Associated place: Cairngorm Brewery

Commenced brewing in 1997 as Aviemore. Took over Tomintoul brewery in 2000 and renamed to Cairngorm in 2001.
Aviemore Cairngorm Brew (retired) 5.01/10/2001Rate 2.443
Aviemore Red Murdoch (retired) 5.88/27/2002Rate 3.031
Aviemore Ruthven Brew (retired) 4.010/19/2002Rate 2.993
Cairngorm 60/- (retired) 3.78/28/2004Rate 2.872
Cairngorm Amber IPA (retired) 5.05/24/2013Rate 2.965
Cairngorm Autumn Nuts 3.810/31/2008Rate 3.09458235
Cairngorm Bards Ale (alias) 4.12/6/2008
Cairngorm Battle of the Brewers 3 Beer X 5.06/1/2012Rate 3.044
Cairngorm Black Gold (Bottle) 4.410/25/2001Rate 3.397969179
Cairngorm Black Gold (Cask) 4.42/17/2005Rate 3.518989116
Cairngorm Blessed Thistle 4.56/22/2006Rate 3.175091130
Cairngorm Brochan 4.010/31/2010Rate 2.88333711
Cairngorm Buzz 4.65/20/2014Rate 3.12466418
Cairngorm Caillie 3.88/10/2011Rate 3.1458445
Cairngorm Craft Lager 4.510/12/2015Rate 2.94
Cairngorm Culloden 1746 4.24/15/2010Rate 3.24759712
Cairngorm Ginger Rodent 4.511/9/2012Rate 2.85303810
Cairngorm Glen Ample 4.53/5/2007Rate 2.933
Cairngorm Gold (Bottle) (alias) 4.58/28/2004
Cairngorm Gold (Cask) (alias) 4.53/23/2008
Cairngorm Highland Gold 4.82/28/2015Rate 3.074
Cairngorm Highland Hammer 5.62/21/2015Rate 3.034
Cairngorm Highland IPA 5.07/24/2004Rate 3.11455933
Cairngorm Horizon (retired) 4.66/9/2006Rate 3.248
Cairngorm Howler 4.27/25/2007Rate 3.16659416
Cairngorm Mild May (retired) 3.76/9/2006Rate 2.942
Cairngorm Mountain Blue 4.33/10/2012Rate 3.31789713
Cairngorm Mountain Dew (retired) 4.65/2/2007Rate 3.111
Cairngorm Nessies Monster Mash (Bottle) 4.410/10/2002Rate 3.06427497
Cairngorm Nessies Monster Mash (Cask) 4.16/3/2002Rate 3.18559345
Cairngorm Pollination (alias) 4.62/27/2013
Cairngorm Red Mountain 4.23/30/2012Rate 3.0545809
Cairngorm Red Mountain Porter (retired) 4.54/7/2005Rate 3.147
Cairngorm Red Rye IPA 4.52/25/2014Rate 3.15545620
Cairngorm Roggen 4.33/21/2011Rate 3.06498218
Cairngorm Santas Sledgehammer 6.38/28/2004Rate 3.28667421
Cairngorm Scottish Bard 4.12/5/2008Rate 2.97385014
Cairngorm Sheepshaggers Gold (Bottle) 4.57/29/2002Rate 2.832632159
Cairngorm Sheepshaggers Gold (Cask) 4.54/10/2005Rate 3426049
Cairngorm SRAF 2013 Battle of the Brewers Beer C (alias) 5.07/17/2013
Cairngorm Stag (Bottle) 4.15/18/2003Rate 2.99375382
Cairngorm Stag (Cask) 4.18/22/2003Rate 3.19509351
Cairngorm Trade Winds (Bottle) 4.312/7/2005Rate 3.174984142
Cairngorm Trade Winds (Cask) 4.311/22/2003Rate 3.245892134
Cairngorm Wee Murdoch (retired) 4.82/18/2003Rate 3.023
Cairngorm White Lady 4.74/5/2004Rate 3.02405673
Cairngorm Wildcat (Bottle) 5.18/3/2003Rate 3.175075104
Cairngorm Wildcat (Cask) 5.17/11/2004Rate 3.18507688
Cairngorm Winter Flurry 3.81/8/2007Rate 3.01446913
Cairngorm Witches Cauldron 4.912/4/2003Rate 3.33749422
Tomlinsons Liquorice Stout 6.02/4/2009Rate 3.25715139
Marks & Spencer Scottish Ale (alias) 4.510/25/2009

.Associated place: Cairngorm Brewery.
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