Associated place: Exeter Brewery Taproom

Founded in Summer 2003 as Topsham & Exminster Brewery. Name changed in 2009. Moved from Lions Rest Eco Park, Exminster to current address in 2013
Exeter ’fraidNot 4.010/6/2011Rate 3.1468412
Exeter Avocet 3.94/27/2009Rate 3.02395427
Exeter County Best 4.610/27/2010Rate 3.14486711
Exeter Darkness 5.18/3/2009Rate 3.42847821
Exeter Fall’s Over 5.011/18/2012Rate 2.933
Exeter Ferryman 4.27/27/2009Rate 3.05437316
Exeter Grubber (alias) 3.53/11/2016
Exeter Lighterman 3.57/27/2009Rate 2.8627309
Topsham and Exminster Ferrymans Extra (retired) 4.410/17/2004Rate 2.816
.Associated place: Exeter Brewery Taproom.
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