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Please note that the ABV of the Apollo beers can vary quite a bit from batch to batch.
Apollo Černý Janusz 5.67/4/2012Rate 3.17
Apollo 4 Korns Øl 5.59/3/2009Rate 2.85312614
Apollo A.J. Series IPA 6.712/7/2010Rate 2.7629311
Apollo Agger Bajer (retired) 5.09/7/2007Rate 2.91312528
Apollo Agger Pils 5.04/10/2014Rate 2.65163716
Apollo Ale 5.76/17/2008Rate 2.664
Apollo Altbairisch Dunkel 5.06/3/2011Rate 2.98455612
Apollo Altbier (retired) 5.78/4/2004Rate 3.324
Apollo Altbier 2010 5.110/21/2010Rate 2.9644389
Apollo Amarillo Pale Ale 5.61/6/2013Rate 2.84331410
Apollo Amber Lager (retired) 5.79/4/2003Rate 2.936
Apollo American Amber 5.84/28/2016Rate 3.028
Apollo American Wheat 5.93/20/2016Rate 2.93
Apollo Amerikansk Brown Ale 5.710/31/2012Rate 3.1254569
Apollo Belgian Golden Strong Ale 7.29/5/2015Rate 3.117
Apollo Belgisk Amber Ale 6.69/16/2013Rate 2.925
Apollo Belgisk Jul (alias) 7.512/17/2007
Apollo Belgisk Pale Ale 5.012/26/2013Rate 3.046
Apollo Belgo IPA 7.84/11/2011Rate 3.1869409
Apollo Bieënsteek Trippel 8.23/10/2011Rate 3.137
Apollo Black Forrest 6.412/21/2013Rate 2.883489
Apollo Black Maya 6.89/27/2010Rate 3.12603513
Apollo Black Santa Christmas Stout (alias) 6.812/17/2010
Apollo Blonde (DK) 5.45/12/2011Rate 2.949
Apollo Bock (retired) 6.41/7/2008Rate 2.72241210
Apollo Bock med slåen 5.81/18/2009Rate 2.947
Apollo Boekweit 6.96/1/2011Rate 2.948
Apollo Bohemian Pilsner 5.28/31/2013Rate 3.028
Apollo Bornem 7.02/27/2009Rate 3.02472622
Apollo British Bully 5.312/1/2015Rate 3.075
Apollo Brown Ale 5.08/24/2007Rate 2.8226179
Apollo Burton Ale 5.27/24/2014Rate 2.763
Apollo Chokolade Stout 5.71/5/2005Rate 3.36786736
Apollo Chokolade-kirsebær Stout 5.25/13/2013Rate 3.05472611
Apollo Cranberry Ale (retired) 5.46/24/2007Rate 2.384
Apollo Creme Ale 5.61/21/2016Rate 2.896
Apollo Cuvée L’Ermitage (retired) 8.010/2/2004Rate 3.04492025
Apollo D.A.D. Lager 5.210/24/2009Rate 2.915
Apollo Dark Ale 5.611/24/2009Rate 3.0113
Apollo Dark Bitter (retired) 5.75/7/2005Rate 2.94374717
Apollo Den Tasmanske Djævel (alias) (retired) 5.65/3/2004
Apollo Det Gyldne Tårn 7.06/20/2016Rate 2.834
Apollo Dobbelt Bock (retired) 6.17/6/2006Rate 2.720612
Apollo Dobbelt Chokolade Stout (retired) 7.15/22/2006Rate 3.33795214
Apollo Dortmunder 6.46/21/2011Rate 2.858
Apollo Dr. Schnurbart 5.911/16/2011Rate 3.01474612
Apollo Dunkel Weisse 4.96/2/2016Rate 2.927
Apollo Efter 8 6.610/7/2009Rate 3.12593423
Apollo Efterårsale med Hyben 6.310/11/2010Rate 2.896
Apollo Efterårsbryg 6.211/26/2012Rate 2.915
Apollo Engelsk Ale med Lakrids (retired) 5.63/15/2004Rate 3.16673611
Apollo Engelsk Dark Ale 5.21/6/2009Rate 2.99421018
Apollo Engelsk IPA 5.12/13/2016Rate 2.932
Apollo English Oatmeal Brown Ale 4.81/11/2014Rate 3.2259669
Apollo Eventyrøl/Boghvede (retired) 5.64/16/2005Rate 2.888
Apollo Finsk Røgøl (Finnish Smoked beer) (retired) 5.710/3/2003Rate 3.12542324
