Bricktown Brewery / Blackwater Grill

(Out Of Business)
Brew Pub

Operated 2002 to April 2009
Bricktown Australian Lager (retired) -2/11/2006Rate 2.012
Bricktown Bishop IPA (retired) -4/28/2008Rate 2.091
Bricktown Black Eye Stout (retired) -10/31/2004Rate 2.027
Bricktown Crown Pilsner (retired) -8/28/2006Rate 2.051
Bricktown Einstein Amber Bock (retired) -11/24/2006Rate 2.372
Bricktown Hop Dream Pale Ale (retired) -9/26/2009Rate 2.671
Bricktown Laughing Ass (retired) -1/4/2003Rate 2.178
Bricktown Marzen (retired) -1/30/2005Rate 2.811
Bricktown Munich Dunkel (retired) -1/4/2003Rate 1.826
Bricktown My Cousins Strawberry (retired) -1/30/2005Rate 1.843
Bricktown Nut Brown Ale (retired) -8/19/2005Rate 2.431
Bricktown Oktoberfest (retired) -2/11/2006Rate 1.874
Bricktown Raspberry Wheat (retired) -7/15/2004Rate 1.993
Bricktown Red Neck Ale (retired) -2/11/2006Rate 2.092
Bricktown Rudolphs Red Nose Ale (retired) -1/4/2003Rate 2.355
Bricktown The Mexican (retired) -7/15/2004Rate 1.738
Bricktown Vanilla Lager (retired) -1/4/2003Rate 2.048
Bricktown Wheat (retired) -12/22/2005Rate 2.731
Bricktown Willies Scottish Ale (retired) -7/15/2004Rate 1.968
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