Defiant Abominable Snowbeer 6.011/24/2007Rate 3.24607411
Defiant American/Canadian Wheat -8/11/2008Rate 2.732
Defiant Baron Von Weizen 5.211/19/2009Rate 3.037
Defiant Bear Mountain Ale 7.510/15/2010Rate 2.99465912
Defiant Belgian Brown Ale 8.09/15/2007Rate 2.982
Defiant Belgian Style Tripel Ale 9.01/16/2007Rate 3.549194113
Defiant Biere de Garde -2/2/2014Rate 2.915
Defiant Big Thumper 8.510/26/2013Rate 2.962
Defiant Blimey Ale 5.55/25/2016Rate 2.681
Defiant Bock -4/13/2007Rate 2.675
Defiant Brandy Brown -5/9/2008Rate 2.452
Defiant Brewing Company Ghastly White IPA 6.36/11/20160
Defiant Chocolate Porter 6.29/25/2008Rate 3.1456369
Defiant Chocolate Stout 7.05/31/2012Rate 2.791
Defiant Christmas Ale 8.411/3/2006Rate 3.13556826
Defiant Death 155/27/2012Rate 2.711
Defiant Double IPA 8.03/29/2008Rate 3.18501011
Defiant English Pale Ale 5.011/19/2009Rate 3.033
Defiant Extra Special Bitter 6.59/23/2006Rate 3.196
Defiant Farmhouse 6.59/12/2007Rate 3.53866823
Defiant Flemish Sour Cherry 6.59/22/2007Rate 3.1254913
Defiant Framboise -3/29/2008Rate 2.811
Defiant Fresh Cone Pale Ale 5.01/4/2008Rate 3.152
Defiant Golden Ale 8.06/9/2007Rate 3.022
Defiant Golden Common 4.05/25/2016Rate 2.831
Defiant Golden Nugget 5.05/21/2008Rate 3.155449
Defiant Grand Cru 10.211/23/2007Rate 3.246
Defiant Harvest Pale Ale 5.410/6/2007Rate 3.162
Defiant Headless Horseman 5.211/3/2006Rate 3.47889517
Defiant Hefeweizen -7/12/2008Rate 3.023
Defiant Highland Porter 6.86/7/2007Rate 3.254
Defiant Highland Stout -1/31/2009Rate 3.093
Defiant India Pale Ale 6.58/7/2008Rate 3.24613812
Defiant Inspiration Ale (retired) 7.49/23/2006Rate 3.173
Defiant Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale -3/7/2014Rate 2.92
Defiant Kolsch -6/19/2008Rate 2.961
Defiant Lambchop Raspberry Wheat (retired) 4.55/4/2008Rate 3.47
Defiant Little Thumper Ale 5.012/26/2006Rate 2.86313821
Defiant Lump of Coal Stout 5.53/3/2010Rate 2.833
Defiant Maibock 6.24/20/2007Rate 3.288
Defiant Mangus Pango Barleywine 113/1/2010Rate 2.982
Defiant Medusa IPA 6.811/19/2009Rate 3381135
Defiant Muddy Creek Lager 5.63/2/2007Rate 3.16499352
Defiant Nut Brown Ale 5.01/20/2008Rate 2.852
Defiant NYke Missle 9.09/18/2015Rate 3.192
Defiant Oatmeal Stout -10/3/2009Rate 3.067
Defiant ODefiant Dry Stout 5.33/9/2007Rate 3.32717211
Defiant Oktoberfest -10/4/2014Rate 2.881
Defiant Orange Cream -10/26/2013Rate 3.255
Defiant Pale Ale 5.46/7/2007Rate 2.974
Defiant Parnum Pango "Little Hammer" 4.23/3/2010Rate 3.023
Defiant Pestilence Stout 7.02/19/2007Rate 3.557
Defiant Piety -4/20/2008Rate 2.812
Defiant Pilsener 4.89/23/2006Rate 3.284
Defiant Polar Vortex Black IPA -3/7/2014Rate 2.822
Defiant Porter 6.89/23/2006Rate 3.23574237
Defiant Prohibition Pilsner 5.06/7/2007Rate 3.25719510
Defiant Pumpkin Ale -10/26/2013Rate 2.922
Defiant Raspberry Wheat 5.08/4/2012Rate 0
Defiant Really Hoppy Pale Ale 5.511/19/2009Rate 2.932
Defiant Resolution #1 (retired) 7.42/19/2007Rate 3.27758325
Defiant Resolution #2 8.05/4/2008Rate 2.9339612
Defiant Rye IPA 5.25/25/2016Rate 2.961
Defiant San Francisco Lager 5.511/19/2009Rate 2.963
Defiant Schwartz Vader Black Lager 5.02/22/2016Rate 31
Defiant Single Finger IPA 7.04/16/2009Rate 2.874
Defiant Stephanos Stout 8.511/12/2006Rate 3.53867810
Defiant Stock Lager -9/15/2007Rate 2.961
Defiant Stout of War 9.01/16/2007Rate 3.48872519
Defiant Summer Ale -8/11/2008Rate 3.025
Defiant Three Finger IPA 7.02/15/2007Rate 3.38876510
Defiant Weapons Grade IPA 9.012/15/2013Rate 3.09441810

.Associated place: Defiant Brewing Company.
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