Coachs Bison Wheat 4.06/28/2010Rate 2.694
Coachs Boyd Street Wheat (alias) -3/12/2003
Coachs Brown Owl Ale (alias) 5.03/12/2003
Coachs Celebration Ale -1/19/2004Rate 2.921
Coachs Cherry Garcia -1/18/2007Rate 2.862
Coachs Copperhead 4.06/28/2010Rate 2.771
Coachs Czech Pilsner -8/22/2007Rate 2.691
Coachs Double IPA -8/22/2007Rate 3.013
Coachs Downtown Brown -2/2/2003Rate 2.5922922
Coachs Dunkelweizen 4.08/15/2004Rate 2.841
Coachs Extra Special Bitter -10/2/2003Rate 2.927
Coachs Green Chile Railyard 4.06/9/2006Rate 2.873
Coachs Green Chili Wheat 4.03/4/2005Rate 2.691
Coachs Harvester Wheat -2/2/2003Rate 2.37121113
Coachs High Country Hefe -4/20/2004Rate 2.945
Coachs Holiday Spice 4.011/22/2005Rate 2.79333710
Coachs Honey Blonde -9/15/2008Rate 2.742
Coachs India Pale Ale -10/7/2002Rate 3.23724139
Coachs Kona Coffee Stout -1/18/2007Rate 2.577
Coachs Library Amber Ale (alias) 4.43/12/2003
Coachs Library IPA (alias) -3/12/2003
Coachs Library Summertime Wheat -6/4/2003Rate 2.691
Coachs Oak Aged IPA -8/23/2007Rate 2.961
Coachs Oatmeal Stout -8/22/2007Rate 2.863
Coachs Oklahoma Pale Ale -4/27/2013Rate 2.81
Coachs Old Kelso Irish Ale -2/28/2003Rate 2.83282811
Coachs Railyard Amber Ale -3/12/2003Rate 2.66191321
Coachs Raspberry Amber 4.05/27/2005Rate 31
Coachs Red River Pale Ale 3.02/8/2003Rate 3.01442815
Coachs Roughneck Porter 5.02/2/2003Rate 2.692559
Coachs Scissortail Ale -9/21/2007Rate 2.841
Coachs Smittle Fest -11/22/2007Rate 2.731
Coachs Smoked Porter -2/10/2008Rate 2.82
Coachs Sooner Stout 5.02/2/2003Rate 2.95381821
Coachs Soonerfest -11/3/2008Rate 2.752
Coachs Strawberry Wheat 4.06/28/2010Rate 2.643
Coachs Sunset Light Ale -11/12/2004Rate 2.961

.Places associated: Coach’s Restaurant and Brewery, The Library Bar and Grill.
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