Coors Brewing Company (MillerCoors)

Commercial Brewery
Brewer rating: 77/100 20761 ratings
311 Tenth Street, Golden, Colorado, USA 80401
year-round from 10 AM to 4 PM

Associated place: Coors Brewing Company

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AC Golden 4 Lovers -10/9/2014Rate 3.394
AC Golden Altbier -9/19/2011Rate 2.741
AC Golden American Wild Ale 7.011/3/2012Rate 3.327
AC Golden Apricot (alias) -11/13/2011
AC Golden Apricot Colorambic 5.710/19/2013Rate 3.373
AC Golden Baltic Porter 8.86/28/2009Rate 2.825
AC Golden Barrel Aged Baltic Porter -11/15/2011Rate 2.863
AC Golden Barrel Aged Belgian Sour -5/23/2011Rate 2.972
AC Golden Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout 133/10/2012Rate 3.654938
AC Golden Barrel Aged Whole Wheat Bock 1012/7/2014Rate 2.952
AC Golden Belgian Style Saison 5.15/6/2012Rate 3.015
AC Golden Bock 7.06/28/2009Rate 2.94
AC Golden Bourbon Barrel Brown 5.56/8/2014Rate 2.954
AC Golden Chard Sour -10/11/2012Rate 2.932
AC Golden Checkpoint Charlie Berliner Weisse 3.56/9/2013Rate 3.436820
AC Golden Cherry Colorambic 5.710/19/2013Rate 3.554
AC Golden Coffee Sour 5.512/19/2015Rate 3.061
AC Golden Colorado Native Amber Lager 5.53/30/2010Rate 2.854118
AC Golden Colorado Native Double IPL -4/16/2015Rate 3.33
AC Golden Colorado Native IPL 6.58/22/2014Rate 3.239215
AC Golden Colorado Native Oktoberfest Lager 5.712/28/2015Rate 2.941
AC Golden Colorado Native Olathe Lager -11/12/2015Rate 2.914
AC Golden Colorado Native Pilsner -5/19/2016Rate 2.973
AC Golden Colorado Native Plum 6.58/12/2016Rate 3.282
AC Golden Colorado Native Saison -7/30/2015Rate 2.882
AC Golden Crafty Crimson -10/9/2014Rate 3.264
AC Golden Ctayt / Стаут (alias) 1310/19/2014
AC Golden Dark Kriek 6.09/28/2011Rate 3.373916
AC Golden De La Vigne 7.05/6/2012Rate 3.2219
AC Golden Double IPA 8.09/9/2012Rate 2.962
AC Golden Dry Hopped American Wild Ale (alias) -5/7/2012
AC Golden Dry Hopped Sour 6.511/4/2015Rate 3.111
AC Golden Dunkel -9/19/2010Rate 2.793112
AC Golden English Barleywine 9.03/1/2014Rate 2.862
AC Golden Forgotten Fortunes -10/9/2014Rate 3.264
AC Golden Framboise -12/4/2011Rate 3.266
AC Golden Framboise Noir -1/22/2014Rate 3.66445
AC Golden Galaxy Pale Ale -4/28/2013Rate 2.841
AC Golden German Pils 5.46/28/2009Rate 3.158
AC Golden Gold Standard Honey -6/22/2011Rate 2.811
AC Golden Goldenator 8.23/2/2014Rate 2.861
AC Golden Gooseberry Colorambic -11/17/2013Rate 3.476
AC Golden Hidden Barrel Apricot 5.411/13/2011Rate 3.829447
AC Golden Hidden Barrel Blackberry -1/18/2014Rate 3.317
AC Golden Hidden Barrel IPL 7.02/28/2012Rate 3.258716
AC Golden Hidden Barrel Peche -11/13/2011Rate 3.585944
AC Golden Imitation 6.06/2/2012Rate 3.038
AC Golden Kriek -11/13/2011Rate 3.565128
AC Golden Peach Colorambic 5.710/9/2014Rate 3.423
AC Golden Plum Sour 6.06/9/2013Rate 3.265
AC Golden Rackhouse Sour Blend #1 5.55/5/2012Rate 3.063
AC Golden Rackhouse Sour Blend #2 5.55/5/2012Rate 33
AC Golden Raspberry Colorambic 5.710/19/2013Rate 3.332
AC Golden Schwarzbier -5/12/2012Rate 2.761
