Aqualand Fishin’ In The Dark (alias) 7.56/1/2014
Capital 1900 (retired) 5.258/10/2001Rate 2.954179128
Capital 770 Langdon Cream Ale (alias) 5.2510/26/2004
Capital Appleanche - Brandy Barrel Aged -9/6/2014Rate 3.073
Capital Autumnal Fire 8.59/29/2001Rate 3.689698478
Capital Autumnal Fire - Bourbon Barrel Aged 7.811/17/2010Rate 3.044
Capital Bavarian Lager (retired) 5.03/11/2002Rate 3.115895167
Capital Belgian Wheat (retired) -5/17/2009Rate 2.94404312
Capital Bike Fed Red -8/9/2015Rate 2.891
Capital Blackjack Lager 4.08/15/2013Rate 0
Capital Blonde Doppelbock 8.03/22/2001Rate 3.438484322
Capital Brown Ale (retired) 4.26/5/2000Rate 3.247074141
Capital Cinco Soles 5.29/6/2015Rate 2.842
Capital Cream Ale (retired) 5.257/31/2004Rate 3.015
Capital Dark (alias) 5.46/19/2001
Capital Dark Doppelbock (alias) (retired) 8.07/28/2004
Capital Dark Voyage Black IPA 6.512/1/2013Rate 3.1346848
Capital Door County Lager 4.27/17/2011Rate 2.831
Capital Eisphyre 103/29/2006Rate 3.79894260
Capital Eisphyre - Bourbon Barrel Aged 1011/12/2010Rate 2.573
Capital Fest 5.56/10/2001Rate 3.378399162
Capital Fire (alias) -2/9/2013
Capital Fishin’ In The Dark 7.56/15/2014Rate 3.44869515
Capital Garten Bräu Munich Dark 5.44/20/2015Rate 3.367697233
Capital Garten Bräu Special Pilsner (alias) 4.74/19/2015
Capital Ghost Ship White IPA 6.53/26/2014Rate 3.32714748
Capital Grateful Red IPA 5.34/5/2015Rate 3.04401422
Capital Grizzly Bear Growler Amber Lager (alias) 5.28/11/2014
Capital Heeeere’s Johnny -8/8/2014Rate 0
Capital Hop Bock (retired) 7.25/3/2009Rate 3.246
Capital Hop Cream 5.47/6/2011Rate 3.08488684
Capital Hopplebock (retired) 7.54/12/2007Rate 2.952
Capital Imperial Autumnal Fire -5/23/2011Rate 3.143
Capital Imperial Dark - Bourbon Barrel Aged -5/16/2011Rate 2.691
Capital Imperial Doppelbock - Bourbon Barrel Aged -8/14/2011Rate 2.974
Capital Island Wheat -5/28/2005Rate 3.014057212
Capital Jobu Rum Barrel Aged Brown Ale 8.51/30/2014Rate 3.38788930
Capital Kloster Weizen 5.125/1/2001Rate 3.519299173
Capital Lake House Summer Lager 4.63/18/2013Rate 2.98369937
Capital Lost Owl Lager 4.65/21/2013Rate 2.761
Capital Maibock 6.29/18/2001Rate 3.347396259
Capital Mutiny IPA 6.22/17/2013Rate 3.2523277
Capital Oktoberfest 5.59/29/2001Rate 3.377898222
Capital Pilsner 4.710/15/2001Rate 3.054383188
Capital Prairie Gold (retired) 6.75/16/2008Rate 3.21676848
Capital Pumpkinataur - Bourbon 8.712/5/2014Rate 3.262
Capital Pumpkinataur - Whiskey Barrel Aged -9/1/2014Rate 32
Capital Pumpkinataur Wrex 7.511/11/2012Rate 3.37799010
Capital Radler 2.05/25/2012Rate 2.716
Capital Rustic Ale 4.57/2/2008Rate 2.82252751
Capital Schwarz in a Box 7.612/8/2014Rate 3.135
Capital Square Bomber Series Capsized Again Imperial IPA 9.24/2/2014Rate 3.077
Capital Square Bomber Series Capsized Imperial IPA 9.23/18/2013Rate 3.26722221
Capital Square Bomber Series Eternal Flame 9.18/14/2011Rate 3.25675441
Capital Square Bomber Series Eternal Flame 2013 8.812/8/2013Rate 3.29691316
Capital Square Bomber Series Jacked Maibock 9.01/31/2013Rate 3.12463715
Capital Square Bomber Series King George 8.23/21/2015Rate 3.335
Capital Square Series Appleanche 7.78/27/2013Rate 2.94397210
Capital Square Series Baltic Porter (retired) 8.510/28/2007Rate 3.37874796
Capital Square Series Dark Doppelbock 7.86/6/2001Rate 3.699698134
Capital Square Series Eternal Flame (alias) 9.18/9/2011
Capital Square Series Imperial Doppelbock 8.910/29/2008Rate 3.39878363
Capital Square Series Manoomator 8.02/27/2011Rate 3.42889335
Capital Square Series Tettnang Doppelbock 7.84/7/2010Rate 3.29796534
Capital Square Series Weizen Doppelbock 8.57/13/2001Rate 3.58959281
Capital Supper Club Lager 5.05/21/2009Rate 2.842698188
Capital U.S. Pale Ale 5.06/14/2007Rate 3.14535134
Capital Vacation Request 7.08/4/2015Rate 3.126
Capital Vintage Ale (retired) 9.511/5/2006Rate 3.277222106
Capital Weizen (alias) 5.25/30/2012
Capital Whistling Woodies White IPA 5.66/15/2014Rate 3.175
Capital Wild Rice 5.04/3/2002Rate 3.14555796
Capital Wild Rice Doppelbock (alias) 8.02/22/2011
Capital Willy Street Co-Op’s Whet Willy IPA 5.68/11/2014Rate 0
Capital Winter Skål 5.411/14/2001Rate 3.327098264
Capital Wisconsin Amber 5.14/16/2001Rate 3.235796349
William Brennans Golden Pils 4.67/18/2003Rate 2.8275036
William Brennans Wisconsin Dark Amber 5.17/15/2003Rate 2.74224936
Wisconsin Common Thread - 2012 5.25/4/2012Rate 3.248
Wisconsin Common Thread - 2013 6.53/16/2013Rate 3.125
Millrose Country Inn Ale (retired) -7/22/2003Rate 2.5817315
Millrose Dark Star Lager (retired) -7/22/2003Rate 2.5817714
Millrose Panther Ale (retired) -7/22/2003Rate 2.64191414
Millrose Prairie Pilsner (retired) -7/22/2003Rate 2.49164213
Sterling 1863 Session IPA 4.56/6/2015Rate 3.294
Sterling Premium Pils -7/30/2013Rate 2.91326411
.Associated place: Capital Brewery.
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