Crown All But 4.17/6/2008Rate 3.071
Crown Art Blakey 4.53/29/2009Rate 2.961
Crown Beer Tickers Beyond The Ale 3.712/24/2009Rate 2.884
Crown Benny Goodman 3.811/21/2010Rate 2.811
Crown Black Jack 6.010/27/2010Rate 2.883
Crown Bob Crosby 4.87/30/2010Rate 2.811
Crown Brooklyn Black 5.82/3/2011Rate 2.953
Crown Brooklyn Heights 5.87/24/2010Rate 3.267113
Crown Brown Ale 4.47/15/2007Rate 2.771
Crown Cab Calloway 10th Jazz Beer 4.96/20/2009Rate 0
Crown Clown’s Pout 5.31/22/2009Rate 32
Crown Django Reinhardt 6.612/10/2009Rate 3.013
Crown Dougies Promotion Ale 4.05/9/2006Rate 31
Crown Eternal Hoppiness 4.612/30/2007Rate 2.961
Crown Hillsborough Pale Ale (alias) 3.910/1/2007
Crown Hillsborough Smoked Oktoberfest (alias) 5.58/22/2009
Crown HPA 3.98/21/2002Rate 3.068438
Crown India Pale Ale 7.22/22/2010Rate 3.355910
Crown Jaco Pastorius 3.68/4/2008Rate 2.723
Crown Loxley Gold 4.58/31/2003Rate 3.054
Crown Mappins Coronation Beer 8.36/19/2011Rate 2.973
Crown Middle Wood Mild 3.85/1/2005Rate 2.862310
Crown Nat King Cole 3.79/2/2009Rate 2.811
Crown Primrose Ginger Bush 4.28/31/2008Rate 2.841
Crown Primrose Pale 4.28/31/2008Rate 2.912
Crown Red Barron 5.59/15/2008Rate 35118
Crown Ring of Fire 7.77/22/2009Rate 3.369014
Crown Samuel Berrys IPA 5.19/13/2004Rate 3.147114
Crown Smokin Oktoberfest 5.79/3/2009Rate 3.027
Crown Stannington Gold 5.02/7/2007Rate 31
Crown Stannington Stout 5.08/14/2003Rate 3.357431
Crown Traditional Bitter 4.08/4/2008Rate 2.934819
Crown Unpronounceable IPA 7.06/11/2009Rate 3.187511
Crown Wheat Beer 5.94/11/2010Rate 2.82
Crown Wheat Stout 6.64/12/2009Rate 3.285819
Crown Wheetie-Bits 4.49/15/2008Rate 2.935322
Crown Xmas Ale 6.57/22/2009Rate 2.871
Wellington Blowing Heavy
Brewed by/for Edale
4.25/9/2006Rate 2.921
Wellington Conviction
Brewed by/for Edale
3.86/15/2004Rate 2.862
Wellington Gatemouth
Brewed by/for Edale
3.95/9/2006Rate 2.771
Wellington Hoppy Waters
Brewed by/for Edale
4.05/3/2004Rate 2.832
Wellington Volenti
Brewed by/for Edale
5.28/20/2004Rate 3.192
Wellington’s Beyond The Call
Brewed by/for Edale
6.07/29/2012Rate 2.744

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