Epic Ales Anniversary Party Time!!! 7.52/28/2013Rate 3.283
Epic Ales Apricot Sour 410/16/2013Rate 2.811
Epic Ales Bay 5.89/29/2013Rate 2.932
Epic Ales Beach Beer 6.37/23/2012Rate 3.0442610
Epic Ales Beatrice (retired) 45/31/2010Rate 2.98454022
Epic Ales Beer Paired 7.57/11/2015Rate 2.891
Epic Ales Beet Down 52/4/2012Rate 3.42854012
Epic Ales Belgian IPA 6.98/29/2014Rate 0
Epic Ales Biere de Gourd (retired) 4.711/22/2010Rate 2.911
Epic Ales Black Cherry Void 8.512/25/2012Rate 2.774
Epic Ales Black Nettles Young Sour Ale 5.27/11/2015Rate 2.921
Epic Ales Blackbery Tart 6.29/12/2015Rate 3.131
Epic Ales Bloody Tart 3/24/2012Rate 2.711
Epic Ales Blueberry Tart (retired) 69/27/2015Rate 3.24591817
Epic Ales Bog 75/29/2012Rate 3.33809010
Epic Ales Bog Cabernet Aged 7.14/12/2014Rate 2.911
Epic Ales Bottom of the Sea 5/4/2012Rate 2.9841510
Epic Ales Bucolic Blonde Ale 5.812/17/2013Rate 0
Epic Ales Calm 67/19/2015Rate 3.092
Epic Ales Cherry Saison 6.58/31/2015Rate 3.182
Epic Ales Choco Chili Sour 2/26/2012Rate 2.762
Epic Ales Cinco Plantas 6/21/2011Rate 37
Epic Ales Citrus Haze 3.97/11/2014Rate 2.931
Epic Ales Dank Molasses 7.24/12/2014Rate 2.881
Epic Ales Daria 6.73/7/2014Rate 2.92
Epic Ales Dark Harvest 5.211/17/2014Rate 2.861
Epic Ales Desert 74/7/2012Rate 3.04441217
Epic Ales Desert Oasis 5/2/2015Rate 3.041
Epic Ales Despair 66/22/2015Rate 3.294
Epic Ales Erika 3 (retired) 2/16/2011Rate 2.685
Epic Ales Extra Smutty Bitter 4.811/27/2013Rate 2.813
Epic Ales Farmer’s Brow 7.52/23/2014Rate 3.023
Epic Ales Fleur de Ble 4.35/2/2014Rate 2.91
Epic Ales Fluffy 3.84/7/2012Rate 2.741
Epic Ales Fluffy Bunnies 4.12/3/2014Rate 2.761
Epic Ales Folk Wisdom 5.29/18/2013Rate 2.881
Epic Ales Forest 85/29/2012Rate 3.028
Epic Ales Fungal Pale Ale 7.11/25/2014Rate 2.912
Epic Ales Funky Smoke 612/20/2015Rate 2.981
Epic Ales Gastropod #1 (retired) 67/23/2012Rate 3.155
Epic Ales Gastropod #2 (retired) 5/5/2013Rate 3.044
Epic Ales Getting Dark Rye 6.310/16/2013Rate 2.953
Epic Ales Ginger Farm 3.55/2/2014Rate 2.641
Epic Ales Glacier 6/21/2013Rate 3.174
Epic Ales Grassy Fields 4.31/11/2015Rate 2.881
Epic Ales Grit 66/22/2015Rate 3.122
Epic Ales Hella Basic 4.73/3/2015Rate 2.841
Epic Ales Helles Sticke Hopelbock 7.31/11/2015Rate 2.951
Epic Ales High and Dry 5.34/12/2014Rate 2.871
Epic Ales Hip Hoppy Party Time!!! Ale 511/4/2012Rate 2.995
Epic Ales Hop Harvest 610/17/2013Rate 3.066
Epic Ales Hope 5.56/22/2015Rate 2.982
