Alphabet City Dizzy Brewnette (retired) 5.012/15/2012Rate 2.926
Butternuts Autumn Harvest 2008 (retired) 8.68/12/2009Rate 3.45914519
Butternuts Bourbon Barrel Moo Thunder -5/1/2012Rate 2.791
Butternuts Brutus Imperial IPA -4/4/2010Rate 3.0849713
Butternuts Country Gold (retired) 5.53/30/2008Rate 3.133
Butternuts Heinnieweisse 4.56/1/2006Rate 2.842529265
Butternuts Hey Porter 6.510/19/2010Rate 2.871
Butternuts Landin Harvest -1/31/2009Rate 0
Butternuts Landin Outrage Ale -11/27/2008Rate 3.13632912
Butternuts Moo Thunder 5.02/18/2007Rate 3.064218366
Butternuts Porkslap Pale Ale 4.15/27/2006Rate 2.671618433
Butternuts Pumpkin -8/8/2012Rate 2.831
Butternuts Pumpkin Porter 6.04/4/2014Rate 2.811
Butternuts Snapperhead IPA 6.81/31/2007Rate 2.71182351
Butternuts Tappist Ale (retired) 6.59/25/2008Rate 2.585
Butternuts Tart Cherry Wheat -4/25/2012Rate 2.913
Butternuts Wingnut Winter Warmer 7.81/5/2012Rate 2.831
Fantasy Brewmasters Burdissonís Dwarven Ale
Brewed by/for Fantasy Brewmasters
6.02/5/2011Rate 2.88322532
Jonas Bronckís Pelham Bay IPA 5.88/1/2011Rate 2.852
Jonas Bronckís Woodlawn Weiss 5.18/1/2011Rate 2.843
Spider Bite Boris the Spider 1012/9/2011Rate 3.759874128
Spider Bite Boris the Spider (Cacao & Cherries) 1011/21/2012Rate 2.911
Spider Bite Boris the Spider - Bourbon Oak 1011/21/2012Rate 3.022
Spider Bite Crazy Eights IIPA 8.882/17/2012Rate 3.4389439
Spider Bite Eight Legged RyePA 7.04/30/2012Rate 3.58959825
Spider Bite Eye Be Use Imperial IPA 9.210/14/2012Rate 3.62947344
Spider Bite First Bite Pale Ale 5.511/8/2011Rate 3.43848681
Spider Bite Oaked Boris the Spider 102/12/2012Rate 3.112
Spider Bite Robert and Johnny 8.53/25/2012Rate 3.225
Spider Bite Robertís Spider 8.53/13/2012Rate 3.39886510
Spider Bite White Bite -5/4/2013Rate 3424923

.Associated place: Butternuts Beer and Ale.
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