Cervejaria Coruja

Client Brewer

Beers brewed from 2004 to 2010 at Gol Beer, Teutônia (RS), now sharing a plant with Saint Bier in Forquilhinha - SC.
Coruja Noctua Dark 6.78/23/2015Rate 3.18
Coruja Otus Double Hop 5.58/18/2013Rate 2.881
Coruja Strix IPL 6.68/7/2015Rate 3.075
Coruja Alba Weizen 5.54/30/2011Rate 3.06426117
Coruja Alba Weizenbock 6.810/6/2012Rate 3.28645020
Coruja Extra Viva 6.57/4/2009Rate 3.01396920
Coruja Fora de Série - Baca 5.58/24/2012Rate 2.77245413
Coruja Fora de Série - Coice 11.512/8/2012Rate 3.21584818
Coruja Fora de Série - Labareda 5.99/19/2012Rate 3.14498417
Coruja Otus Lager 4.54/17/2011Rate 2.85266316
Coruja Strix Extra 6.512/4/2012Rate 2.94333720
Coruja Viva 4.57/4/2009Rate 2.9232639
Coruja Weiss (retired) 5.57/4/2009Rate 2.812
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