Apollo First Sun 6.64/5/2016Rate 2.92
Apollo Forårs Bryg 5.31/31/2009Rate 2.818
Apollo Forsøgsøl Nr 2 5.89/11/2009Rate 2.538
Apollo Forsøgsøl Nr 3 (alias) 5.210/23/2009
Apollo Free Beer 2.0 (retired) 6.010/6/2005Rate 2.58203414
Apollo Free Beer 2.1 (alias) 6.38/8/2006
Apollo Ginger Bier (alias) (retired) 5.37/14/2002
Apollo Golden Ale 5.21/31/2015Rate 2.986
Apollo Golden Swan (alias) 5.78/17/2003
Apollo Green Tea Beer (alias) 4.64/6/2009
Apollo Guaraná Super Power (retired) 5.76/10/2004Rate 33
Apollo Havre Porter 5.03/4/2013Rate 3.22694617
Apollo Havre Stout (Oatmeal Stout) 5.71/13/2004Rate 3.06482615
Apollo Hedebryg (retired) 5.09/2/2004Rate 34
Apollo Helles Bock 6.24/29/2015Rate 3.053
Apollo Henriks Juleøl (retired) 7.511/29/2007Rate 2.846
Apollo Hesperos Weizenbock 6.58/24/2012Rate 3.07452714
Apollo Hibiscus Blomst 6.33/18/2009Rate 2.82303412
Apollo Hindbær Wit 6.17/31/2011Rate 2.9140709
Apollo Hofman Red Ale 5.88/13/2013Rate 2.9741479
Apollo Honey Rye Pale Ale 5.55/2/2014Rate 3.1483914
Apollo Honning Ale (retired) 6.09/8/2006Rate 2.61232112
Apollo Hoppy Red Ale 5.82/28/2014Rate 2.928
Apollo House Ale 6.83/9/2012Rate 3.13592911
Apollo Hyldeblomst Øl 3.07/4/2008Rate 2.88
Apollo India Pale Lager 6.09/6/2014Rate 2.956
Apollo Indian Ale (DK) (retired) 6.18/4/2007Rate 2.921
Apollo Ingefær Øl (retired) 6.17/14/2002Rate 2.79273131
Apollo IPA 6.33/11/2003Rate 2.9138847
Apollo IPA (Ebbes afskedsbryg) (retired) 6.92/17/2007Rate 3.186
Apollo IPA Smoked 6.27/27/2008Rate 3.04492422
Apollo Irsk Stout (retired) 5.61/27/2008Rate 2.8532109
Apollo Jubilator 8.05/10/2010Rate 2.95442020
Apollo Jule Weissbier 6.512/13/2008Rate 2.764
Apollo Julebryg 5.712/21/2001Rate 3.02408448
Apollo Julebryg 2 (retired) 8.011/10/2006Rate 2.72251216
Apollo Kastanie Øl (retired) 5.78/7/2007Rate 2.96443822
Apollo Kastanje Lager 5.98/8/2013Rate 3.087
Apollo Kastanjeblomst Lager 5.66/3/2011Rate 3.2707919
Apollo Klassisk Porter 5.71/9/2016Rate 3.175
Apollo Klovn Øl 5.04/1/2009Rate 2.78234726
Apollo Københavner Ale (alias) 5.611/29/2007
Apollo Københavner Jul (retired) 7.311/21/2008Rate 3.17
Apollo Kokkens Havrestout 6.13/31/2011Rate 3.06512911
Apollo Kølsch (retired) 5.38/7/2006Rate 2.59201712
Apollo L.A. Lager (retired) 6.010/10/2007Rate 2.573
Apollo La Fourquette Witbier 5.56/4/2005Rate 2.89394112
Apollo Lakridsbryg (retired) 5.92/19/2008Rate 2.956
Apollo Lakridsstout 6.87/22/2010Rate 3.167
Apollo Lemonhvede 5.06/4/2014Rate 2.826
Apollo London Lager 5.55/3/2013Rate 2.87347617
Apollo Lynghonning Ale 6.47/14/2010Rate 2.77313511
Apollo Lys Røg Øl 5.61/7/2008Rate 2.95431520
Apollo Lys Weissbier 5.66/9/2002Rate 2.8914
Apollo Mælkebøtte- og eucalyptusøl (alias) 5.66/12/2006
Apollo Mælkebøttebryg 6.08/25/2003Rate 2.75303338
Apollo Maj Bock 5.75/12/2003Rate 2.83252149
Apollo Malurt (retired) 5.810/27/2002Rate 2.81293225
Apollo Mango Weissbier 6.28/24/2012Rate 3.07498611
Apollo Midsommerøl (alias) 5.46/23/2007
