CIB / Firetrucker Wildfire (alias) 7.44/27/2016
CIB Ape Hanger Tripel 3/23/2013Rate 0
CIB Banana Porter 3/23/2013Rate 0
CIB Barley’s Angels Barrel Aged Imperial Wild Ale 3/23/2013Rate 2.185018
CIB Cheri Tart 7.29/3/2012Rate 2.4812147
CIB DethHanger Quadruple Brown Ale 91/4/2012Rate 2.349047
CIB DethHanger Super Sour Brown Ale 98/7/2015Rate 2.517
CIB Krieky-Deeky 84/28/2013Rate 3.112
CIB Mocha Porter 8/4/2015Rate 2.484
CIB Mocha Tart 84/27/2016Rate 0
CIB Morning Wood Breakfast Stout 81/4/2012Rate 1.832050
CIB Orange Scorpion 7.21/28/2013Rate 2.49121336
CIB Pott. County Purple 1010/4/2013Rate 2.054029
CIB Rosey Cheeks Winter Spice 3/23/2013Rate 0
CIB The Countess 88/21/2012Rate 2.82
CIB The SESH 68/16/2015Rate 0
CIB Watermelon Tart 63/23/2013Rate 0
CIB Yola’s Artisan Ale 71/4/2012Rate 2.268037
CIB Zircon Strawberry Tart 7.26/14/2014Rate 2.5312118
CIB Zircon Strawberry Tart (Cocoa Nibs & Cranberries) 8.35/2/2016Rate 2.871
John’s Grocery Sour Ale 10/5/2013Rate 2.410126
.Associated place: CIB Brewery.
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