Evil Genius Chickity China the Chinese Chicken 7.210/20/2015Rate 3.01401319
Evil Genius Everything’s Coming Up Millhouse 65/11/2016Rate 3.021
Evil Genius Han Shot First 8.52/3/2016Rate 3.092
Evil Genius Here Comes Honey Beer Beer 7.510/19/2015Rate 3.033
Evil Genius Make Like A tree And Get Outta Here 7.811/23/2015Rate 32
Evil Genius Santa!!, I Know Him! 7.211/15/2015Rate 2.9534524
Evil Genius This One Time at Band Camp 8.52/15/2016Rate 2.9937310
Evil Genius 8675309 6.58/12/2015Rate 3.212
Evil Genius Beer Black Eye PA 6.511/4/2012Rate 3.2631816
Evil Genius Blind Eye PA 7.26/11/2012Rate 2.96403623
Evil Genius Doomsday 5.412/18/2012Rate 2.512214
Evil Genius Evil Eye PA 69/12/2011Rate 2.9131774
Evil Genius Formidable 6.57/16/2013Rate 2.792879
Evil Genius Forsaken 6.51/4/2013Rate 2.67191432
Evil Genius Good ’n Evil 4.59/12/2011Rate 2.69202020
Evil Genius Hop King 8.22/28/2014Rate 3.27651827
Evil Genius Hunchback 5.45/19/2013Rate 2.88333812
Evil Genius I Love Lamp 5.56/6/2014Rate 3385736
Evil Genius I’ll Have What She’s Having 9.42/23/2015Rate 3.56924133
Evil Genius Ma! The Meatloaf! 5.53/15/2015Rate 3.24588420
Evil Genius Movembeer 5.411/19/2012Rate 2.963
Evil Genius Naughty or Nice? 5.71/1/2012Rate 3.07434833
Evil Genius Pumpkinstein 9/12/2011Rate 2.82283526
Evil Genius Pumplestiltskin 4.79/15/2012Rate 2.848
Evil Genius Pure Evil Chocolate Stout 5.61/9/2013Rate 3.17553527
Evil Genius Purple Monkey Dishwasher 6.73/31/2014Rate 3.46868386
Evil Genius Shut Up, Meg! 65/15/2015Rate 3.25603627
Evil Genius Stacy’s Mom 7.512/12/2014Rate 3.16482633
Evil Genius The Siren 7.27/2/2013Rate 3.1473821
Evil Genius Trick or Treat Chocolate Pumpkin Porter 5.69/13/2012Rate 3.35778972
Evil Genius Turtle Power 68/29/2014Rate 3.14474041
Evil Genius Witty Will 5.39/12/2011Rate 2.652

.Associated place: Evil Genius Beer Company.
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