Dancing Man


Initially Brewing in 2012 at The Platform Tavern, Southampton. Moved in 2015 to current address.
Dancing Man 16 Tonne Chilli Chocolate Stout 5.54/30/2014Rate 2.861
Dancing Man Big Casino IPA 53/15/2012Rate 2.973
Dancing Man Black Eye Rye 4.512/30/2015Rate 3.041
Dancing Man Bone Dry 412/30/2015Rate 3.061
Dancing Man Cherry Winkle 4.41/9/2015Rate 2.861
Dancing Man DNA 4.710/5/2012Rate 3.013
Dancing Man El Presidente 47/3/2016Rate 2.981
Dancing Man Fiddlers Jig 4.89/4/2013Rate 3.072
Dancing Man Gunslinger 8.19/4/2013Rate 2.91
Dancing Man Jack O Diamonds 4.512/30/2015Rate 3.041
Dancing Man Krampus 4.612/22/2015Rate 3.041
Dancing Man Last Waltz 5.39/14/2012Rate 3.31683014
Dancing Man Old-Fashioned IPA 5.510/1/2015Rate 3.041
Dancing Man Organ Grinder 69/4/2013Rate 2.881
Dancing Man Pilgrim Pale Ale 3.910/5/2012Rate 2.985
Dancing Man Pole Axed 6.79/14/2012Rate 2.871
Dancing Man Sea City Gold 58/30/2014Rate 2.871
Dancing Man Smokin Banjo 89/4/2013Rate 2.881
Dancing Man Snake Oil Porter 4.57/3/2016Rate 3.021
Dancing Man Troubadour 4.11/9/2013Rate 2.892
Dancing Man Vagrant Pale Ale 4.510/11/2015Rate 2.981
.Associated place: Platform Tavern (Dancing Man).
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