Epic Ales Hope - Tequila 58/31/2015Rate 3.021
Epic Ales Huckleberry Sour 5.27/4/2013Rate 3.255
Epic Ales Imaginary Pointy Arrows 6.99/26/2014Rate 2.841
Epic Ales Immeasurable Pile of Alpha Acids 7.16/13/2014Rate 2.91
Epic Ales Impossible Probably Achieved 7.73/3/2015Rate 3.072
Epic Ales Indestructible Predatory Avians Ale 6.34/11/2014Rate 2.892
Epic Ales Interesting Picture of Animals (retired) 7.512/23/2013Rate 2.773
Epic Ales Interestingly Mild 4.11/11/2015Rate 2.871
Epic Ales It’s Pouring Again IPA 6.73/20/2014Rate 2.861
Epic Ales Justin Smoke 5/5/2013Rate 2.841
Epic Ales Kettlebier 1/21/2015Rate 3.022
Epic Ales Kevin’s Basil Beard 4.48/26/2014Rate 3.262
Epic Ales Kewra Sera, Sera 43/3/2015Rate 2.582
Epic Ales Kokosnoot 5.95/29/2014Rate 2.822
Epic Ales L’abbaye d’orange 82/23/2014Rate 2.893
Epic Ales La Mesa Negra (retired) 3/24/2011Rate 3.23722311
Epic Ales Late Night Party Time!!! Ale 51/7/2013Rate 2.642
Epic Ales Lil Smoky 5.19/19/2014Rate 2.861
Epic Ales Lunar Meta-Modulator 5.65/29/2014Rate 2.883
Epic Ales Lyli 6/30/2010Rate 2.9354014
Epic Ales Mango Brown 5.16/13/2014Rate 2.841
Epic Ales Mathilda 6/30/2010Rate 2.67192332
Epic Ales Midori 12/23/2013Rate 2.671
Epic Ales Misty Rains Of The Quinault 7.912/17/2014Rate 2.741
Epic Ales Mumbly Plums 6.23/29/2014Rate 3.033
Epic Ales Nettles & Whiskey 6.86/13/2014Rate 2.941
Epic Ales Noble Red 5.24/12/2014Rate 2.931
Epic Ales Northwest Party Time 6/21/2013Rate 2.993
Epic Ales Oceanic Funk 6.33/23/2014Rate 2.864
Epic Ales Of The Earth 6.91/23/2015Rate 3.182
Epic Ales Old Malty 7.14/2/2014Rate 2.872
Epic Ales Old Warehouse 59/30/2013Rate 3.48894513
Epic Ales Older Malty 9/19/2014Rate 2.91
Epic Ales Orchard 6.51/7/2013Rate 2.856
Epic Ales OTTO-Optimizer 2/6/2010Rate 3.14543649
Epic Ales Padre Azul 3/5/2012Rate 2.8431314
Epic Ales Partly Sunny 4.51/18/2014Rate 2.892
Epic Ales Party Time!!! 58/28/2012Rate 3.26684516
Epic Ales Pastoral Pale Ale 7.51/1/2014Rate 2.953
Epic Ales Peach-Bot 5000 6.58/18/2013Rate 2.871
Epic Ales Pizza Beer 4.49/26/2014Rate 3.071
Epic Ales Project One 9.16/30/2010Rate 3.32833621
Epic Ales Project Two 10/28/2011Rate 3.2775319
Epic Ales Provincial Porter 5.93/3/2015Rate 2.941
Epic Ales Pteropod (retired) 4.29/20/2013Rate 3.023
Epic Ales Pumpkin Pie Gose 510/20/2012Rate 2.97371016
Epic Ales Punica Fuscus 3.812/23/2013Rate 2.81
Epic Ales Quattuor Grana 61/27/2014Rate 2.962
Epic Ales Rabid Rabbits 4.88/29/2015Rate 3.111
