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Associated place: Brunswick Inn

Brewery opened in June 1991 with a tower style plant. Purchased by Everards in August 2002 but continues to brew. As of 2014 the brewery is operated independently and not owned by Everards. However the pub is still owned by Everards and leased by the licensees.
Brunswick 2010 Beer Odyssey (retired) 102/23/2010Rate 2.81
Brunswick A Call to Arms (Come on the Tigers) 4.08/23/2014Rate 2.841
Brunswick Banjoed! 5.02/17/2015Rate 2.841
Brunswick Belpaire Weiss (retired) 4.99/4/2008Rate 2.684
Brunswick Big Fat Budda (retired) 3.910/29/2006Rate 2.972
Brunswick Bitter (retired) 3.710/27/2005Rate 3.024
Brunswick Bitter Sweet Hophany (retired) 5.16/29/2009Rate 2.841
Brunswick Black Sabbath 6.09/15/2004Rate 3.3685031
Brunswick Brunny Mum (retired) 6.02/10/2004Rate 3.181
Brunswick Caramild 3.56/17/2012Rate 2.93
Brunswick Cherry B (retired) 4.27/24/2009Rate 2.841
Brunswick Costmary (retired) 4.410/23/2009Rate 2.883
Brunswick Das Boot (retired) 5.06/29/2006Rate 2.881
Brunswick Derailed (retired) 5.56/29/2007Rate 3.024
Brunswick Down the Hatch (retired) 3.78/18/2002Rate 2.82
Brunswick E.R.A 5.52/3/2014Rate 2.761
Brunswick Emerald Express 4.65/23/2011Rate 2.932
Brunswick Evie May (retired) 4.76/29/2009Rate 2.811
Brunswick Father Mike’s Dark Rich Ruby 5.82/23/2005Rate 3.33745720
Brunswick FGA (Finest Golden Ale) (retired) 4.54/23/2013Rate 2.861
Brunswick Gambrinus Gold (retired) 5.09/4/2006Rate 3.052
Brunswick Grillsy’s Re-Restoration (retired) 4.410/6/2010Rate 2.811
Brunswick Grillsy’s Restoration (retired) 4.61/22/2009Rate 2.841
Brunswick Grimwald’s Damson Stout 4.62/18/2015Rate 2.811
Brunswick Hole in the Bucket 4.77/17/2016Rate 3.021
Brunswick Last Orders 4.52/27/2016Rate 2.912
Brunswick Magnum IPA (retired) 4.71/15/2013Rate 2.81
Brunswick Maid Of Ale (retired) 4.910/29/2006Rate 2.892
Brunswick Malvolio (retired) 4.87/24/2009Rate 2.811
Brunswick Mark’s Copperknob (retired) 4.56/29/2007Rate 3.024
Brunswick Midnight Express 3.912/16/2008Rate 3.047
Brunswick Mild (retired) 3.67/11/2004Rate 3.2617211
Brunswick Most Wanted (retired) 4.511/3/2009Rate 2.811
Brunswick No Sheep Til Buxton (retired) 4.33/21/2006Rate 3.031
Brunswick Offiler’s Nut Brown 3.97/11/2016Rate 2.941
Brunswick Old Accidental 5.07/11/2004Rate 2.97393713
Brunswick Old Nostalgia (retired) 4.812/23/2006Rate 3.193
Brunswick Pilsner (retired) 5.07/18/2004Rate 2.555
Brunswick Piston Porter 4.61/6/2016Rate 3.021
Brunswick Platform 2b 4.34/22/2016Rate 2.981
Brunswick Publican’s Pride (retired) 4.53/20/2008Rate 2.892
Brunswick Railway Porter 4.32/27/2004Rate 3.12462731
Brunswick Rambo (retired) 7.32/16/2005Rate 2.913
Brunswick Rambo 2 (retired) 8.07/24/2009Rate 2.841
Brunswick Regimental IPA (retired) 7.010/27/2009Rate 2.91
Brunswick Rocket 4.77/20/2013Rate 3.254899
Brunswick Rockin’ Johnny’s 4.61/18/2010Rate 2.956
Brunswick Signalman’s Stout 4.84/6/2006Rate 3.043
Brunswick Station Approach 4.74/6/2006Rate 2.827339
Brunswick Steam Forever (retired) 4.812/16/2007Rate 2.912
Brunswick Steam Weiss (retired) 5.03/20/2008Rate 2.321
Brunswick The Umpire Strikes Back (retired) 4.06/26/2005Rate 3.153
Brunswick The Usual (2nd Brew) 4.27/11/2004Rate 3.01416421
Brunswick Ticker’s Delight (retired) 5.16/29/2009Rate 2.791
Brunswick Tickets Please (retired) 5.110/29/2006Rate 3.132
Brunswick Tickled Trout (retired) 4.612/6/2003Rate 2.832
Brunswick Toe In The Hole (retired) 5.23/21/2006Rate 2.881
Brunswick Triple Gold (retired) 4.53/4/2004Rate 2.91354411
Brunswick Triple Hop 4.04/18/2004Rate 2.8232828
Brunswick Tropicana 4.53/2/2016Rate 33
Brunswick Up Yours (retired) 3.43/20/2008Rate 2.853
Brunswick Watch Ale (retired) 4.55/28/2005Rate 2.672
Brunswick White Feather 3.66/29/2007Rate 2.67171625
Brunswick Will.I.Am (retired) 4.310/1/2014Rate 2.841
.Associated place: Brunswick Inn.
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