Devon Cider (Aston Manor)


Went into administration in September 2009. Bought out of administration by Aston Manor. Some products may be made both at the Tiverton site and at Aston Manorís facility in Birmingham.
Churchwards Original Cider 4.59/1/2007Rate 2.82293916
Churchwards Pear Cider 4.54/6/2011Rate 2.547
Churchwards Superior Cider 6.04/23/2013Rate 2.661
Churchwards White Ice 7.51/16/2010Rate 2.493
Devon Cider 3 Hammers Black 7.52/10/2016Rate 2.933
Devon Cider Moonshine 7.57/27/2009Rate 2.758
Devon Cider Old Moors Cider 4.54/19/2007Rate 2.626
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