AC Golden Scotch N Sour 5.56/8/2014Rate 2.994
AC Golden Star Sour -3/1/2012Rate 2.811
AC Golden Strawberry Colorambic 5.710/19/2013Rate 3.282
AC Golden Syrah Sour 7.06/2/2012Rate 2.817
AC Golden Troy Who? AKA Fauxton -6/15/2011Rate 2.881
AC Golden Troy’s Blend (Colorambic) -10/12/2012Rate 3.789113
AC Golden Whole Wheat Bock -10/15/2013Rate 2.984
AC Golden Wild #1 -11/7/2010Rate 3.145
AG Golden Oh My Madeira -1/3/2016Rate 3.131
Batch 19 (alias) 5.53/22/2013
Blue Moon 20th Anniversary Ale -7/20/2013Rate 3.034
Blue Moon Abbey Ale 5.49/4/2002Rate 2.7421
Blue Moon Agave Nectar Ale 5.64/8/2012Rate 2.447267
Blue Moon Barracuda Belgian Strong 9.09/28/2016Rate 3.091
Blue Moon Belgian Dubbel 8.08/9/2016Rate 3.111
Blue Moon Belgian Table Pils 4.23/20/2016Rate 2.936383
Blue Moon Belgian White Ale 5.46/9/2000Rate 2.97423170
Blue Moon Belgian-style Pale Ale (alias) -5/19/2012
Blue Moon Blackberry Tart Ale 5.83/28/2012Rate 2.6731130
Blue Moon Bock 6.48/9/2016Rate 3.091
Blue Moon Cappuccino Oatmeal Stout 5.911/28/2015Rate 2.921024
Blue Moon Caramel Apple-Spiced Ale 5.83/28/2012Rate 2.7928126
Blue Moon Chai Spiced Ale 5.07/29/2015Rate 2.93644
Blue Moon Chardonnay Blonde 8.510/22/2006Rate 3.035677
Blue Moon Cherry Imperial Brown 9.09/25/2016Rate 2.921
Blue Moon Chimp 9.010/19/2013Rate 3.097319
Blue Moon Chocolate Mint Ale 5.812/20/2012Rate 2.761
Blue Moon Cinnamon Ale 6.210/11/2010Rate 3.023
Blue Moon Cinnamon Horchata 5.53/9/2014Rate 2.936197
Blue Moon Coffee Honey 9.510/30/2014Rate 2.771
Blue Moon Crimson Crossing 9.53/27/2013Rate 2.886027
Blue Moon Dark Chocolate Bacon Porter -3/28/2012Rate 2.991814
Blue Moon Ebb Tide (alias) 5.46/9/2008
Blue Moon El Dorado Brown IPA 7.08/26/2016Rate 3.061
Blue Moon English Amber 5.57/29/2016Rate 3.091
Blue Moon English Brown 5.58/9/2016Rate 2.961
Blue Moon Extra Sour Red (alias) 5.83/27/2013
Blue Moon Extra Special Bitter 6.010/3/2016Rate 2.981
Blue Moon Farmhouse Red Ale (alias) 5.84/10/2013
Blue Moon First Peach Ale 5.610/30/2014Rate 2.8140114
Blue Moon Full Moon Winter Ale 5.610/7/2007Rate 2.645471
Blue Moon German Pilsner 5.510/3/2016Rate 3.021
Blue Moon Gingerbread Spiced Ale 5.812/20/2012Rate 2.9137143
Blue Moon Golden Knot 9.06/12/2013Rate 2.744829
Blue Moon Graffiti Collection - Grape Scott! 9.010/30/2014Rate 2.456
Blue Moon Grand Cru 8.211/13/2009Rate 3.1330269
Blue Moon Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale 5.7710/20/2000Rate 2.69211110
Blue Moon Honey Blonde Ale -6/11/2000Rate 2.651717
Blue Moon Honey Moon Summer Ale (alias) 5.24/16/2011
Blue Moon Imperial Framboise 6.03/9/2014Rate 2.871
Blue Moon Imperial Honey Grand Cru 10.59/15/2016Rate 2.981
Blue Moon Imperial Smoked Porter 8.59/10/2016Rate 31
Blue Moon Impulse 8.512/4/2012Rate 2.652969
Blue Moon Kolsch 5.48/10/2016Rate 3.131
Blue Moon Mango Wheat 5.48/18/2016Rate 2.921
Blue Moon Märzen 6.010/7/2016Rate 3.041
Blue Moon Mexican Lager 5.09/4/2016Rate 2.921
Blue Moon Mosaic Session IPA 4.85/23/2016Rate 31
Blue Moon Mountain Abbey Ale 5.611/8/2013Rate 2.739138
