Bullmastiff 1987 (retired) 4.37/3/2006Rate 2.771
Bullmastiff Brindle (retired) 58/20/2002Rate 2.816
Bullmastiff Casnewydd (retired) 4.65/24/2006Rate 2.841
Bullmastiff Ebony Dark (retired) 4.17/11/2003Rate 2.953
Bullmastiff Iechyd Da (retired) 4.65/24/2008Rate 2.811
Bullmastiff Jack the Lad (retired) 4.14/30/2006Rate 2.316
Bullmastiff Old Snarler 5.15/10/2007Rate 2.755
Bullmastiff Pale Ale Welsh Style (PAWS) (retired) 5.32/7/2004Rate 2.811
Bullmastiff Santa Paws (retired) 4.812/7/2010Rate 2.761
Bullmastiff Slobberchops (retired) 4.69/20/2009Rate 2.82
Bullmastiff Snarlsberg Llager (retired) 4.38/12/2003Rate 2.811
Bullmastiff Son of a Bitch 67/11/2003Rate 2.8231129
Bullmastiff Special Reserve (retired) 6.56/12/2012Rate 2.864
Bullmastiff Summer Moult (retired) 4.35/31/2004Rate 2.372
Bullmastiff Thoroughbred (retired) 4.54/2/2004Rate 2.857
Bullmastiff Welsh Black 4.88/9/2004Rate 3.09483119
Bullmastiff Welsh Gold 3.88/20/2002Rate 2.64232221
Bullmastiff Welsh Red (retired) 4.811/8/2007Rate 2.825

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