Doghouse (Cornwall)

(Out Of Business)

Commenced Brewing July 2001. Closed in October 2007. Some of the Doghouse beers were subsequently brewed sporadically, and for a short time, at a different location, believed to be Keltek. By 2009 the former brewer had moved on to brew beers under the All Saints name at Coastal brewery and production of the Doghouse beers ceased.
Doghouse Bow Wow (retired) 5.04/21/2006Rate 2.833
Doghouse Brunel Bridge Builder (retired) 5.29/23/2006Rate 2.881
Doghouse Colliewobbles (retired) 5.310/9/2005Rate 2.321
Doghouse Cornish Corgi (retired) 4.54/21/2006Rate 2.862
Doghouse Dogfight (retired) 4.710/9/2005Rate 2.52
Doghouse Dozey Dawg (retired) 4.47/18/2004Rate 2.87394812
Doghouse Loyal Corgi (retired) 4.75/28/2005Rate 2.592
Doghouse Royal Corgi (retired) 4.57/20/2003Rate 2.921
Doghouse Seadog IPA (retired) 4.611/26/2007Rate 3.226
Doghouse Snoozy Suzy (retired) 4.29/30/2005Rate 2.934
Doghouse Wet Nose (retired) 3.87/20/2003Rate 2.832
Doghouse Winterís Tail (retired) 5.82/1/2009Rate 2.884
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