Cisco Ale Aged on Estate Grown Raspberries (alias) 4.09/29/2013
Cisco Baggywrinkle Barleywine 9.01/30/2002Rate 3.498952154
Cisco Baggywrinkle on Brett 132/19/2015Rate 2.881
Cisco Baileys Blonde Ale 7.58/2/2001Rate 3.378097189
Cisco Captain Swains Extra Stout 8.09/17/2001Rate 3.48274235
Cisco Celebration Libation 8.58/27/2001Rate 3.03495358
Cisco Cherry Woods 4.75/27/2010Rate 3.659674100
Cisco Cider 7.84/27/2011Rate 2.822
Cisco Cranberry Woods 5.05/24/2014Rate 3.57935658
Cisco Dark Woods 7.73/2/2010Rate 3.63967981
Cisco Del’s Relentless 4ALS 4.34/19/2015Rate 3.397
Cisco Feral Barrel 9.010/29/2009Rate 2.871
Cisco Framboise 4.09/12/2013Rate 3.66967111
Cisco Full & By Rye Woods 6.62/28/2010Rate 3.67978054
Cisco Full and Bye (alias) 5.52/28/2010
Cisco Grey Lady 4.57/3/2007Rate 3.084356302
Cisco Gripah 4.35/14/2016Rate 3.091
Cisco H3O+ -10/25/2009Rate 2.973
Cisco Harvest Ale 6.511/2/2004Rate 2.7322613
Cisco Indie Moor -7/16/2011Rate 2.861
Cisco Indie Pale Ale 6.51/30/2007Rate 3.377753258
Cisco Island Reserve Double IPA 7.74/22/2013Rate 3.66968121
Cisco Island Reserve Gose 4.48/19/2013Rate 3.26613958
Cisco Island Reserve HBC-342 Hopsicle Ale 4.712/12/2012Rate 3.35848314
Cisco Island Reserve Lager 6.710/18/2012Rate 3.42829927
Cisco Island Reserve Madaquet IPA 7.511/25/2012Rate 3.58949140
Cisco Island Reserve Pedaler Blueblerry Bleer 6.312/21/2012Rate 3.68969961
Cisco Island Reserve Rantum Scoot Ale 9.05/27/2014Rate 3.07431020
Cisco Island Reserve Rumple Drumkin -2/2/2013Rate 2.94384321
Cisco Island Reserve Russian Imperial Stout 13.53/27/2012Rate 3.63954883
Cisco Island Reserve Saison Farm House Ale 5.510/15/2011Rate 3.28643983
Cisco Island Reserve Tripel Ale 9.03/15/2012Rate 3.45878758
Cisco Island Reserve Wet Hopped Very Brown India Pale Ale -10/18/2011Rate 3.24732226
Cisco Islandfest (retired) 7.511/8/2003Rate 3.465
Cisco Lady of the Woods 5.012/16/2009Rate 3.789891203
Cisco Monomoy Kriek 6.78/1/2010Rate 3.819894160
Cisco Mooncusser Ale 5.04/21/2012Rate 2.81
Cisco Moor Porter 7.07/13/2001Rate 3.579395291
Cisco Mount Vernon Quad 8.87/19/2013Rate 2.881
Cisco OCEARCH Shark Tracker Light Lager 4.88/12/2014Rate 2.65154316
Cisco Oleana 3C Ale 6.01/4/2005Rate 3.374
Cisco Pechish Woods 4.8811/13/2010Rate 3.849995100
Cisco Pink Lady -12/15/2009Rate 3.19709213
Cisco Pumpkin Smoke Whiskey Oak 7.011/4/2013Rate 2.892
Cisco Pumple Drumkin 6.8810/13/2005Rate 3.033945197
Cisco Sankaty Light Lager 3.86/17/2005Rate 2.953475156
Cisco Sans Saccharo 4.1410/22/2009Rate 2.953
Cisco Santa’s Beered! 9.03/26/2009Rate 3.13576824
Cisco Session IPA 4.26/7/2014Rate 2.841
Cisco South End Formaggio -10/27/2009Rate 2.841
Cisco Stoned Sour Soul 4.7710/12/2009Rate 3.013
Cisco Summer of Lager 5.53/7/2002Rate 3.347396206
Cisco Ten (retired) 9.58/2/2005Rate 3.21651441
Cisco Twelve (alias) 102/21/2007
Cisco Whales Tale Pale Ale 5.67/16/2000Rate 3.064264483
Cisco White Woods (retired) 5.31/10/2011Rate 3.54945713
Cisco Winter Shredder 8.812/3/2011Rate 2.84253182
Cisco Winter Vintage (alias) 5.512/26/2005
Cisco Winter Woods 9.011/18/2010Rate 3.57956960
Cisco XV Anniversary (retired) 106/29/2010Rate 2.931
Cisco XVII Anniversary 7.012/12/2012Rate 3.43889518

.Places associated: Cisco Brew Pub - Logan Airport, Cisco Brewers.
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