(Not In Production)
H°gevej 6, Hiller°d, Denmark 3400
The brewery closed in March 2009. The brand has since been continued with all new recipes contract brewed at ┼bro Bryggeri in Sweden. These beers can be found under Br°ckhouse (Premium Beer).
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Br°ckhouse 3413 139/15/2008Rate 3.655766
Br°ckhouse Blonde 6.53/4/2004Rate 3.135181
Br°ckhouse Brygmesterens Bryg nr. 1 (Tripel) 10.26/21/2005Rate 3.12716
Br°ckhouse Brygmesterens Bryg nr. 10 3.55/18/2007Rate 2.691520
Br°ckhouse Brygmesterens Bryg nr. 11 5.59/18/2008Rate 3.114913
Br°ckhouse Brygmesterens Bryg nr. 12 (alias) 139/15/2008
Br°ckhouse Brygmesterens Bryg nr. 13 (Super Saison) 109/17/2008Rate 3.424912
Br°ckhouse Brygmesterens Bryg nr. 2 (Rug IBA) 6.52/20/2006Rate 2.939
Br°ckhouse Brygmesterens Bryg nr. 3 (Vikinge°l) 7.08/10/2006Rate 2.647
Br°ckhouse Chili Chokolade Stout 6.31/4/2008Rate 3.5998111
Br°ckhouse Det Var S°rens 7.58/24/2007Rate 3.121532
Br°ckhouse Draupnir 6.55/18/2007Rate 3.146191
Br°ckhouse Epic IPA 9.510/11/2006Rate 3.576393
Br°ckhouse Epic R°d 9.010/11/2006Rate 3.367876
Br°ckhouse Epic Stout 1010/11/2006Rate 3.8387130
Br°ckhouse Esrum Kloster 7.510/9/2004Rate 3.2681156
Br°ckhouse Festival Ale -8/16/2002Rate 3.352
Br°ckhouse Galathea 6.08/6/2006Rate 3.071990
Br°ckhouse H°stbryg 6.08/14/2006Rate 3.197459
Br°ckhouse Hvede 5.55/13/2002Rate 3.178084
Br°ckhouse IPA 5.54/8/2002Rate 3.581171
Br°ckhouse ISO Jule°l 5.610/30/2005Rate 2.896635
Br°ckhouse ISO Pňske°l 5.63/2/2006Rate 2.912921
Br°ckhouse ISO Sommer°l 5.06/18/2006Rate 2.957017
Br°ckhouse ISO Vinter°l 5.82/15/2006Rate 3.174223
Br°ckhouse Jule Ale 6.56/9/2009Rate 3.084315
Br°ckhouse Julebryg 8.311/26/2002Rate 3.6493175
Br°ckhouse Old Ale 6.510/12/2002Rate 3.294884
Br°ckhouse Pňskebryg 8.53/2/2006Rate 3.214260
Br°ckhouse Pilsner 5.05/6/2005Rate 3.058278
Br°ckhouse R°d 5.65/11/2003Rate 3.396104
Br°ckhouse R°dovre Centrum 40 ňrs jubilŠums°l 5.03/26/2006Rate 2.76689
Br°ckhouse Slots°l 8.09/5/2006Rate 3.183963
Br°ckhouse Sommer Saison 5.55/18/2008Rate 2.9458
Br°ckhouse Stout 5.54/8/2003Rate 3.367697
Br°ckhouse Vintage 10.110/30/2005Rate 3.4143126

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