/2014Rate 338559
Grainstore Swan Dive 3.99/27/2015Rate 31
Grainstore Ten Fifty 5.01/13/2003Rate 3.134763151
Grainstore The Fourth King 4.512/8/2009Rate 2.822
Grainstore Three Kings 4.51/11/2004Rate 3.1448899
Grainstore Triple B 4.21/13/2003Rate 2.98385341
Grainstore Tupping Ale 4.21/14/2004Rate 3.11468516
Grainstore Witches Brew (retired) 4.511/1/2009Rate 2.862
Steamin’ Billy Lazy Summer (retired)
Brewed by/for Steamin’ Billy
4.47/26/2004Rate 2.892
Steamin’ Billy Old Crookback (retired)
Brewed by/for Steamin’ Billy
6.25/7/2005Rate 2.771
.Associated place: Grainstore Brewery.
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