(Out Of Business)

Initial brewing at Unit 28 Heysham Bus. Park, Heysham in 2001. Cessation of Brewing Oct 2004 to Mat 2005 now at the current address. Closed in 2011
Brysons Barrows Bitter (retired) 4.27/29/2006Rate 2.92
Brysons Bowbrahm Barracks Bitter (retired) 3.710/12/2004Rate 2.771
Brysons Bring Me Sunshine (retired) 4.09/15/2009Rate 2.771
Brysons DBS Porter (retired) 5.08/2/2010Rate 2.871
Brysons Hurricane Bitter (retired) 4.19/11/2006Rate 2.977
Brysons John McGuinness Bitter (retired) 4.27/9/2009Rate 2.8739409
Brysons Lancashire Bitter (retired) 3.810/25/2006Rate 2.727
Brysons Lifesaver (retired) 3.81/2/2009Rate 2.943
Brysons Patricks Porter (retired) 4.38/16/2009Rate 3.075
Brysons Santas Speedy Stout (retired) 5.012/14/2008Rate 2.874
Brysons Shifting Sands (retired) 3.89/12/2004Rate 2.874
Brysons Shrimpers Stout (retired) 4.77/30/2003Rate 3.192
Brysons Union Flag 1606 (retired) 3.93/24/2007Rate 2.6922249
Brysons Wammelers Wheat (retired) 4.08/14/2003Rate 2.54
Brysons Westmorland Bitter (retired) 3.67/29/2006Rate 2.848
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