Zigs Bobby Magees ESB (retired) 4.81/29/2003Rate 2.535
Zigs Coffee Cream Stout (retired) 6.54/15/2003Rate 3.31
Zigs Cup of Joe (retired) 6.57/28/2003Rate 2.833
Zigs Dubbel Trubbel (retired) -7/30/2003Rate 2.483
Zigs English IPA (retired) 6.81/29/2003Rate 2.953
Zigs German Alt Ale (retired) 5.57/24/2003Rate 2.984
Zigs Hedonism Hefeweizen (retired) 5.51/29/2003Rate 3.164
Zigs Imperial Stout (retired) 9.01/29/2003Rate 3.394
Zigs Pachachuti of Machu Picchu (retired) 9.53/2/2003Rate 3.56
Zigs Pale Ale (retired) 5.34/10/2003Rate 2.853
Zigs Porter (retired) 6.84/10/2003Rate 3.394
Zigs Pumpkin Ale (retired) 5.57/26/2003Rate 2.54
Zigs Sweet Stout (retired) 7.34/10/2003Rate 3.151
Zigs Vanilla Porter (retired) 7.37/24/2003Rate 1.733
Zigs Zig-Light (retired) 4.57/28/2003Rate 2.172
Zigs Zigweiser (retired) 5.07/28/2003Rate 2.452
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