(Out Of Business)

Commenced in 1999 as Cottage Spring. Changed name to Cwmbran in 2002. Closed in late 2009.
Cwmbran Blackcurrant Stout (retired) 4.07/11/2004Rate 2.914
Cwmbran Crow Valley Ale (retired) 4.26/27/2009Rate 2.868
Cwmbran Crow Valley Bitter (Bottle) (retired) 4.26/28/2004Rate 2.77282045
Cwmbran Crow Valley Bitter (Cask) (retired) 4.28/21/2002Rate 2.8292413
Cwmbran Crow Valley Stout (Deryn Du) (retired) 4.012/4/2003Rate 357339
Cwmbran Double Hop (retired) 4.07/27/2004Rate 2.811
Cwmbran Draymanís Amber Lite (retired) 3.84/13/2008Rate 2.621
Cwmbran Draymanís Choice (retired) 3.87/27/2004Rate 2.262
Cwmbran Draymanís Gold (retired) 4.27/30/2006Rate 2.942
Cwmbran Four Seasons (retired) 4.88/22/2007Rate 2.861
Cwmbran Full Malty (retired) 4.811/30/2006Rate 2.95433214
Cwmbran Golden Wheat (retired) 4.511/30/2006Rate 2.815
Cwmbran Gorse Porter (retired) 4.86/1/2004Rate 3.112
Cwmbran Nut Brown Premium Ale (retired) 4.57/4/2006Rate 3.083
Cwmbran Pink Panther (retired) 4.510/17/2003Rate 2.754
Cwmbran Plum Porter (retired) 4.81/1/2006Rate 3.19704428
Cwmbran Pure Welsh (retired) 4.58/3/2006Rate 2.912
Cwmbran Santaís Tipple (retired) 5.011/30/2006Rate 2.87331515

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