Castlemaine Carbine Stout (retired) 5.110/1/2001Rate 2.8281025
Castlemaine Export Lager (alias) 4.812/2/2001
Castlemaine Sovereign (alias) 3.91/24/2002
Castlemaine Sovereign Superior Lager (retired) 3.81/24/2002Rate 2.31107315
Castlemaine Thirsty Dog (retired) 5.05/23/2000Rate 1.635
Castlemaine XXXX Bitter 4.85/23/2000Rate 1.98338206
Castlemaine XXXX Bitter Special Brew (retired) 6.512/21/2005Rate 2.436
Castlemaine XXXX DL Lager (retired) 4.45/23/2000Rate 1.8753716
Castlemaine XXXX Draught 4.510/31/2005Rate 2.62189411
Castlemaine XXXX Gold Australian Pale Ale 3.58/1/2015Rate 2.125011
Castlemaine XXXX Gold Lager 3.59/8/2000Rate 1.83223168
Castlemaine XXXX Light Bitter (retired) 2.310/1/2003Rate 1.9956610
Castlemaine XXXX Lite Lager (retired) 3.28/17/2002Rate 1.796
Castlemaine XXXX Off The Wood 4.89/24/2003Rate 2.2787312
Castlemaine XXXX Origins Crisp Lager 4.211/10/2015Rate 2.392
Castlemaine XXXX Sparkling Ale (retired) -9/22/2003Rate 2.3712815
Castlemaine XXXX Summer Bright Lager 4.210/13/2009Rate 1.6811028
Castlemaine XXXX Summer Bright Lager With Natural Lime 4.012/8/2014Rate 2.474
Castlemaine XXXX Summer Cloudy Ginger Beer 4.23/21/2012Rate 2.461
Eumundi Laguna Bay Pale Ale (retired) -7/2/2003Rate 2.653
Eumundi Premium (retired) 4.89/3/2001Rate 1.7621527
Castlemaine XXXX Export Lager (alias) 4.812/2/2010

.Associated place: XXXX Alehouse.
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