Brugs Beertje 20 (retired) 6.510/12/2003Rate 3.164
Brugs Beertje 25 (retired) 9.26/14/2008Rate 3.24
Burning Djohn (retired) -3/1/2008Rate 2.731
De Regenboog Naamloos (retired) 6.03/6/2004Rate 3.263
IJzer (2004) (retired) 6.03/6/2004Rate 3.14
Lombardus (retired) 7.011/7/2002Rate 3.082
Pandreitje (retired) 7.011/7/2002Rate 3.043
Pierewietje (retired) 6.03/5/2005Rate 2.675
Snuffelbeer (retired) 7.011/7/2002Rate 3.01393910
t Smisje + Dubbel IPA (retired) 108/21/2007Rate 3.378438231
t Smisje ? (retired) 7.03/2/2008Rate 2.044
t Smisje Blond (retired) 6.07/11/2005Rate 2.953532155
t Smisje Catherine The Great with Cherries (retired) 102/18/2011Rate 2.956
t Smisje Cuvee 2005 (retired) 103/4/2005Rate 3.46917966
t Smisje Dubbel (retired) 9.010/23/2001Rate 3.438690293
t Smisje Fiori (retired) 7.03/8/2007Rate 3.01434286
t Smisje Guido (retired) 8.010/23/2001Rate 3.37752250
t Smisje Halloween (alias) (retired) 10.58/8/2002
t Smisje Honingbier (retired) 6.010/15/2000Rate 2.89342867
t Smisje Honingbier Bruin (retired) 6.010/23/2001Rate 3.17514211
t Smisje Kerst (retired) 118/12/2002Rate 3.539086295
t Smisje Kerst (Calvados) (retired) 117/20/2008Rate 3.038
t Smisje Kuvee Elektrik 979W (retired) 9.06/16/2008Rate 3.468778126
t Smisje Meso (retired) 2.512/12/2007Rate 2.99424519
t Smisje Plus (alias) (retired) 1012/20/2008
t Smisje Sleedoorn Extra (retired) 7.011/4/2006Rate 2.99427620
t Smisje Sleedoornbier (retired) 6.01/18/2003Rate 2.88336198
t Smisje Speciaal (retired) 10.58/12/2002Rate 3.468695212
t Smisje Tripel (retired) 9.010/23/2001Rate 3.388579123
Terracotta (retired) 7.011/7/2002Rate 2.83292158

.Associated place: Brouwerij De Regenboog.
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