Brouwerij het Koelschip

(Out Of Business)
Client Brewer

Brouwerij het Koelschip is not an actual brewer. Their beers are brewed in small batches at this location, Commercial batches are brewed elsewhere.
Koelschip Almeers Bockbier (retired) 8.510/12/2001Rate 2.623
Koelschip Almeers Oerbier (retired) 9.02/3/2003Rate 2.52
Koelschip Bock Bier (retired) 6.510/12/2001Rate 2.541
Koelschip Dubbelbock (retired) 8.511/7/2006Rate 2.542
Koelschip Dunkel Weiss (retired) 5.08/23/2002Rate 2.391
Koelschip Geitenbokbier 2012 (retired) 8.51/21/2013Rate 2.772679
Koelschip Hopfakratz (retired) 8.04/11/2010Rate 2.93
Koelschip Hopfazupfabier (6.5%) (retired) 6.53/8/2011Rate 2.812
Koelschip Hoppig Bokbier 2008 (retired) 8.51/15/2009Rate 2.817
Koelschip IJsbier 2010 (retired) 7.01/4/2011Rate 2.943459
Koelschip Keltisch Blond (retired) 6.911/26/2011Rate 2.656
Koelschip Obilix -3/23/2013 U  0
Koelschip Olde Joarsbier 2003 (retired) 7.51/30/2003Rate 2.621
Koelschip Oldejaorsbier (retired) 7.01/22/2008Rate 2.691
Koelschip Paasbier (retired) 7.56/27/2012Rate 2.641
Koelschip Start the Future -3/23/2013 U  0
Koelschip Whiskey Bier (retired) 5.02/3/2009Rate 2.752
Koelschip Winterbier (retired) 7.51/22/2008Rate 2.8935717
Koelschip Zomerbockbier (retired) 7.54/15/2005Rate 3.031
Koelschip Almere Blondbier 5.74/9/2011Rate 2.76221214
Koelschip Amber Skyline Almeers Stadsbier 5.56/6/2011Rate 2.6115916
Koelschip Hopfa Weisse 5.010/16/2010Rate 2.743
Koelschip Rookbier 5.08/21/2006Rate 3.07482815
Almere (retired) 5.510/15/2001Rate 2.763
t Koelschip Amberbier (retired) 5.55/2/2005Rate 2.912
t Koelschip IJsbier (retired) 105/2/2005Rate 3.0245279
Koelschip (Almeers) Amber (retired) 5.53/10/2004Rate 2.5218313
Koelschip (Almeers) Blond (retired) 5.012/8/2003Rate 2.73273214
Koelschip Bierexplosie (retired) 132/5/2003Rate 2.824149
Koelschip Dubbel en Dwars (retired) 8.55/19/2009Rate 2.731
Koelschip Honingbier (retired) 6.55/18/2009Rate 2.81
Koelschip Hopfabock (retired) 7.011/10/2009Rate 2.876
Koelschip Hopfazupfabier (5.5%) (retired) 5.510/1/2008Rate 2.88333712
Koelschip Hopfazupfabier (7.5%) (retired) 7.510/1/2008Rate 2.95438012
Koelschip Kerstbier (retired) 8.012/16/2008Rate 2.966
Koelschip Monnikbier (retired) 7.510/18/2007Rate 2.86351023
Koelschip Oerbier Blond (retired) 9.512/31/2007Rate 2.888
Koelschip Oerbier Donker (retired) 9.811/26/2006Rate 2.953
Koelschip Onder de Rivieren Witbier (retired) 5.512/2/2009Rate 2.686
Koelschip Tribel (retired) 8.55/19/2009Rate 2.771

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