Ceres Bryggerierne (Royal Unibrew)

(Out Of Business)
Commercial Brewery

The brewery closed in November 2008. The Ceres brand is still being made at other Royal Unibrew facilities.
Ceres Århus Ufiltreret (retired) 4.65/30/2008Rate 2.75246214
Ceres Dansk Dortmunder (alias) 7.79/26/2001
Ceres Hvedeøl Kraftig Overgær (retired) 5.05/17/2003Rate 2.122
Ceres Royal Amarillo (retired) 5.15/17/2004Rate 1.869
Ceres Royal Autumn (retired) 5.810/11/2002Rate 31
Ceres Royal Black (retired) 5.010/31/2004Rate 2.592
Ceres Royal Bøgeøl (retired) 4.69/24/2007Rate 2.273
Ceres Royal Dark (Forsøgsøl) (retired) 4.85/26/2005Rate 2.483
Ceres Royal Export Classic (All Malt) (retired) 5.84/18/2001Rate 2.85266340
Ceres Royal Export Extra Strong 10 % (retired) 107/21/2003Rate 2.377
Ceres Royal Fusion (retired) 5.55/17/2004Rate 2.085
Ceres Royal Han (retired) 7.69/19/2008Rate 2.9539299
Ceres Royal Lime (retired) 4.210/31/2004Rate 1.932
Ceres Royal Party (retired) 7.710/27/2002Rate 2.86
Ceres Royal Power (retired) 5.510/24/2003Rate 2.921
Ceres Royal Rå Sort (retired) 7.75/30/2008Rate 2.99451515
Ceres Royal Spring (retired) 5.86/26/2001Rate 2.86367720
Ceres Royal Stor Lys HAN (retired) 8.85/8/2009Rate 2.5219221
Ceres Royal Stor Mørk HAN (retired) 6.15/8/2009Rate 2.62231121
Ceres Royal White (retired) 5.15/13/2002Rate 2.316
Ceres Selection Private (retired) 9.312/11/2002Rate 2.893
Ceres Stout (alias) 7.78/6/2006
Ceres Strong Ale Export (alias) 6.61/29/2004
Ceres Strong Ale Kiss (retired) 6.512/23/2008Rate 2.4103818
Ceres Top Classic (retired) 4.61/14/2003Rate 2.38102125
Ceres Top Royal (alias) 5.61/23/2007
Ceres Weiss (alias) 5.16/15/2007
Royal Classic Light (retired) 2.71/10/2006Rate 1.6822633
.Associated place: Ceres Bryggerierne (Royal Unibrew).
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