Craggie Antebellum Ale (retired) 5.06/5/2009Rate 3.04475232
Craggie Battery Hill Bitter (retired) 4.21/26/2009Rate 3.11599118
Craggie Belgian Nut Brown Ale (retired) 6.06/5/2009Rate 0
Craggie Burning Barrel Bourbon Chipotle Porter (retired) 5.92/10/2011Rate 3.39868037
Craggie Cherry Belafonte (retired) 7.010/7/2011Rate 3.173
Craggie Coconut Brown Ale (retired) -11/12/2011Rate 3.013
Craggie Cuvee de Noel (retired) 9.06/5/2009Rate 0
Craggie Dubbelicious (retired) 6.51/26/2009Rate 3.11543926
Craggie Fugged Up IPA (retired) 7.96/5/2009Rate 2.791
Craggie Germinator Doppelbock (retired) 6.09/25/2010Rate 3.018
Craggie Gueuze (retired) -1/15/2011Rate 2.861
Craggie Hendo Appleweiss (retired) 6.06/5/2009Rate 0
Craggie Herkulean IPA (retired) 6.09/4/2010Rate 3.11572515
Craggie Hilliard Hefeweizen (retired) 4.56/5/2009Rate 0
Craggie Irish I Had A Stout (retired) 4.06/5/2009Rate 0
Craggie Mango IPA (retired) -11/12/2011Rate 3.016
Craggie Meet Your Maker Barleywine (retired) 9.06/5/2009Rate 3.136
Craggie Octoberfest (retired) 4.06/5/2009Rate 2.831
Craggie Pinnacle Porter (retired) 4.56/5/2009Rate 0
Craggie Quadrupelicious (retired) 1010/25/2011Rate 3.124
Craggie Solshine (retired) 4.212/15/2009Rate 2.964
Craggie Summer Wheat (retired) 5.76/12/2012Rate 2.895
Craggie Swannanoa Sunset (retired) 4.21/26/2009Rate 3.178
Craggie Test Batch #1 (Pale Ale) (retired) 4.212/6/2009Rate 2.893
Craggie The Great Pumpkin Ale (retired) 4.56/5/2009Rate 0
Craggie The King’s Brown (retired) 6.59/1/2012Rate 2.771
Craggie Toubab Brewe (retired) 4.24/24/2010Rate 3.17659132
Craggie Want Some Cheese With That Barley Wine (retired) -2/26/2012Rate 2.881
Craggie White Squirrel Wit (retired) 4.05/22/2009Rate 2.834
Craggie Yo La Mango (retired) -9/30/2011Rate 3.31814921
Craggie Yo La Mango Cask (alias) (retired) 6.34/30/2012
Arcade Asheville 8-Bit Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Riverbend Malt House
5.22/15/2012Rate 2.861
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