Dunston (Heineken UK)

(Out Of Business)
Commercial Brewery

Originally the Norhern Clubs Federation Brewery (later shortened to Federation), founded in 1918 and owned by The Working Menís Club and Institute Union. Moved to a newly built brewery on the Dunston site in 1980. Sold in 2004 to Scottish & Newcastle who closed their Tyne brewery and moved production of their own beers to Dunston. in 2004. Following takeovers Scottish & Newcastle became Heineken Uk in 2009 and the Dunston brewery was closed in May 2010. Some beers formerly brewed at Dunston may still e brewed elsewhere at locations unknown.
Asda Best Bitter
Brewed by/for Asda (Wal Mart)
3.012/22/2003Rate 2.475
Federation Ace Lager (retired) 3.012/17/2002Rate 2.125
Federation Angel Ale (Bottle) (retired) 4.77/5/2002Rate 2.87301650
Federation Best Bitter (retired) 3.02/28/2005Rate 2.691
Federation Christmas Ale (retired) 4.512/29/2003Rate 2.9237429
Federation Christmas Lager (retired) 4.512/28/2003Rate 2.337
Federation Export (retired) 4.42/28/2005Rate 2.52
Federation High Level (Northumbrian) Brown Ale (retired) 4.54/2/2002Rate 3.06494741
Federation Kelleys Lager (retired) 4.112/14/2002Rate 2.042
Federation Northumbrian Smooth (retired) 3.79/21/2002Rate 2.684
Federation Special Ale (retired) 4.09/21/2002Rate 2.723
LCL Pils Super Strength (retired) 8.512/13/2002Rate 1.664
Stryke 5 5.010/3/2009Rate 2.413
Stryke Bitter 3.010/5/2008Rate 2.582
Stryke Extra 4.410/3/2009Rate 2.711
Stryke Lager 3.010/5/2008Rate 2.52
Stryke Pils 5.05/29/2007Rate 2.432
Stryke Super Strength 8.510/3/2009Rate 2.691
Federation Angel Ale (Cask) (retired)
Brewed at Big Lamp
4.73/29/2004Rate 2.661
Federation Northumbrian Ale (Cask) (retired)
Brewed at Big Lamp
3.711/12/2004Rate 2.961
Federation Buchanans Best Bitter / Original (retired)
Brewed at Robinsons
4.41/15/2003Rate 2.644
Federation Buchanans Best Scotch (retired)
Brewed at Robinsons
3.64/1/2003Rate 2.351
Marks & Spencer Tyne Bridge Ale (retired)
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
4.72/11/2004Rate 3.226
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