Apollo Miks Palm Ale 7.411/29/2007Rate 2.91361915
Apollo Morfar Lager 4.69/11/2010Rate 2.727
Apollo Mørk Bock 7.212/19/2009Rate 2.95431813
Apollo Mørk Hvede (retired) 5.57/2/2003Rate 2.82291614
Apollo Moskus Bajer (alias) 6.92/5/2007
Apollo Münchner Øl 7.510/4/2007Rate 2.85374013
Apollo Oktoberfest Øl 5.710/22/2008Rate 2.89303920
Apollo Øresundsporter 8.411/15/2011Rate 3.28844117
Apollo Øresundsporter 2013 (alias) 9.41/7/2013
Apollo Påskebryg 6.54/16/2003Rate 2.92323437
Apollo Peach Saison 5.44/21/2015Rate 38
Apollo Pilsner 4.64/9/2001Rate 2.792346120
Apollo Porter 6.010/10/2007Rate 2.9439109
Apollo Porter med Lakrids (retired) 6.510/4/2006Rate 3.04471717
Apollo Praga (retired) 5.09/16/2006Rate 2.9363610
Apollo Rabarber Ale 5.56/2/2010Rate 2.76232726
Apollo Raspberry Wheat 5.64/10/2014Rate 2.71224716
Apollo Red Ale 5.610/14/2014Rate 2.953
Apollo Redneck 6.310/18/2011Rate 3.08507122
Apollo Rød Hvede 5.77/7/2010Rate 2.754
Apollo Rød Lager (retired) 5.64/4/2008Rate 2.92397916
Apollo Røget Bock 6.010/20/2015Rate 3.133
Apollo Røgøl 6.56/2/2009Rate 3.15483216
Apollo Rose (retired) 6.04/18/2007Rate 2.846
Apollo Rug Ale 5.85/11/2002Rate 3.05474715
Apollo Sagabryg 5.53/9/2012Rate 3454016
Apollo Saison d’Apollo 6.96/2/2016Rate 3.084
Apollo Schwarzbier 5.76/1/2008Rate 3.07485027
Apollo Schwarzbier m Slåen 5.48/31/2013Rate 3.21678011
Apollo Scottish Ale 5.47/8/2014Rate 2.8832179
Apollo Scottish Strong Ale 6.51/6/2013Rate 2.88351821
Apollo Sct. Clemens Ale (alias) -12/16/2006
Apollo Seattle Lager (retired) 7.03/5/2006Rate 2.87
Apollo Skorstensfejeren 5.812/28/2009Rate 3.19589128
Apollo Skotsk Ale (alias) 5.63/19/2015
Apollo Slåen Øl (retired) 5.83/1/2006Rate 2.83366020
Apollo Sommerbryg (retired) 5.38/7/2007Rate 2.748
Apollo Sommerøl (retired) 4.67/4/2003Rate 2.972
Apollo Son Of A Gun IPA 6.95/13/2012Rate 3.18663514
Apollo Special Bitter 5.66/6/2013Rate 3.01444415
Apollo Stout (DK) 6.71/8/2009Rate 2.94411711
Apollo Sushi Beer 5.22/26/2010Rate 2.84303410
Apollo Tapdancer Stout 4.84/4/2012Rate 3.15614318
Apollo Thai Øl (alias) 5.510/22/2008
Apollo The Beer 5.04/6/2009Rate 2.76252916
Apollo Tommys Brown (retired) 5.57/3/2007Rate 2.297
Apollo Tommys Stout 6.99/8/2006Rate 3.29816229
Apollo Tormentil 5.35/1/2010Rate 2.528
Apollo Tysk Forårsøl (retired) 5.43/10/2005Rate 2.98609011
Apollo Ullerichs (alias) 6.28/23/2010
Apollo Valnøddeøl 5.52/5/2004Rate 3.13555620
Apollo Velvet Lager 5.78/17/2015Rate 3.027
Apollo Vienna 5.43/25/2014Rate 2.824
Apollo Vinter Klovn 5.711/22/2009Rate 2.84406716
Apollo Weissbier 5.09/28/2014Rate 2.892
Apollo Weissbier med koriander 5.64/9/2006Rate 2.81303627
Apollo Witbier med Citrus 5.212/12/2013Rate 2.7826419
Apollo Wittbeer 5.310/9/2006Rate 2.75284420
Apollo Yuzu Ingefær Øl 5.210/20/2015Rate 2.933
Apollo Zwickl 4.71/18/2011Rate 2.9242439

.Associated place: Bryggeriet Apollo.
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