Epic Ales Red Roses 7.34/4/2014Rate 2.982
Epic Ales Rooibos Red 71/23/2014Rate 2.912
Epic Ales Rustic Red Ale 7.29/20/2013Rate 32
Epic Ales Rye and Roses 5.67/11/2015Rate 2.921
Epic Ales SAD Winter Beer 52/28/2013Rate 3.063
Epic Ales Salty Ghosts 4.22/20/2014Rate 3.113
Epic Ales Sandy Beaches 6.74/12/2014Rate 2.881
Epic Ales Sarrasin 5.79/12/2014Rate 2.913
Epic Ales Scarlhet 11/14/2010Rate 2.72252913
Epic Ales Sencha Bira 4.43/3/2015Rate 2.861
Epic Ales Shady Dates 3.87/11/2015Rate 2.891
Epic Ales Shallow Roots 5.36/13/2014Rate 2.931
Epic Ales Silly Goat 2/28/2013Rate 2.871
Epic Ales Simple Ale 2/6/2010Rate 3475746
Epic Ales Simply Summer Ale (retired) 6/21/2010Rate 3.07525125
Epic Ales Simply Winter Ale 2/5/2011Rate 3.2707422
Epic Ales Single Barrel Sour #1 510/31/2015Rate 3.153
Epic Ales Slow Southern Steel 6.59/18/2013Rate 3.055
Epic Ales Smoke Cherry Bomb 2/28/2013Rate 2.911
Epic Ales Smoked Brine 4/1/2012Rate 2.761
Epic Ales Soft And Fuzzy 4.53/3/2015Rate 2.81
Epic Ales Solar Trans-Amplifier 62/6/2010Rate 3.5919863
Epic Ales Solo (retired) 7.64/24/2010Rate 3.285
Epic Ales Sour-Saurus (retired) 12/18/2010Rate 2.92
Epic Ales South Lake Union Summer Sipper 4.78/29/2015Rate 0
Epic Ales Springy Beer 53/24/2013Rate 2.77
Epic Ales Spruce and Beer 5.28/29/2015Rate 0
Epic Ales Summer’s Dusk 5.61/11/2015Rate 2.871
Epic Ales Sun Brewed 5.57/11/2015Rate 2.791
Epic Ales Super Rad 5.35/2/2014Rate 2.952
Epic Ales Suur Rooi 3.55/5/2013Rate 2.861
Epic Ales Tafeltje 45/2/2014Rate 2.841
Epic Ales Tart Miso 4.24/4/2014Rate 2.925
Epic Ales Tea Time 5.312/23/2013Rate 2.932
Epic Ales Terra-Saurus (retired) 2/6/2010Rate 3.49939762
Epic Ales Tetrapod 7.12/20/2014Rate 2.92
Epic Ales The Briny Deep 61/11/2014Rate 2.792
Epic Ales The Five Year Beer 5.81/26/2014Rate 2.962
Epic Ales The Fuj 8/6/2010Rate 3.16645821
Epic Ales The Spicy Barrel 5.89/12/2015Rate 3.041
Epic Ales Tom 3/30/2011Rate 2.944
Epic Ales Tropical Funk 6.39/26/2014Rate 2.861
Epic Ales Tropical Sunset 5.61/11/2015Rate 2.841
Epic Ales Uncle Stevie’s Good Time Kiwis 6.911/17/2014Rate 0
Epic Ales Walk in the Woods 4.51/11/2015Rate 2.871
Epic Ales Weizen Kalk 5.311/15/2013Rate 2.95
Epic Ales Wild Zephyr 4.27/11/2015Rate 2.961
Epic Ales Woody Roots 5.23/3/2015Rate 2.841
Epic Ales X-Mas Party Time!!! 5.82/3/2013Rate 2.951
Epic Ales Ye Olde Browne Ale 511/1/2013Rate 2.862
Epic Sea Brew 500 10.53/22/2015Rate 2.941

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