Blue Moon Nut Brown Ale -6/9/2000Rate 3.034017
Blue Moon Pale Moon 5.45/10/2008Rate 2.729348
Blue Moon Peanut Butter Blonde -10/23/2008Rate 2.944425
Blue Moon Peanut Envy (alias) -9/12/2010
Blue Moon Pine In The Neck 7.510/15/2012Rate 3.3735102
Blue Moon Proximity 8.59/17/2012Rate 2.824872
Blue Moon Raspberry Cream Ale 6.06/9/2000Rate 3.288724
Blue Moon Rising Moon Spring Ale 5.62/9/2007Rate 2.616424
Blue Moon Rounder Belgian Style Pale 5.62/16/2013Rate 2.7712278
Blue Moon Saison -1/10/2010Rate 2.597
Blue Moon Short Straw Farmhouse Red Ale 5.811/15/2010Rate 2.6719345
Blue Moon Single Hop Pale Ale (Amarillo) 6.010/17/2016Rate 3.111
Blue Moon Single Hop Red Ale (Huell Melon) 6.09/1/2016Rate 3.171
Blue Moon Spiced Amber Ale 5.610/30/2011Rate 3.247686
Blue Moon Spring Blonde Wheat Ale 5.41/1/2011Rate 2.46156
Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat 5.210/22/2006Rate 2.6721763
Blue Moon Sunshine Citrus Blonde 5.41/13/2013Rate 2.561126
Blue Moon Tongue Thai-ed 7.54/15/2013Rate 3.15566
Blue Moon Über Dunkel 7.09/6/2016Rate 3.041
Blue Moon Valencia Grove Amber Ale 5.911/22/2011Rate 2.7116200
Blue Moon Vanilla Wheat 5.91/16/2016Rate 2.938
Blue Moon Vintage Blonde Ale (alias) 8.58/17/2011
Blue Moon West Coast IPA #1 8.07/23/2016Rate 3.191
Blue Moon West Coast IPA #2 7.08/17/2016Rate 3.191
Blue Moon West Coast IPA #3 8.510/6/2016Rate 2.981
Blue Moon White IPA 5.910/30/2014Rate 3.0212188
Blue Moon Winter Abbey Ale 5.610/27/2010Rate 2.8521321
Blue Moon Winter Ale 5.611/5/2006Rate 2.682263
Coors 1873 Premium 5.03/16/2016Rate 2.71
Coors 1903 Pilsner -9/27/2006Rate 2.854
Coors Artic Ice 5.33/16/2002Rate 1.811918
Coors Aspen Edge 4.133/6/2004Rate 1.110201
Coors Banquet Beer 5.04/26/2000Rate 1.7111437
Coors Batch 19 5.55/7/2010Rate 2.7549440
Coors Batch 19 Bock 5.910/11/2013Rate 2.731510
Coors Edge 4.010/12/2004Rate 1.874
Coors Eisbock 5.751/14/2001Rate 2.416
Coors Extra Gold 5.08/7/2000Rate 2.0141257
Coors Light 4.25/3/2000Rate 1.3522979
Coors Light Citrus Radler 4.25/6/2015Rate 2.278135
Coors Light Summer Brew 3.94/10/2014Rate 2.232887
Coors Non-Alcoholic 0.58/13/2001Rate 1.131140
Coors Original (alias) 5.06/24/2000
Coors Peak Copper Lager 4.72/27/2015Rate 2.433
Coors Winterfest 5.66/26/2000Rate 2.619198
George Killian’s Celtic Classic Stout -4/26/2000Rate 2.6345
George Killian’s Irish Brown Ale -12/19/2000Rate 2.61913
George Killian’s Irish Honey -5/28/2000Rate 2.488615
George Killian’s Irish Red 4.96/15/2000Rate 2.68431956
George Killian’s Irish Stout 4.89/23/2012Rate 3.0932129
Herman Josephs Private Reserve 4.967/22/2009Rate 2.543917
Keystone (alias) 4.811/17/2004
Keystone Ice 5.96/15/2000Rate 1.362434
Keystone Lager 4.92/18/2011Rate 1.862625
Keystone Light 4.26/15/2000Rate 1.21995
Keystone Light Lime 4.23/24/2015Rate 2.225
Keystone Premium 4.46/15/2000Rate 1.211224
Keystone V9 5.96/7/2010Rate 1.81017
Phat Boy Malt Liquor -9/8/2001Rate 1.612416
Third Shift Amber Lager 5.37/16/2012Rate 2.4324398

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