Bottleworks IPA (retired) 8.56/10/2002Rate 3.639679211
Dick Danger Ale 5.210/12/2000Rate 3.134849152
Dick’s 12 Man Pale Ale (retired) 4.512/8/2013Rate 2.93341830
Dick’s Barley Wine 1010/22/2002Rate 3.488849172
Dick’s Bavarian Style Hefeweizen 45/7/2004Rate 2.9374137
Dick’s Belgian Double (retired) 6.510/6/2002Rate 3.26725231
Dick’s Belgian Style Witbier (retired) 4.51/6/2004Rate 3.261
Dick’s Belgian Tripel 92/5/2002Rate 3.358275115
Dick’s Best Bitter 5.610/30/2002Rate 3.257290104
Dick’s Cream Stout 5.510/12/2000Rate 3.488979151
Dick’s Cream Stout - Bourbon Oak (retired) 5/14/2010Rate 3.023
Dick’s Cream Stout - Coffee (retired) 5.54/23/2010Rate 2.881
Dick’s Double Danger Ale 8.54/16/2010Rate 3.42864920
Dick’s Double Diamond Winter Ale 7.512/5/2002Rate 3.519267120
Dick’s Dubbel Trouble (retired) 87/27/2012Rate 2.91
Dick’s Golden Ale 5.21/15/2003Rate 2.81263113
Dick’s Grand Cru 106/26/2002Rate 3.388571151
Dick’s Grapefruit IPA 6.25/19/2016Rate 0
Dick’s Harvest Ale (retired) 5.610/14/2000Rate 2.96455114
Dick’s I.P.A. 6.210/18/2002Rate 3.267145181
Dick’s Imperial Bitter (retired) 4/15/2007Rate 31
Dick’s Imperial IPA 8.63/30/2011Rate 3.16571227
Dick’s Imperial Red 84/16/2010Rate 3.35824417
Dick’s Imperial Stout 7.39/20/2000Rate 3.579447208
Dick’s Industrial Haze (alias) 83/10/2005
Dick’s Irish Style Ale 5.211/20/2001Rate 3.01405063
Dick’s Laces Out Stout 63/15/2016Rate 3.041
Dick’s Lava Rock Porter 6.25/2/2002Rate 3.286848121
Dick’s Lewis County Lager 8/15/2015Rate 2.831
Dick’s Merritt’s Imperial Stout (retired) 3/3/2012Rate 2.982
Dick’s Midnight Ride 7.57/15/2014Rate 3.246
Dick’s Mountain Ale 5.21/26/2003Rate 2.97394645
Dick’s Oatmeal Cookie 6.212/6/2015Rate 2.921
Dick’s Pale Ale 4.810/12/2000Rate 3.02415754
Dick’s Pulp Friction (retired) 4.86/15/2013Rate 2.955
Dick’s Rahns Pilsner (retired) 8/30/2005Rate 3.022
Dick’s Rally Cap Rye (retired) 4.510/26/2014Rate 2.861
Dick’s Raspberry Ale (retired) 4.310/12/2000Rate 3.181
Dick’s Raspberry Tripel 88/6/2008Rate 3.23608611
Dick’s Red Ale (retired) 5.610/12/2000Rate 2.972
Dick’s Rye Ale 5.111/20/2001Rate 3.04434261
Dick’s Scottish Style Ale 85/24/2010Rate 3.32809013
Dick’s Silk Lady 59/20/2000Rate 3.14536188
Dick’s Smoked Porter (retired) 5.66/26/2002Rate 3.13633817
Dick’s The Better Half Unite Red Ale 8/15/2015Rate 2.941
Dick’s The Buck Session IPA 44/18/2015Rate 3.022
Dick’s The Chronicle Reporter Red (retired) 5.210/26/2014Rate 2.831
Dick’s Winter Ale (alias) 8.51/6/2004
Dick’s Working Man’s Brown Ale 5.58/20/2003Rate 3.02454258
The Buck 43/24/2015Rate 0
.Places associated: Dick’s Brewing Company, NW Sausage & Deli.
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