Dunn Plowman

(Out Of Business)

Brewing commenced in 1991 at The Queens Head, Kington. It moved to final location after taking over SP Sporting Ales. Ceased brewing at the end of 2008, with the brewplant sold to Golden Valley (qv).
Dunn Plowman BHB (Brewhouse Bitter) (retired) 3.86/2/2007Rate 3.071
Dunn Plowman Crooked Furrow (retired) 6.52/13/2003Rate 3.275
Dunn Plowman Golden Haze (retired) 5.07/19/2004Rate 2.232
Dunn Plowman Old Jake (retired) 4.86/28/2004Rate 3.193
Dunn Plowman Shire Horse (retired) 5.510/27/2004Rate 31
Dunn Plowman Sting Honey Beer (retired) 4.28/19/2002Rate 2.532
Dunn Plowman Winners (retired) 3.58/20/2002Rate 2.691
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