Bulmers Cider (Heineken UK)

Brewer rating: 66/100 1987 ratings
Plough Lane, Hereford, Herefordshire, England HR4 OLE
April ’08 S&N taken over by Heineken.
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Blind Pig Bourbon and Blueberry (alias) 5.510/19/2016
Blind Pig Whiskey, Honey and Apple (alias) 5.510/19/2016
Bulmers Apple & Pear Summer Blend 4.52/19/2011Rate 2.673210
Bulmers Blackcurrant Cider (alias) 4.011/20/2011
Bulmers Cider Bold Black Cherry 4.04/14/2013 U  2.832
Bulmers Crisp Blend 4.54/11/2011Rate 2.673212
Bulmers Crushed Red Berrries and Lime 4.03/18/2015Rate 2.491213
Bulmers Five Fruit Harvest 2.87/25/2015Rate 2.783
Bulmers Indian Summer 2.85/23/2014Rate 2.63229
Bulmers No 17 (alias) 4.09/11/2012
Bulmers Orchard Thieves Cider 4.55/31/2015Rate 2.776
Bulmers Original 4.55/31/2004Rate 2.4411184
Bulmers Pear Cider 4.511/12/2007Rate 2.232699
Bulmers Pressed Red Grape 4.09/24/2014Rate 2.771
Bulmers Red Apple 4.511/11/2010Rate 2.867
Bulmers Special Cellar 7.28/5/2014Rate 2.811
Bulmers Vintage Reserve 5.54/1/2012Rate 2.857
Bulmers Wild Blueberry And Lime 4.04/2/2016Rate 2.622
Bulmers Zesty Blood Orange 4.05/10/2015Rate 2.22521
Framptons Black Oak Cider 5.08/17/2004Rate 2.72
Inchs Harvest Dry Cider 6.15/30/2006Rate 3.031
Inchs Stonehouse Strong Dry Cider 6.09/21/2006Rate 2.581818
Linden Village Strong Cider 6.09/21/2006Rate 2.446
Scrumpy Jack 6.07/9/2000Rate 2.6219146
Strongbow Black 7.57/10/2009Rate 2.491814
Strongbow Cherry Blossom 4.57/20/2016Rate 2.794
Strongbow Cider 5.07/9/2000Rate 2.4612889
Strongbow Cider Citrus Edge 4.04/2/2014Rate 2.09410
Strongbow Cider Dark Fruit 4.08/3/2013Rate 2.22529
Strongbow Cloudy Apple 4.58/14/2015Rate 2.571712
Strongbow Elderflower 4.52/22/2016Rate 2.38926
Strongbow Gold Apple (alias) 4.52/22/2016
Strongbow Pear 4.88/31/2012Rate 2.443516
Strongbow Red Berries 4.52/22/2016Rate 2.17442
Strongbow Sirrus 5.010/9/2005Rate 2.31930
Strongbow Super 7.512/6/2004Rate 2.765
Symonds 1727 8.39/11/2016Rate 0
Symonds Founders Reserve 5.510/14/2009Rate 2.772938
White Lightning 7.52/1/2003Rate 1.71117
Woodpecker Cider 4.05/16/2001Rate 2.4212236
Strongbow Honey & Apple Cider 5.07/29/2013Rate 2.752769
Foundry Golden Cider
Brewed by/for Diageo Canada
4.510/18/2012Rate 2.762928
Black Storm (alias)
Brewed by/for Diageo Canada
Eridge Vale Premium Dry Cider (alias)
Brewed by/for Diageo Canada
White Storm White Cider (alias)
Brewed by/for Diageo Canada
Summerdown Cider
Brewed by/for Nisa Retail Ltd.
5.07/5/2016Rate 2.681
Sainsbury’s Basics Cider
Brewed by/for Sainsbury’s
4.29/11/2011Rate 2.554
Sainsbury’s Original Dry Cider
Brewed by/for Sainsbury’s
5.39/1/2010Rate 2.32814
SPAR Apple Cider
Brewed by/for SPAR UK
4.54/21/2014Rate 2.643
SPAR Pear Cider
Brewed by/for SPAR UK
4.54/21/2014Rate 2.772
Cashels Cider Premium 5.35/18/2005Rate 2.723712

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